Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing? 3 Simple Reasons Why And Fixes For The Errors!


Aaah!! Why is my snap score not changing!!? Have you ever been in this predicament? Something like this can be utterly frustrating, to say the least. But hey, where there is a will, there is a way. So if you’re struggling to bump up your snap score, then we might have a few solutions for you.

You don’t have to be the one who has the highest snap score ever, but how would you know that the efforts that you’re putting into Snapchat are paying off? There are a lot of things that you need to know in order to understand how the snap score works. Does the snap score go up by chats? Or is there some other reason behind it? Well, we have answers for pretty much everything you can imagine.

So, back to your question – why is my snap score not changing? There can be a lot of reasons for that. The first is that Snapchat might be experiencing some downtime. The servers might be down which is why your Snapchat score is stuck. It can also be due to your app being out of date or some other glitch.

Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing? Everything You Need To Know!

Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing? 3 Simple Reasons Why And Fixes For The Errors!

No one likes to suffer from errors and glitches, but that is the truth of our times. Since everything is dependent on technology, there are bound to be some errors. So if you are experiencing errors like your snap score not changing, check out the possible reasons why it might be happening. We also cover some possible fixes that you can try!

Snapchat Servers May Be Having Issues | Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing

One of the most common issues with Snapchat is that its server goes down. After all the social media behemoth has daily active users of 200 million + and counting, so that must put a lot of load on the servers. Although it isn’t often that it happens, there are enough instances, where the Snapchat server has gone down. 

The best way to find out about that is by checking other social media websites like Twitter to find out whether the server is really down or not. You can also take the help of websites like downdetector(dot)com. The website acts as an aggregator and collects crash reports and social media reports of websites experiencing downtime.

So, if Snapchat servers are down, then you can expect your app to malfunction. It is possible that your app may be working just fine. But since your Snapchat score might not be changing, then it is a severe issue. Give it some time, as Snapchat is very quick in resolving its server issues. If your app isn’t back up and running in a day or two then there might be other issues.

App May Be Experiencing Glitch After An Update | Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing

Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing? 3 Simple Reasons Why And Fixes For The Errors!

Too often the app might be working well, but after receiving a new update, the app breaks. It might result in frequent crashes, the inability to take a picture, or something else. App glitches can also lead to your snap score not changing. Glitches often are the most prevalent in two cases. 

It can be because either your app hasn’t been updated for a long time, or you just updated your app. New apps might run bad codes and have bugs in them, which can result in issues that may end up breaking one or more than one component of the app. Snap score working can be one of them. So if your snap score is not changing and you just updated your app then you know it’s the update that is causing the issue.

Your Phone May Be Out Of Date | Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing

Another crucial factor that plays a role in your Snapchat score not working is your phone. If you are using an old phone then it is possible that your phone might not be receiving the latest updates. Those updates can be software fixes and security support. This also means the support for the latest apps like Snapchat might not work.

Snapchat might also stop developing its app for older phone models. Therefore if you have an out-of-date phone, you might start to experience some glitches. Snap score might not go up due to a lot of underlying technicalities, so if you are in a position to buy a new phone, we recommend doing so. 

How To Fix Your Snapchat? Update Your App

Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing? 3 Simple Reasons Why And Fixes For The Errors!

Snapchat score not working can be a cause of lots of frustration. So what can you do to fix them? The first thing that you can do to fix your Snapchat with any kind of issues is to update your app. Sure many glitches are caused by the app itself, but the percentage of that happening is quite low. Instead, you should always look to keep your phone as well as your Snapchat app, up-to-date. 

Re-Install Snapchat

The second thing you can try immediately if you face some errors that don’t seem to go away is to re-install Snapchat. This means you need to uninstall Snapchat first. The act of uninstalling will effectively clear out the cache and eliminate some of the gunk found in the app. This will free up space as well that has been occupied by temporary files.

After uninstalling, immediately install the app back again and then try to open and use it. Most likely any error should have resolved itself. If it hasn’t then we recommend waiting it out for a bit as some errors take time to resolve.

Restart Your Phone

Why Is My Snap Score Not Changing? 3 Simple Reasons Why And Fixes For The Errors!

If uninstalling and reinstalling the app didn’t work, then you should try to restart your phone. Switch off your mobile phone and then restart it back again. Sometimes the errors can be caused due to the apps running for too long or the operating system running into trouble. Restarting is the go-to method for solving most common issues with electronic devices, so you should also give it a try. 

Wait For An Update

Besides, if nothing else works, you can try to wait it out. If an update has caused an issue, then Snapchat will be quite quick to resolve it as well. The thing that matters the most is that you need to be patient. If your Snapchat is working normally but only your snap score isn’t going up, then you can use the app as normal and wait for an update to drop.

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know why is my snap score not changing! The probability of you having to face this error more than once are slim. But in case you do get it, then you know it will fix it by itself. Besides, if there is anything else Snapchat-related that you need help with, feel free to drop a comment down below! We will try to help you out the best we can.

How long do snap scores take to update?

The refreshing time can be anywhere between a minimum of five minutes to a couple of hours. Occasionally, the app may have some “error”, and you will have to close and reopen it again to see the updated score.

What is the method behind snap score update?

Snapchat Score refreshes each time a user sends or receives a Snap. When a user looks at their own score, it should immediately increase when a Snap is sent or received. For those looking at a friend’s Snapchat Score, however, it can sometimes take hours or even days to update.

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