How To Spam On Snapchat In 2022? Sneaky Methods To Have Fun!


There are tons of ways to have fun on Snapchat. From remixing Snaps to sending your friends new abbreviations like MBN to confuse them. But nothing beats the evil fun of spamming your friends on Snapchat! Today, we will show you how to spam on Snapchat which still works in 2022. Now you can truly unleash the power of the social media platform!

Fair warning, this is just for fun and should only be used with people whom you know. If you start spamming everyone looking to boost your snap score artificially you can land in trouble. Your account can be flagged and banned from Snapchat forever. So make sure you don’t do something like this. Some good fun in moderation is always appreciated, but when it goes overboard, then it’s too much.

So, how to spam on Snapchat? There is no direct and easy way to spam people on Snapchat. You will have to use some third-party apps or some sneaky workaround to spam people. Third-party apps do come with risks of their own, so make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. 

As a tip, it’s only fun when you spam people you know. Since getting your Snapchat banned is the last thing you would want to make sure you don’t end up harassing your acquaintances for no reason. While Snapchat is quite lenient when it comes to banning accounts, if a few people end up reporting your account, Snapchat will delete your account.

How To Spam On Snapchat? Send Tons Of Texts And Pictures All At Once!

How To Spam On Snapchat In 2022? Sneaky Methods To Have Fun!

So how to spam on Snapchat? Just send some unsolicited messages to your friends in quick succession and there you go! You would successfully end up wasting your friend’s time and annoying them. This is by definition what spam is. The good thing about spam is that if you get spammed in return by your friends you can always block them. All you would need to do is go to your Friend list on Snapchat, select the Friend you want to block, and select the block option. Do note that you can get the same treatment back!

Spam On Snapchat With The Help Of Text Repeater

How To Spam On Snapchat In 2022? Sneaky Methods To Have Fun!

Snapchat is not just about sending images but also sending chats. The best way that you can learn how to spam on Snapchat is by sending spam chats. One of the easiest ways to do this is through a third-party app that repeats text. The app is aptly called Text Repeater. To spam on Snapchat, all you would need to do is to install the text repeater app first.

Then select the times you would want to repeat your text. This tool allows you to send repetitions in lines as well. Type something like ‘Hi’, select the number of repetitions to be 100, and then click on done. The app will generate a long list of Hi that is repeated one hundred times. Just copy and paste the content to your clipboard, go back to Snapchat, and paste the text sequence there. 

You can send the chats to everyone you have added to your Snapchat. If someone has not added you back, they will still get your chat, but won’t be notified as such. Thus make sure you know who you’re targeting!

Spam On Snapchat By Sending Multiple Pictures At Once

How To Spam On Snapchat In 2022? Sneaky Methods To Have Fun!

Generating a long line of texts to annoy someone is great for short-time fun. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could spam someone with multiple snaps instead? Well, there is one sneaky way to do that. Again, this would work better with people you know best! 

  • On your iPhone or Android, open the Snapchat app.
  • Select the gallery option on the home screen of the app. There select multiple images to send to your friend. These images can also be blank pictures you took simply for the purpose of spamming as well. 
  • Select more than a dozen and then press on the blue arrow at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Select the friend or friends you want to spam. 

There you have it! Your friend (or friends) will get dozens of snaps from you in quick succession which will make their notifications go wild. And if you have chosen blank images, then that is just the cherry on top!

Spam Other People On Snapchat With Multiple Stories At Once

Okay, so we now know how to spam on Snapchat by sending chats or snaps. How about you annoy everyone online by uploading multiple stories to your Snapchat story at once? Well, there is one way you can do it and annoy everyone who has added you to their friendlist.

  • First, on your phone turn off data or turn on airplane mode. Basically, disconnect all forms of internet connection.
  • Next, open the Snapchat app on your phone. Then either select and upload or click as many pictures as you want. The more the better!
  • Click on the blue arrow to send your pictures. Instead of sending them to friends, share the images on your Snapchat story.
  • The images won’t upload you turn on your data. At this point, turn off your airplane mode or switch on your data network.
  • All your images will be published at once, thus your friends will be bombarded with a ton of your pictures at once! 

Final Words

We hope now you know how to spam on Snapchat. We know it can be annoying so we really don’t encourage you to do it more than once. It’s as simple as if you wouldn’t want to be spammed on Snapchat, and neither would your friends, right? If you have any other Snapchat-related query you can drop a comment down below and we will get back to you with the information you need!

Can you spam on Snapchat?

Yes, you can spam your friends and other people on Snapchat. You can your friends nicely or create evil bots that will harass and annoy people. Do note that spamming is against Snapchat’s terms of service.

How do I increase my Snapchat score in 2022?

The best way to increase your Snapchat score in 2022 is to make lots of friends and have meaningful conversations with them!

Who has the highest snap score?

When it comes to worldwide users, currently the highest Snap score in the world belongs to @mustbecris, who has a score that is over 320 million. We write about the highest snap score here!

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