How To See When You Followed Someone On Instagram? Know The Best Way!


Would you like to know for how long you have been friends with someone you followed or when did someone follow you on Instagram? I have already done it for you! Read the article to find out how to see when you followed someone on Instagram!

Earlier, there was a feature in the Activity section where you could know when someone liked or followed you. Sadly, the feature was removed when the new version of Instagram came. Don’t worry, there are still some ways to do the same on your favorite social media platform Instagram! Scroll down and learn how to see when you followed someone on Instagram!

How To See When You Followed Someone On Instagram? Note Down The Date Today!

If you know a lot about what does following mean, there’s still something you are missing. Come along with me and unveil how to see when you followed someone on Instagram! Sadly, there is no direct way to find this but a few workarounds that can help you.

#1 See Their First Message On Instagram

Although it’s time-consuming, but it’s very effective in finding out when you followed someone (if you are free right now, try it). All you need to do is to scroll through the conversations and go to the first text you did. You’ll be able to see the date above your message, which is enough to give you an idea of when you followed them. 

#2 Check Their Likes & Comments On Your Post

If it’s someone who is special to you, then, he/she must have liked your previous post. You can go through all your posts to find when the person liked or commented on your post for the first time. Well, this is enough to give you an idea of when you followed each other. 

#3 Find From The Feed Post

In case you find a new post on your feed, you can use it to find when you followed the user. These are the steps to follow:

  • Log into your account and click on the three dots on the post of your choice. 
  • Next, you’ll see a menu. There, Select Why you’re seeing this post. 
  • Now, you’ll see a list of reasons why you are seeing the post. Select the one that lets you know when you started following the person. 

That’s it! You have completed the task successfully!

#4 Use The ‘Sorted By’ Option On Instagram

Luckily you can sort your followers with the help of Date Followed: Latest and Date Followed: Earlier options. They are also known as the ‘Sorted By’ options. Here’s how to use them:

  • After logging into your Instagram account, tap on your profile picture. 
  • Now, click on the Following tab, and you’ll see your followers list.
  • Up next, look for the Sorted By option and tap on it. 
  • Now, choose Date Followed: Earliest, and you’ll get a sorted list in front of you.

With the help of this list, you’ll be able to guess when you followed someone on Instagram. 

#5 Ask The Person 

Well, if you don’t want to spend much of your time, you can ask the person directly. For this, you can either prefer an Instagram video call or drop a message. 

But in case you don’t know the person well, you can start a conversation with general messages like “How are you?” and then you can get started with your query. This might give you an estimate of the date when you started following that person.

Should You Use Third-Party Apps To Know When You Started Following Someone?

How To See When You Followed Someone On Instagram? Know The Best Way!

These days Internet is flooded with many third-party apps. I know you are planning to use them. But are they safe? Well, it’s advisable not to use such apps because they contain malicious code many times. This means you can risk your privacy by using such apps. 

You’ll be taken aback after knowing that some apps are prone to data theft. So, even if you have a private Instagram account, these apps can steal your personal information. Further, the information can be used for any unwanted purposes.

Also, many apps are fake and end up creating a mess rather than helping you. You might get stuck in understanding their instructions or they might ask for a complicated setup. So, it’s better to stick to manual ways. 

How To Know When Someone Followed You On Instagram?

How To See When You Followed Someone On Instagram? Know The Best Way!

Now, when you are done learning how to find out when you followed someone on Instagram, it’s time to learn vis-a-versa (it’s going to be fun!). These are tips to help you out. 

#1 Check Your Notifications

The best way to find when someone followed you is to go through your notifications. If someone followed you recently, it will get displayed in the notifications section. So, check it out today! 

#2 Check Your First Messages 

You can even check your inbox to find out when the first messages were exchanged. This will indicate a rough timeline of when you started following each other. 

Final Words 

As it’s clear, there are many ways to learn how to see when you followed someone on Instagram. So, pick up your phone and start using these tips. If you are interested in learning more about following, check how to follow someone on Instagram without them knowing!

Why Would You Want To See When You Followed Someone On Instagram?

When people are interested in someone, they try to find out how long they have been with them on Instagram.

How To Know Who Followed First On Instagram?

If you are not sure whether it was you or your friend who started following first, check your messages. Go to your inbox and scroll down the conversation to find when you exchanged messages first. As a result, you’ll get an idea of who followed first.

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