Where Was Dumb And Dumber Filmed? The Best Comedy Film Ever!


Do you like watching comedy movies? If you do, I recommend watching the Dumb And Dumber (1994) movie. In this article, you’ll not only learn about the plot of the film, but you’ll also learn where was Dumb And Dumber filmed.

The American buddy comedy film Dumb And Dumber is directed by Peter Farrelly. He also co-wrote the movie with the other writers – Bobby Farrelly and Bennett Yellin. The movie Dumb And Dumber received positive reviews from critics and is one of the best comedy movies released in the 1990s. The film was a huge box office hit that grossed over $247 million against the minimum production budget of $17 million.

So, are you curious about the plot and where was Dumb And Dumber filmed? If yes, read ahead to find out the filming location details.

Where Was Dumb And Dumber Filmed? All The Location Details You Need To Know!

Where Was Dumb And Dumber Filmed? The Best Comedy Film Ever!

The story revolves around two dumb friends, Lloyd and Harry, who travel cross-country on the road to return the suitcase that a woman leaves in Lloyd’s vehicle. It is one the best comedy movies of all time and will hurt your stomach by laughing out loud with many hilarious scenes.

The wonderful acting and extremely funny roasting scenes make you watch the movie repeatedly. Funny Roasts is what fills our pockets with a fun layered of some punches and keeps things healthy. An even wittier way to roast your friend would be to get a funny custom t-shirt with one of the quotes you like and say it aloud without saying a word! However, let’s not change the topic and come straight back to where was Dumb And Dumber filmed. The production team used many cities for filming because it is a movie on a cross-country road trip.

So, the team utilized different regions, including Colorado, Utah, Park City, and Salt Lake City. The movie’s filming began on April 30, 1994, and continued till July 6, 1994. Now, without further discussion, let me tell you the exact location details where was Dumb And Dumber filmed.

Colorado | USA

Where Was Dumb And Dumber Filmed? The Best Comedy Film Ever!

The major filming of Dumb And Dumber was done in Colorado state. This state is famous for its diverse landscapes, Rocky Mountains, and natural sceneries. The movie is set in Aspen, but the scenes were filmed in Colorado. Some important scenes were filmed in the Stanley Hotel at Wonderview Avenue, in Estes Park.

A few sequences were filmed in Breckenridge. The ski scenes were filmed in the Copper Mountain region. Some sequences were filmed in Fort Morgan and Country Road in Weldona. So, the production team covered the maximum areas in Colorado for filming. Some popular locations that were used for filming include The Comancheros, National Lampoons Vacation, The Hateful Eight, and Cliffhanger.

Utah | USA

Where Was Dumb And Dumber Filmed? The Best Comedy Film Ever!

Utah is another prominent location used for filming many significant movie scenes. The airport scenes were filmed at the Salt Lake International Airport at Terminal Drive in Salt Lake City. The house and some street scenes were filmed in Park City. Harry & Lloyd’s apartment scenes were filmed in the Smith Apartments. The truck stop scene was filmed in Lakepoint.

Provo and Orem are the other regions used for filming a few sequences. Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the USA that attracts tourists from different parts of the world as there are many exciting places to look and many outdoor activities to enjoy. 

You can also enjoy hiking and the stunning waterfalls in this region. Some best places you can visit in Utah are Zion National Park, Lake Powell, Arches National Park, Monument Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, Canyonlands National Parks, and Moab.

Because of its stunning backdrops, many filmmakers selected this region for filming. Some famous movies filmed in and around Utah include The Greatest Story Ever Told, Mckennas Gold, and My Summer Prince.

Apart from the above-mentioned locations, some sequences were filmed in different regions like Rhode Island, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania.

Other Interesting Production Details To Know

Where Was Dumb And Dumber Filmed? The Best Comedy Film Ever!

The Farrelly Brothers tried hard to make their first movie, and finally, they got an opportunity to make a film. The production team liked the script and recommended Jim Carrey for one of the lead roles. But the brothers were not aware of him. After auditioning for Jim, the brothers were stunned by his performance and learned about his recent box-office hit movie.

Jim Carrey asked $7 million for the role, and the production team agreed. For the co-star, the production team first selected Nicolas Cage, but later he was replaced by Jeff Daniels due to salary issues. The team was confused in choosing the actors and finally decided on Jim Carrey for Lloyd’s role and Jeff Daniels for Harry’s role.

In the movie, Lloyd is with a chipped tooth, but Carrey has a chipped tooth and capped it. But for the movie again, Jim removed it to give the perfect look of Lloyd according to the story.

Plot Of Dumb And Dumber | What Is The Story About?

The basic premise revolves around Lloyd Christmas, a limousine driver, and Harry Dunne, a dog groomer. Both are dumb and have friends living in the same apartment. One day, Lloyd finds a beautiful customer Mary Swanson, and he immediately falls in love with her. Lloyd drops her at the airport and finds that she left the briefcase in the car.

Lloyd tries to give the briefcase, but he fails to do that. Actually, it is the money that Mary left intentionally for Mentalino and J. P. Shay, who kidnapped her husband. Shay and Mentalino follow Lloyd to get the ransom money. At the same time, Lloyd and Harry begin their trip to return the briefcase to Mary. So, to know how the story progresses, further, watch this film as soon as possible.

Final Words

Alright, readers! Above are all the details you need to know about where was Dumb And Dumber filmed. If you enjoyed this read, check out other filming location articles, including Gone With The Wind, Reacher, and The Rookie.

Who is the cinematographer of the movie?

The cinematographer of the film is Mark Irwin.

Who is the editor of the film?

The editor of the movie is Christopher Greenbury.

Who played the Mary Swanson role?

Lauren Holly played the Mary role.

Did the film receive any awards?

The film received five awards.

What is the movie also known as?

The film is also known as A Power Tool Is Not A Toy.

Are there any sequels to the film Dumb And Dumber?

In 1995, ABC channel released the animated TV series Dumb And Dumber. Next, the sequel movie Dumb And Dumber To was released in 2014.

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