What Are The Perks Of Snapchat Plus? Know All About The Latest Snapchat Update


Snapchat has always been a popular social media platform that has gathered a lot of attention from Generation Z and Millenials. With new features and trends, Snapchat has always tried to keep users attached to the platform. The latest feature that the developers have come up with is Snapchat Plus through which they have tried to enter the paid space. So what is Snapchat Plus and what are the perks of Snapchat Plus? We are discussing it in the article below, so keep reading!

The whole beauty of Snapchat is that you can enjoy connecting and talking to your friends and people from all over the world without having to spend anything. The developers of Snapchat have decided to change that a bit with the Snapchat Plus feature. The premium plan of Snapchat will come with a lot of benefits for the users in order to enhance their experience. 

Users that are interested in Snapchat Plus premium, can get the subscription at just $3.99 monthly. If you are passionate about Snapchat and try out every new feature that Snapchat rolls. So, people let me tell you what does the new feature exactly do! Scroll and read!

What Are The Perks Of Snapchat Plus? New Features Included in Premium!

What Are The Perks Of Snapchat Plus? Know All About The Latest Snapchat Update

The extra features provided by Snapchat Plus is to make everything easy for avid Snapchat users. As Snapchat decides to test out new and pre-release features, the updated list is surely going to evolve over time. However, Snapchat “superfans” will have the first opportunity to test out the new features before the typical user does by paying a very low monthly subscription.

Some of the extra perks of Snapchat Plus that the users will get are as under.

Ghost Trails On The Map

You can use Ghost Trails to check where your friends who share a location with you have been during the past 24 hours. Only friends who have access to Snapchat+ and who have shared their location with you can view Ghost Trails on the Snap Map. Location sharing on the Snap Map is optional.

 Best Friends Forever

What Are The Perks Of Snapchat Plus? Know All About The Latest Snapchat Update

With Best Friends Forever, you may have your top best friend as your BFF. Only one #1 Best Friend can be pinned at a time, as the name implies. You can do that by following the instructions below.

  • Press and hold your friend’s icon in Chat or the Send To screen.
  • Then select “Pin as your #1 Best Friend” from the pop-up menu.

You won’t disturb your other friends because only you can see this pin, so no need to worry about it.

Story Rewatch Indicator

An eye emoji will appear beneath Stories to show if one or more friends have rewatched your story n Snapchat+. The number next to the eye emoji will show the number of friends who have viewed your Story again, not the number of times it has been seen overall. However, it doesn’t reveal which of your friends watched your story again. You can view the number of friends who have watched the Snaps by going to My Story, Private Stories, or Shared Stories.

Custom Themes And App Icons

Everyone has a typical same app icon on their Snapchat: a white ghost on a yellow background. Those who will be subscribed to Snapchat Plus, meanwhile, have access to nearly 40 icon options.

Friend Solar System

What Are The Perks Of Snapchat Plus? Know All About The Latest Snapchat Update

On someone’s Friendship Profile, Snapchat+ subscribers can see a badge that says “Best Friends” or “Friends” with a gold ring around it. You and your friend must both have linked Bitmojis in order to view Friend Solar Systems.

The planet you are in your friend’s solar system is represented by a different position on their list of Best Friends, which will be revealed if you tap on the badge. So, for instance, if Earth is in their Solar System and their closest buddy is the Sun, you would be their third closest friend.

Final Words

We have reached the end of the article We talked about and discussed various perks of Snapchat Plus. If you found the article useful on your doubts regarding Snapchat, then let us know in the comments as well. We will keep sharing such articles regarding the latest updates on Snapchat. For more such articles you can visit the social section on our website. Till then keep reading and enjoy!

Can we see if someone is on Snapchat plus?

A Snapchat+ subscriber can elect to display a badge on their profile informing other users that they are a premium member. You can visit their profile page and look for a “star” emblem next to their display name to see if a friend or other user is a subscriber to Snapchat+.

Can people get notified if we check their snap maps?

When you check a friend’s location on Snapchat, they are not notified. If you request to see the other person’s location, it will, however, notify them.

Can we find out if someone else posted a Private Story and added other users?

No, we cannot find out if someone else posted a Private Story and added other users.

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