Where Was Love Never Lies Poland Filmed? Check Out The Locations Of the Reality Show Here!


Do you love watching reality shows? If yes, then it’s time to add the Netflix show, Love Never Lies to your watch list. Netflix never fails to give us unique content and Love Never lies is one among them. So, do you want to know more about this series and where was Love Never Lies Poland filmed, then read this article till the end to find the details.

Netflix Originals produced the drama show Love Never Lies Poland (2023). With six episodes, the show premiered on January 25, 2023. This series was hosted by Maja Bohosiewicz. The reality show centers on six couples who must devote three weeks in a luxurious villa while lying is detected by a system called eye detection, which captures eye movements that reveal deception.

The setting of the show is spectacular, which is pleasing to the eyes of the audience. Therefore, you might be curious about the setting of this show. If so, then read below to find out the details!

Where Was Love Never Lies Poland Filmed? Know About The Locations Here!

Where Was Love Never Lies Poland Filmed? Check out The Locations Of the Reality Show Here!

The previous season of Love Never Lies was filmed in the Spain region. The production team used Zesty Islands of Ibiza for the first season as it perfectly suits the theme. Because the Island is so romantic with its peaceful sandy covers and attractive beaches.

Not only on the Island but the show was also filmed in the city of Madrid. Madrid is well-known for its elegance and beautiful locations. This is why the production team chose this place for filming the show.

Now, coming back to your main concern where was Love Never Lies Poland filmed? This show was filmed in the Poland region and six couples from different areas of Poland participated in this series. But we don’t have any details about the specific locations as they have not been revealed yet by the production crew.

We may get the details after the finale of the show is released. Until then, do check out the other reality shows’ filming locations.

Plot Of Love Never Lies Poland | What Is The Reality Show About?

Where Was Love Never Lies Poland Filmed? Check out The Locations Of the Reality Show Here!

The series follows six couples who are placed in a remote location to encounter the true challenge of love. The core element of the program is that the couple who provides the majority of truthful responses will win a sizable cash prize of 100,000 PLN.

Their eye movements are tracked by sophisticated software to determine whether they are lying or telling the truth. The hardest part is resisting the most enticing temptations while remaining faithful to their significant partner.

Many people are already searching for who will win this show. Since each couple has experienced some difficult times in their current relationship, it is difficult to predict who will win the show. Others were overcome by their haunting pasts or were unable to resist the temptations. Regardless of whether the couple is sincere with one another, the competition is won by the person who speaks the most truth.

Have you watched the Love Never Lies Poland Show? If not, then head to Netflix to watch all the episodes. If you’re interested to know about filming locations of other Netflix movies/series, then do check out Women At War, Clickbait, and Kaleidoscope articles.

Final Words

Well, now I hope you got information about where was Love Never Lies Poland filmed. So, I hope you’re ready to watch this interesting reality show and visit the locations where the filming of the reality show took place. If you want us to cover any of your favorite reality shows, then let us know in the comments section below.

Who Is The Director Of The Show?

Malgorzata Mimi Majda is the director of the show, Love Never Lies Poland.

Who Are The Producers Of Love Never Lies Poland?

Piotr Radzyminski, Julita Brutus, and Barbara Wlodarek are the producers of the show, Love Never Lies Poland.

Who Are The Six Couples Participated In Love Never Lies Poland Show?

The six couples of Love Never Lies Poland include, professional dancer Bernadeta and her partner Dominik, Interior designer Wiktoria and logistician Jasiek, Jędrzej and Bruno are the only homosexual couple in the show, Kasia and Kornel, Lilia and personal trainer Andrzej.

Is There Love Never Lies Third Season?

Yes, you can expect the third series to start on November 9, 2023.

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