Where Was Meet Cute Filmed? A Journey To Healing Your Past!


Are you bored of watching plain old rom-com with nothing exciting to offer? If yes, then I suggest you watch a new fantastic romantic comedy, Meet Cute (2022). Meet Cute is truly a cute romantic love story, with the main character falling in love at first sight. If you want to know more about the movie and where was Meet Cute filmed, keep scrolling and reading the article below! 

Where Was Meet Cute Filmed? Discovering Mesmerizing Locations One At A Time! 

The ensemble of a talented cast and the picturesque backdrop of New York City helped the rom-com Meet Cute receive appreciation from critics and audiences alike. Meet Cute worked moderately well at the box office, but the comic timing of seasoned comedy actress Kaley Cuoco along with SNL star Pete Davidson, cannot be ignored. If you don’t have anything much to do this weekend, you can give Meet Cute a try while learning more about the movie’s filming locations

Peacock TV’s rom-com Meet Cute was entirely filmed in New York City. The movie’s principal photography commenced in August 2021 and was wrapped up at the end of the same month. The makers of the movie camped through different locations in New York City to capture the bustling streets of the city to give the movie a perfect backdrop. Now, without wasting any more time, let’s go through the location details and find out where was Meet Cute filmed. 

New York City, New York 

Where Was Meet Cute Filmed? A Journey To Healing Your Past!

Most of the prominent sequences of the movie Meet Cute were filmed across different streets and busy junctions in New York. NY City, as we all know, is one of the liveliest and most populated cities in the United States. For filming the pivotal sequences of the movie, the filming unit scattered through the different boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn to capture the busy daily life and the wild night party scenes in the city. 

If you look closely through the many sequences in Meet Cute, you will find plenty of iconic nightclubs, pubs, bars, etc., captured in the background. Other popular movies located in and around the pompous New York City include – Employee Of The Month, Secret Invasion, New Amsterdam, Your Place Or Mine, etc. 

Many scenes in the movie were also filmed in and around the Six Flags Great Escape, located at 1172 US-9 in Queensbury, Metropolis. Metropolis is an equally captivating city and has been used as a filming location for many other popular movies, including – Summer Villa, Julie And The Phantoms, Dark Metropolis, etc. 

Popular Landmarks In And Around New York City 

New York City is everyone’s favorite travel destination and is popular for many different reasons. While some people love traveling to the city because of its bustling nightlife and party scenes, while others prefer New York as the city offers great career opportunities. Other popular landmarks and iconic locations that make New York City popular include – 

  • Times Square
  • The Empire State Building 
  • The Statue Of Liberty 
  • The World Trade Center 
  • Central Park 
  • The Manhattan Chinatown 
  • Brooklyn Bridge  

Popular movies filmed in and around these iconic landmarks include Midsommar, Only Murders In the Building, Succession, Mike, School Of Rock, Kaleidoscope, The World According To Garp, etc.  

The Plot Of Meet Cute | What Is The Story About? 

Where Was Meet Cute Filmed? A Journey To Healing Your Past!

Directed by Alex Lehmann for Peacock TV, Meet Cute is a fantasy romantic comedy that was released digitally on the OTT platform on September 21, 2022. Written by Noga Pnueli, the plot of the movie revolves around Sheila, a Manhattan resident who meets Gary while walking towards a bar. The two decide to have drinks together and find out they have similar tastes in more than one way. 

However, the story turns interesting when it is revealed that Sheila has a time machine, and she has been using it to go back in time and meet Gary on the same day over and over again. Although Sheila has good intentions but things always tend to change when they are going the right way. So, what will happen with Sheila and Gary? To know more, watch the movie Meet Cute today. 

Where To Watch Meet Cute For Free Online? 

Where Was Meet Cute Filmed? A Journey To Healing Your Past!

At the time of its release, Meet Cute was only available to watch on Peacock TV. However, at the time of writing, Meet Cute is now available to watch on multiple different platforms. So, let’s find out where to watch Meet Cute online. 

Is Meet Cute Available On YouTube?

Yes, Meet Cute is available to watch on YouTube. YouTube is one of the best video-sharing platforms used by many to watch their favorite movies even today. If you want to watch Meet Cute on YouTube, you can do so by renting/buying the movie on the platform for $5.99. 

Is Meet Cute Available On Google Play Movies?

Yes, Meet Cute is available to watch on Google Play Movies & TV. Google Play Movies is a popular movie streaming platform where you can watch recently released and old movies/series easily. To watch Meet Cute on Google Play Movies, you can rent Meet Cute on Google Movies for $5.99. 

Is Meet Cute Available On Apple TV?

Yes, Meet Cute is available to watch on Apple TV. To watch Meet Cute on Apple TV, you can easily buy/rent the movie for 30 days by paying a fee of $5.99. 

Is Meet Cute Available On Redbox?

Yes, Meet Cute is available to watch on the popular movie hosting platform Redbox. Redbox hosts plenty of different movies and TV series and has become popular because of its on-demand rental and buying services as well. To watch Meet Cute on Redbox, you can buy/rent the movie for $5.99. 

Is Meet Cute Available On Vudu?

Yes, Meet Cute is available to watch on the popular movie streaming platform Vudu. To watch Meet Cute on Vudu, you can rent/buy the movie for $5.99. 

Is Meet Cute Available On Amazon Prime Video? 

Yes, Meet Cute is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. Meet Cute is not available under Amazon Prime Video’s regular subscription packs. To watch Meet Cute on Amazon Prime Video, you can buy/rent the movie for $5.99. 

Final Words 

So, this is all about where was Meet Cute filmed. I hope you had a fun time reading this article and I was able to help you a little with Meet Cute’s filming locations. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, watch it today on any of the streaming platforms mentioned above. 

Was Meet Cute filmed in Australia?

No, Meet Cute was filmed entirely in New York City, New York. 

What does the phrase meet cute mean?

The phrase meet cute means a charming or rather amusing cute encounter between romantic partners. 

Where can you watch Meet Cute online?

You can watch Meet Cute on Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Redbox, Peacock TV, etc. 

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