Where Was Summer Villa Filmed? Astounding Locations Of Hallmark Flick!


Are you a big fan of Hallmark movies and have watched all the recently premiered movies like Sweeter Than Chocolate, Welcome To Valentine, and The Wedding Veil? If so, it’s time to go back to old Hallmark movies like Summer Villa (2016). So, read this article until the end to learn the plot and where was Summer Villa filmed.

The Hallmark rom-com movie Summer Villa is directed by Pat Kiely and premiered on Hallmark Channel on July 23, 2016. Carrie Lee Wilson and Emi Mochizuki wrote the screenplay for this film. The movie received positive reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.6/10. It is a perfect rom-com movie, as the chemistry between the actors works out very well. And the cinematography of the film makes it so adorable to watch.

So, are you curious to learn where was Summer Villa filmed? If yes, keep reading to explore the amazing filming location details.

Where Was Summer Villa Filmed? Check Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was Summer Villa Filmed? Astounding Locations Of Hallmark Flick!

The movie Summer Villa revolves around the experts in their respective professions, Terry Russell and Matthew Everston, facing tough times in their life and unexpectedly staying together in French Villa. Some scenes are predictable, but the film is pleasant to watch and enjoy.

If you ask a few people why you like Hallmark movies, most say it’s the cinematography and the locations. Yes, there are huge fans of Hallmark movies’ attractive filming locations. The production team always chooses vibrant cities and bright backdrops for filming. So, the visuals are so engaging, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the movie till the end.

So, where was Summer Villa filmed? The cinematography of this movie is awesome, as the French Villa setting takes you to France. However, the movie was filmed in one of the most used locations in Hallmark movies, Canada. Now, let me explain to you where was Summer Villa filmed.

Montreal, Quebec | Canada

Where Was Summer Villa Filmed? Astounding Locations Of Hallmark Flick!

The entire filming of Summer Villa was done in and around Canada. Canada is one of the most popular countries with beautiful cities, gorgeous sceneries, attractive lakes, and mountains. This is why many Hallmark movies, Love On The Harbor Island, Love In The Forecast, and It Was Always You filmed in this region.

The production team of Summer Villa used the largest city in Quebec province, Montreal, for filming. The movie’s major scenes are set in French Villa, and the entire sequences were filmed in one of the Villa located in the Montreal region. The team captured the stunning visuals using the attractive backdrop in this region.

So, if you are planning a trip to Montreal, you have some amazing places to visit and things to do in this city. One of the most popular tourist attractions is Old Montreal which is famous for its cobblestone streets and has many shops and museums, and you can learn a lot of history there.

Some other coolest places you can visit and enjoy in Montreal are Quartier Des Spectacles, Underground City, Mount Royal Park, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Cap-Saint-Jacques Nature Park, and Olympic Stadium.

With the top attractions, Montreal City is famous for filming production in Canada. Some renowned movies filmed in the Montreal region include Murder Mystery, Beau Is Afraid, Catch Me If You Can, and Arrival.

Top Places To Visit In Canada

Where Was Summer Villa Filmed? Astounding Locations Of Hallmark Flick!

Summer is approaching, and are you ready to plan your trip? If yes, then after reading the above location details, you may get a plan to explore Canada. If you are a first-time visitor, it can be hard to cover the places. So, I’ve prepared a list of places you can visit and enjoy with your family. Here’s the list of places to visit in Canada:

  • Vancouver: The best place to visit in summer, where you can explore beautiful cities and stunning nature.
  • The Canadian Rockies: Best place for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Vancouver Island: Must-see attractions for nature lovers.
  • Baffin Islands: Explore the stunning landscapes and artworks.
  • Montreal Jazz Festival: You can enjoy the Music performances for free here.
  • Old Quebec City: Romantic atmosphere for couples.
  • Niagara Falls: Iconic location attracts millions of tourists every year.
  • Churchill: Encounter Polar Bears here.
  • The Prairies: Take a road trip.

Well, these are some main locations that you can visit in Canada. Now, let me tell you the plot of the Summer Villa movie.

Plot Of Summer Villa | What Is The Story About?

Terry Russell is a famous romance novel writer, and she has a kid named Abby. Due to some stress, she cannot focus on writing but has a close deadline to complete the novel. On the other hand, the Iron Chef, Matthew Everston, lost his reputation because of one bad review from the critic Dominic Barone.

Leslie, Terry’s friend, and Matthew’s sister, ask Terry to use her French Countryside family villa to relax for summer. To escape from the stress for a while, Terry agrees to visit the place. Whereas Matthew also visits the same villa without informing Leslie. Leslie asks to share and stay in the villa when she knows about it. Both find comfort soon and resolve their issues.

Summer Villa Cast Members

Where Was Summer Villa Filmed? Astounding Locations Of Hallmark Flick!

Victor Webster is the male lead of the Summer Villa, which is familiar to the television audience. His other works in Hallmark movies are The Wedding Veil Journey, A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe, and Home For Christmas Day. He also acted in one of the popular TV series Workin’ Moms.

Hilarie Burton played the female lead role and is known for her works like One Tree Hill, Extant, and The Secret Life Of Bees. Other film casts include Emorphia Margaritis as Abby, Cristiana Rosato as Leslie Everston, and Joesph Bellerose as Rene-Claude.

Final Words

Well, readers! The articles about where was Summer Villa filmed end here. I have explained all the locations and other interesting movie details in this article. So, if you enjoyed this read, check out similar content on our website, including Groundswell, The Bravados, and Ahsoka.

Who is the cinematographer of the film Summer Villa?

The cinematographer of the movie is Bruce Chun.

Where to watch Summer Villa movies?

Summer Villa movie is available on the OTT platforms like Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, and Vudu.

Who is the art director of the film Summer Villa?

Paola Ridolfi is the art director of Summer Villa.

What are the other nicknames of Montreal City?

Some other nicknames of Montreal city include The City Of Festivals, Paris Of North America, and Quebec’s Metropolis.

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