Where Was Van Helsing Filmed? Scary Locations To Make Your Nights Sleepless!


Do you love watching TV shows with plenty of seasons to binge-watch? If so, then I would suggest one of the finest TV series, Van Helsing (2016), for your next watch. The premise of this series is unique, so you’ll not get bored while binge-watching this series. Are you interested to know about the series? Then read the below article, where I’ll share all the essential details about the movie and where was Van Helsing filmed.

The fantasy horror TV series was created by Neil LaBute. The creator of the series took inspiration from the graphic novel series Helsing published by Zenescope Entertainment. A post-apocalyptic vampire-slaying action is a highlight of the fantasy series Van Helsing. The program debuted in July 2016 on SYFY and spawned five seasons. The series finally ended on June 25, 2021.

The first two seasons of the show center on Vanessa learning about her past and saving her kid before switching to a show about taking down the “Four Elders.” The last two seasons are exclusively focused on Dracula’s ascension and reappearance as “the Dark One,” a wholly new character.

The series also explores magic, prophecies, and sinister family secrets, all of which contribute to the plot’s fascination and intrigue. If you’re curious about where was Van Helsing filmed or want to learn more about the show’s sinister setting, keep reading!

What Is The Van Helsing Series About?

The movie’s primary character, Vanessa Van Helsing, is Dr. Abraham’s descendant. To lead the remaining humans in their battle with the vampires, Van Helsing is raised from the dead. The globe is plunged into ashy darkness when the Yellowstone Caldera supervolcano beneath the national park erupts. The undead takes over humanity as “The Rising,” and the vampire apocalypse gets underway.

Inadvertently awakening to find she has special control over them, Vanessa is the group’s last chance for survival. She possesses a special blood type that gives her the capacity to convert a vampire-human in addition to making her resistant to vampires. While attempting to preserve humanity, Vanessa uses this secret weapon, making her a top target for the vampires.

In the post-rising environment, Vanessa must now lead humanity against a vampire-controlled world. And teaching them the value of cooperating to secure their survival.

Where Was Van Helsing Filmed? Find Out The Terrifying Locations Here!

Where Was Van Helsing Filmed? Scary Locations Make Your Night Sleepless!

The majority of the post-apocalyptic America-set movie Van Helsing was filmed on location and in studios in Canada. The first season of the series production commenced in February 2016 and continued for about four months. The other three seasons were likewise produced consecutively over the course of three years, with filming beginning in February and ending in May or June.

During the first two months of 2020, Slovakia served as the location for the series’ final and fifth seasons. Production was therefore forced to stop in March as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. In June 2020, filming began again in Canada, and was finished in September.

One of the first shows to start shooting again in the Great White North following the 2020 lockdown is ‘Van Helsing,’ incidentally. Let’s examine the location where was Van Helsing filmed in more detail.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Where Was Van Helsing Filmed? Scary Locations Make Your Night Sleepless!

The series was majorly filmed in the surrounding regions of Vancouver. The Calgary, Alberta-based company Nomadic Pictures is a co-producer of Van Helsing. The producers specifically chose Vancouver for filming the series because of reduced tax fees.

In downtown Vancouver, there is an Old Canada Post Property, and this building was transformed into a studio by the Van Helsing production team. A large portion of filming took place in this place. Vancouver’s West Georgia Street is where the structure is situated.

Kamloops, British Columbia

Where Was Van Helsing Filmed? Scary Locations Make Your Night Sleepless!

Beginning with season 4, “Van Helsing” productions were also filmed in and around Kamloops, situated in central-south British Columbia. The vast desert-like scenery and numerous canyons in the region, according to Jackie May, one of the show’s writers, were such an inspiration to the writing staff that a scene from season 4 was specifically scripted to be shot in the Kamloops region.

Additionally, the footage was shot at the famed Tranquille Farm Fresh in Kamloops, situated at Tranquille Road. These old farms have been around for almost a century, albeit they have been intermittently abandoned during that time. Some very tense moments in the series were filmed on the historic structures and the remainder of the vast 469-acre site.

In a few scenes, the Shuswap Road in Kamloops, British Columbia, which is close to the Lafarge cement mill, is seen. The Kamloops neighborhood of Dallas’s stunning canyons also served as the backdrop for numerous outdoor sequences.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Where Was Van Helsing Filmed? Scary Locations Make Your Night Sleepless!

Van Helsing season 5’s first three episodes were filmed in and around Bratislava, Slovakia. Slovakia’s spectacular scenery and architecture have made it a favorite location for movies in recent years. Slovakia made the ideal setting for the extended “world” of “Van Helsing,” which was created for the show’s final season.

Final Words

The above are all the details that you should know about where was Van Helsing filmed. If you haven’t watched the series, then it would be so interesting to watch it now after learning about the filming locations.

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Is The Van Helsing Television Series Worth Watching?

Fans of thriller, sci-fi, mythology or any kind of post-apocalyptic story should definitely binge on Van Helsing.

Is Van Helsing Frightful?

Van Helsing has clearly made a name for itself as an action/horror show with lots of gory combat scenes and bloodshed.

Who Is The Mysterious Figure In Van Helsing?

The main foe of Syfy’s Van Helsing is Dracula, also referred to as the Dark One.

What Is The Age Recommendation To Watch Van Helsing?

This film is intended for children ages 10 and up due to numerous frightening scenes involving well-known deadly monsters.

How Many Episodes Are There In Van Helsing?

There are 65 episodes in the Van Helsing series.                

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