How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Hack | 5 Smart Tips!


Want to become uber cool on social media? If yes, you need to consider getting verified on Instagram. After all, the blue tick is not just a mark of verification, but also status, power, wealth, and above all coolness. However, Instagram doesn’t give out blue ticks easily. And the paid version of verification is yet to be rolled out in a lot of other countries. Does this mean you can’t get verified on Instagram? Well, no. Not if you know how to get blue tick on Instagram hack. And since this article discusses exactly that, read it till the end!

Here’s How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Hack! Read This To Know About Blue Tick Hack On Instagram!

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Hack | 5 Smart Tips!

Now, you might be wondering if there’s really a blue tick Instagram hack or not. And in case there’s one, how were you never aware of it? And well, it’s okay if you didn’t know how to get verified on Instagram trick. There are plenty of features, tips, and tricks, that even the most avid users do not know about and that’s okay. However, you can always learn more by reading articles like this one on how to get blue tick on Instagram hack.

By the time we reach the end of this post, you will know your way around having a verified profile that’s popular, authentic, credible, and above all, popular!

Necessary Documents Required To Get Blue Tick On Instagram

Before you move ahead and read about all the important tricks and tips to get a blue tick on Instagram, you must keep in mind that a Government ID is required to confirm your verification when you apply for the meta-verified service. Different countries have different requirements for Government ID proofs.

For example, if you are an Indian resident applying to get a blue tick on Instagram, you will be required to submit your Aadhaar card or a driver’s license for verification. If you submit your Aadhaar card, ensure that you link Aadhaar to PAN card. Otherwise, your verification request will not be approved.

Similarly, If you reside in the USA, you will be asked to submit a Government ID like your driver’s license and, in some cases, a video selfie to confirm your identity as well. Before applying, ensure that the name and the photo description on your Government ID match with the description on your Instagram profile.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Hack | Tips And Tricks!

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Hack | 5 Smart Tips!

The Instagram blue tick hack free is actually pretty simple. It just involves a series of tips and checklists that you need to take care of before you even think of applying for a blue tick. Because once the preliminaries are out of the way, the chances of you getting your verification plea decrease significantly.

So, here’s how to get Instagram blue tick hack free:

  • Try to keep your content authentic. This means your account should either represent an individual or a completely legitimate brand/ business.
  • Create Unique content for your followers and make sure that the content adheres to the community guidelines of Instagram.
  • It is also important that your account should be Public. If you have a private account on Instagram you will not be able to apply for Instagram verification.
  • To apply for Instagram verification you should have a complete account. It means you should have a profile picture, bio, and at least one post on your account. You should also have at least some active followers to apply for verification.
  • To make sure you get verified on Instagram you should have a notable account. It means that your account should either be well-maintained, highly searched for, or well-known among Instagram users.

Out of desperation or impatience, you might want to resort to using inaccurate or false information that might help in speeding the verification process. However, regardless of how tempting it seems, you need to stay away from such malpractices. If Instagram notices such discrepancies, it might suspend your account.

Also, you may have come across accounts that “sell” blue ticks (usually because they know someone who works at Instagram) for some amount of money. You need to stay away from such fake accounts. Although there’s a Meta paid subscription, it cannot be purchased from such accounts. Plus, it hasn’t even been rolled out in all countries yet.

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Hack | Apply For Verification!

How To Get Blue Tick On Instagram Hack | 5 Smart Tips!

Now that you know some tips and tricks on how to get blue tick on Instagram hack, here are the steps that you need to follow to actually get a blue tick:

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone and tap on the profile icon provided at the bottom right of the Instagram home page.
  • Once you are on the Instagram profile page, tap on the three horizontal lines provided in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Now tap on the Settings option provided at the top of the menu that appears on the screen.
  • Select the Account option from the Settings page of your Instagram account.
  • Now find the Request Verification option and tap on it.
  • You will now have to fill out the verification form that appears.
  • You will need to provide your Legal name, a working name if you have one, as well as the category of your account.
  • You also need to upload a legal government-issued ID mentioned above like a driver’s license, passport, or some other ID. If your account is a business account, you can also provide utility bills or tax filing statements as the ID.
  • Once you have filled out the verification form, you can tap on Send to register your verification request with Instagram.
  • You will get notified by Instagram after a couple of days whether your Instagram account was verified or not in your Instagram notifications tab.

It is also notable that you can not apply for Instagram verification again for 30 days. So if your request is denied, you can try to maintain your account in a better way and apply again after the said time period again.

Final Words

Okay, people! This was how to get blue tick on Instagram hack! In this article, I walked you through a list of things you need to check and ensure before you even think of getting verified. And then, I shared some steps you need to follow to apply for a blue tick. So, I hope you found this article engaging and helpful! In case you’ve any additional doubts regarding the verification process on Instagram, feel free to drop them in the comments below!

Can fake accounts be verified on Instagram?

No, if you have a fake account on Instagram you will not be verified on Instagram. You will need to have a unique account and it should be authentic. It is also notable that your account should not have any suspicious activity.

What are the 4 eligibility factors for a verified Instagram account?

To get your Instagram account verified you should have a profile picture, a bio on your account, at least one post, and a well-known account. Even if you have fewer followers, if your account is well-known among the creators in your community then you can get verified on Instagram easily.

Can you buy a blue tick?

No, you can not buy a blue tick on Instagram. You will need to apply for Instagram verification to get a blue tick on Instagram. You will also need to make sure that the account meets all criteria before applying for verification on Instagram.

Can you get verified with fake followers?

No, if you have fake followers on your Instagram, or if most of your followers are spam accounts then you can not get verified on Instagram. To get verified on Instagram you need to have authentic followers that interact with your content regularly.

Can Instagram take your blue tick away?

Yes, your verification badge can be removed at any time by Instagram if you violate any community guidelines. If your account is not active for long periods or if your account has a lot of spam activity then your account verification badge can be removed by Instagram.

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