How To Check Someone’s Snap Score? Find Under 2 Minutes!


Snapchat score is one of the most interesting features of the application and so many prefer to join the application. The Snapchat creator who is looking to show their status knows the importance of snap score. Also, they will track their others’ snap scores to beat it. So, if you are new to the term snap score and looking at how to check someone’s snap score, then read this article to find everything you want.

Social media applications keep introducing new features to retain their users. Snapchat also introduced snap scores so that they can make their users stay on the application for a long time to increase the snap score. Snap score is nothing but it shows how active you are on Snapchat. The score is determined by the number of snaps that you have sent and received, the number of stories you post, and some other factors.

Therefore, Snapchat is the best place to connect with people. Unlike other applications, Snapchat wants people to connect daily by maintaining a streak. If they don’t share snaps, they would lose a streak and have to start it again. In this way, people are more conscious and share the snaps with other people regularly. After knowing the interesting details about the snap score, you must be curious to find out how to check someone’s snap score. So, continue reading to get the details.

How To Check Someone’s Snap Score? Check Out The Steps Here!

How To Check Someone's Snap Score? Find Under 2 Minutes!

Snapchat is all about sharing cool pictures every day with amazing filters, posting and checking out other stories, etc. The interesting catch is that the application not only allows you to enjoy the fun but also Snapchat wants you to be competitive. When you are playing games, you may be rewarded with some in-game currency or you can unlock some features. So, having the highest snap score gives you pride among other people.

If you want to stay competitive on Snapchat, then you should also track others’ Snapchat profiles and keep eye on their snap score. This is why you need to find the steps on how to check someone’s snap score. Below I have listed the steps to check others’ scores on Snapchat.

Steps To View Someone’s Snap Score On Snapchat | How To Check Someone’s Snap Score?

How To Check Someone's Snap Score? Find Under 2 Minutes!

Snap score is available publicly for friends to see. So, no one can use their settings to hide the snap score from others. But it should be noted that you should befriend someone if you want to see their snap score. It means you should follow them and they should follow back you to see the score on Snapchat.

Step 1: First, open the Snapchat application on your device.

Step 2: Click on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: On the chat screen, you can see a list of friends. Search for the person whom you want to check the snap score.

Step 4: Tap their bitmoji which will take you to their profile.

Step 5: On their profile page, you could easily find out the snap score displayed in numbers below their username.

That’s all, the above are simple steps that you need to follow to find someone’s score on Snapchat. It is that much easier to find the score. So, you can also see your snap score by visiting your profile page. People used to see their snap scores to also find how long they are on Snapchat and also some check their partner’s snap score to find out to whom they are sending snaps every day.

Therefore, learning about checking snap scores on Snapchat is the best option for you. It allows you to gain more insights about the person.

Why Someone’s Snap Score Is Higher Than You? | How To Check Someone’s Snap Score?

How To Check Someone's Snap Score? Find Under 2 Minutes!

Now, you may start to check all the snap scores of your friends and be surprised about their high scores than you. So, below are some reasons that people have a high snap score on Snapchat.

Maintaining A Snap Streak

This is the first reason that people will get a good snap score. Snap streaks are nothing but the snaps that you share and receive every day. So, to maintain a good streak people regularly share snaps with GMS and GNS. This helps not to lose a streak and gain a score.

Posting And Viewing Stories Regularly

How To Check Someone's Snap Score? Find Under 2 Minutes!

Another way that people gain scores is by posting stories regularly. No matter whether they have content to post or not, they just share some videos or snaps on their story. Also, they never fail to watch someone’s story on Snapchat. So, all these factors help them to earn a snap score.

Adding New Friends

Snapchat also gives you a score based on how many friends you have on Snapchat. If you have more friends on Snapchat, then it would help you to increase your snap score.

Final Words

Well, Snapchatters! The above are the steps on how to check someone’s snap score that you should follow to find out score. Now, you can keep track of your friends’ scores and stay competitive on Snapchat.

If you are looking for any other solutions to your query related to Snapchat, then do check out other articles on our website.

Why You Are Not Able To See Someone’s Snap Score?

If you cannot see someone’s snap score, they might have removed or blocked you on Snapchat. So, Snapchat does not allow you to see snap scores if you are no longer friends with them on Snapchat.

How Frequently Is The Snap Score Updated?

If you are much active on Snapchat, then the score may get updates immediately. But if your activity is low on Snapchat, then it might take a long time to update your snap score.

Is There Snap Scoreboard On Snapchat?

There is no snap scoreboard on Snapchat. You may find the feature in the future on Snapchat. Until then, you must use only the above methods to find the Snap score on Snapchat.

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