What Does KYS Mean On Instagram? 3 Quirky Meanings To Know! 


Are you out on a mission to expand your vocabulary? If yes, then learning about different kinds of abbreviations on social media is going to be crucial for you. Because let’s be honest, people do not talk normally on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, etc. These places have their own slang terms. So, if you want to be popular and not look like a grandma, you need to know what does KYS mean on Instagram. So, keep reading! 

In this article, you’re going to find out several different meanings of KYS, because depending on the context and the situation it is found in, the meaning of KYS changes too. Although this shouldn’t be too surprising because so is the case with all other acronyms on Instagram! If you come across some weird abbreviation in your messages, then plenty of times its meaning will be something completely different in the captions under some post or Instagram stories! 

Find Out What Does KYS Mean On Instagram Here | Read This To Know Three Different Meanings Of KYS! 

Above I told you that there are several different meanings of KYS on Instagram. Now, you might be feeling overwhelmed thinking about the number of meanings you’ll have to understand, learn, and inculcate in your vocab. Don’t worry! It’s not as difficult as it may look initially! On top of that, I’ll be simplifying all the different meanings and also giving you some examples depicting how KYS can be used! All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom! 

What Does KYS Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Kill Yourself?

What Does KYS Mean On Instagram? 3 Quirky Meanings To Know! 

The most popular meaning of KYS on Instagram is Kill Yourself. The term is jokingly used when someone does something so embarrassing that they are told they should probably die to save face. It goes without saying that usually, friends use it with each other. 

Here’s how it can be used in conversations:

Tom: I was running in the hallway and fell down right in front of my crush. It was probably the most humiliating moment of my life. 

Peter: Aww man, you should definitely consider KYS 😂

But, the usage of KYS is not limited to conversations that are all fun and games. If you ever find a hate comment on Instagram with the acronym KYS, you should probably report it. Telling people on the internet that they should take their own life isn’t nice, it’s not funny. That’s why, consider reporting and blocking the person who used it as well. 

Also, you need to understand what, when, and how to use Kill Yourself as using this abbreviation carelessly can also have consequences. So, do not ever use it with people you don’t know. Do not use it in the comment section under someone’s post. Do not ever send it to someone in their message requests– even if they are someone you don’t like. Doing any of this will definitely come under bullying. 

What Does KYS Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Keep Yourself Safe?

What Does KYS Mean On Instagram? 3 Quirky Meanings To Know! 

Now, a pretty wholesome meaning of KYS is Keep Yourself Safe. Cute, right? If you are talking to a loved one, a close friend, or someone you admire on Instagram, then you can use KYS for them. You can use it when they are going out somewhere and you want to wish them a safe travel. Or maybe the weather is getting too cold and you want to ask them to stay warm. 

Here’s how a conversation around the same can look like:

Jean: It’s kind of raining outside but i really need to go to buy groceries 😔

Marie: That’s bad. Make sure to KYS! 

Oh, and apart from messages, you can also use KYS in the comments! For example, someone posts a picture of themselves going on a vacation, then you can comment with KYS to ask them to take care of themselves while they are out vacationing. 

What Does KYS Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Kiss? 

What Does KYS Mean On Instagram? 3 Quirky Meanings To Know! 

KYS can also mean kiss on Instagram. You can use it when you’re (trying to) flirting with your crush via messages. Or you can use it in random conversations with your friends. Like maybe you’re describing a date or a night out with certain someone. 

Here’s how it can be used:

Peter: How was your date with Anne? Did you guys KYS??

Lara: It was surreal! And yes, we did!

Final Words

Alright, people! This is what does KYS mean on Instagram! We’ve reached the bottom of this post and I’ve walked you through all the different ways KYS can be used on the gram! So, I hope you feel confident enough in using and replying to KYS! Oh, and even though I’ve covered all possible meanings of this slang term, if you know anything different, please share it with everyone in the comments! 

What does this word mean Instagram?

The word Instagram is an amalgam of “instant camera” and “telegram.” The iOS app was released through the iTunes App Store on Oct. 6, 2010, and the Android app was released on April 3, 2012. The platform’s popularity skyrocketed, with the company reporting more than 40 million active users just two years after launch.

What do Instagram circles mean?

Instagram Story Highlights are the little circles with thumbnail images that display on your Instagram profile. They feature Instagram Stories that you’ve elected to save and share on an evergreen basis.

How do I know if someone is viewing my Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t allow users to see who views their profile. So if you look through someone’s profile and don’t like or comment on a post, there’s no way for them to know who sees the pictures.2

What does the purple circle mean Instagram?

If you have a Subscription to that creator’s content, everyone viewing the creator’s content will be able to see your purple crown badge in the comments during Instagram Live and on the comments under the post.

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