What Is UWU On Snapchat | Cute Weeb Slang Terms!


When it comes to using slang terms like UWU on Snapchat, a lot of users are not very aware of the meaning of these terms. Snapchat is quite popular among youngsters as a social media app. However, due to this popularity, and the use of various chat features of the app, a lot of new slang terms have come to rise.

It can not be denied that there are multiple features of Snapchat that can be quite exciting for users of the app. However, the chatting feature is definitely one of the most used features on Snapchat. So it should not come as a surprise that a lot of slang terms are heavily used on the app. If you are wondering about the meaning of UWU on Snapchat, then I am here to tell you all about it.

The Meaning Of UWU On Snapchat!

Slang terms have been quite popular across all social media platforms for quite some time. There are many various types of slang terms that are used on all social media apps. But why are these slang terms popular, and what is the meaning of UWU on Snapchat? If you want the answers to these questions, you can continue reading further.

I will not only expand on the meaning of UWU on Snapchat but will also explore some other fascinating slang terms that are quite popular among the younger generations. If you are new to Snapchat, you can also find out steps to turn off the timer on Snapchat and ways to reset Snapchat names for your friends.

Why Are Slang Terms Popular?

What Is UWU On Snapchat | Cute Weeb Slang Terms!

Even though there is no apparent reason why slang terms have become so popular, there are many potential reasons that facilitate the use of slang terms on varied social media platforms. So, before I expand on the meaning of UWU on Snapchat, let me tell you why slang terms are popular among younger users.

Slang terms are trending, allowing users to make their conversations more fun and exciting. However, that is not the only reason for the popularity of these terms; these abbreviated terms also give youngsters an edge as they can hide these conversations pretty easily from their parents.

So slang terms are not only an effective way to make your conversation time-efficient, but they can also help hide the true meaning of your conversations from the older generations. So, now that you are aware of the popularity of slang terms let’s see what does UWU mean on Snapchat?

What Is UWU On Snapchat?

What Is UWU On Snapchat | Cute Weeb Slang Terms!

The term UWU on Snapchat is primarily used as an emoji and has various meanings depending on the conversation context. But you need not worry as I will explain to you all about the term UWU and its variations that are popular across social media.

Firstly you should keep in mind that UWU is alternatively also written as OWO and OWU. The term is one of many weeb slang terms that got popular due to various manga and anime series. UWU is considered a way to make a cute face. The term has various meanings, and it is also used sarcastically sometimes.

However, the term UWU on Snapchat primarily translated to an expression of affectionate or warm feelings. If you feel flattered by someone’s actions towards you, you can send UWU to them. It simply means that you feel moved by someone’s words or actions. While if we talk about terms like OWO, they can be used to express surprise or sometimes excitement. 

UWU is basically a way to state that you are feeling happy or teary-eyed due to someone. Additionally, UWU can also mean that you are stating someone as cute. The meanings of the term UWU have evolved rapidly, so it might also have personal meanings within certain friend groups.

Weeb Terms Like UWU On Snapchat!

What Is UWU On Snapchat | Cute Weeb Slang Terms!

There are many weeb terms like UWU on Snapchat that have become popular among Snapchat users. Anime and Manga terminology is quite popular among Weebs, and they have distinct terminology among themselves. So here are some Weeb slang terms like UWU used on the app Snapchat that you should know about.

  • Sugoi: Amazing or something that is exceptional.
  • Waifu: A way to refer to a perfect female character in an anime or manga. Can also be used for people you know in real life.
  • Shinigami: God of death, grim reaper, or an entity that collects souls. The term has become popular because there are a lot of popular anime and manga that have such characters. Alternatively, the term Gami-sama or Gami refers to God in general.
  • Daisuki: A way to say I like you or I love you. Usually said in an appreciative way rather than a romantic way. Sukidesu is used as a way to say I like you or I love in a romantic way.
  • Neko: The term neko is Japanese for cat, however, due to various cat characters in popular anime movies, the term has become well-known among weebs.
  • Onee-San: Refers to the term Older sister, but can be used for friends who are older than you as well.
  • Senpai: Someone who is senior to you in a class, profession, or age is called a senpai. 
  • Sensei: Japanese for teacher, can be used to refer to a mentor, master, or someone who is teaching you something.

Final Words

This was all that I could tell you about the meaning of UWU on Snapchat. I know there are many other slang terms that are very popular on social media apps that you might not know about. So you can stay tuned with me and keep a look out for the latest content related to new Snapchat features and slang terms.

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