Where Was Big Time Rush Filmed? A Popular Series From 2009!


Are you looking for a comedy drama to watch this weekend? If yes, I suggest you watch the family comedy-drama Big Time Rush (2009). If you prefer to know more about this series, read till the end, where I’ll also explain where was Big Time Rush filmed.

The American musical sitcom TV series was created by Scott Fellows. The director took inspiration from the popular comedy show The Monkees. The series premiered on Nickelodeon TV channel from November 28, 2009, to July 25, 2013. The series received mixed reviews from critics, but the audience responded positively and supported all four seasons.

The story revolves around four hockey players who get a life-changing opportunity to start a boy band. The show is entertaining with young actors’ performances, so it is the perfect series to watch for relaxation.

The series earned over 60 nominations and won 38 awards, including one BAFTA Award. The series’ cinematography is also interesting, making fans wonder where was Big Time Rush filmed. If you are also curious, read below to find out the filming location details.

Where Was Big Time Rush Filmed? Check Out The Filming Location Details Here!

Scott Fellows, the series creator, first approached the production companies and explained its similarity to NBC’s The Monkees series. After the project approval, Scott and his team began the casting work. First, the team decided to hire four young boys. For that, the team auditioned more than 1500 teen boys.

First, the team selected Logan Henderson and James Maslow. Later it became difficult for the team to select the boys for the other two roles. Finally, the team selected Kendall Schmidt and Carlos PenaVega for the remaining roles. Scott also used some of his alumni from musical theatre, including Pena, Daran Norris, Spencer Locke, and Carlie Casey.

For filming the entire series, the team selected California. The filming of the Big Time Rush began in August 2009. Now, without any delay, let me tell you where was Big Time Rush filmed.

Los Angeles, California | USA

Where Was Big Time Rush Filmed? A Popular Series From 2009!

The majority of Big Time Rush was done in the popular filming destination, Los Angeles. The production team used Paramount Studios for filming a few series’ sequences. Stage 27 and Stage 28 were used for filming the series’ hotel scenes. The team utilized Stage 27 to shoot the recording studio scenes and hotel bedroom scenes. The hotel reception and pool scenes were filmed in Stage 28.

Los Angeles is a significant shooting location because of its incredible attractions, production facilities, and tax benefits. The city has so many studios, which became helpful for the filmmakers to find the studio and shoot according to their needs. Some movies filmed in and around the Los Angeles region include Land Of The Lost, Spoiler Alert, and Zodiac.

Malibu, California | USA

Where Was Big Time Rush Filmed? A Popular Series From 2009!

Next, the team moved to Malibu to film a few sequences. This is also one of the significant filming locations in the California region. Malibu served as the backdrop in many popular movies like Barbarian, Savages, 10, and Creature From The Black Lagoon.

Malibu is not only famous for filmmaking but also one of the best vacation spots to visit in California. There are so many attractions to see and beautiful beaches for relaxation. If you visit Malibu, visit the attractions like The Getty Villa, Adamson House, Leo Carrillo State Park, and Malibu Pier. You can visit Malibu Divers, Malibu Coastal Adventures, and Surfrider Beach for fun activities.

Rochester, Minnesota

Where Was Big Time Rush Filmed? A Popular Series From 2009!

Some series portions were filmed in the Rochester region. The city is famous for the healthcare organization Mayo Clinic. It is one of the largest cities in Minnesota, with the best amenities and many attractions to explore.

In Rochester, you can visit places like Quarry Hill Nature Center, Douglas State Trail, Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial, and Silver Lake.

Well, these are the details you need to know about where was Big Time Rush filmed. Now, let me tell you the plot of the Big Time Rush series.

Plot Of Big Time Rush | What Is The Series About?

Where Was Big Time Rush Filmed? A Popular Series From 2009!

The story revolves around four friends James Diamond, Kendall Knight, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell. They are hockey players and work part-time jobs. From this group, James aims to become a famous singer and live a luxurious lifestyle.

So, one day James approaches a famous music producer Gustavo Rocque to get a chance to sing. However, Gustavo does not find his performance interesting but likes his friend Kendall’s attitude and asks him to work under his label.

Kendall happily accepts the offer with one condition to hire all his friends. Gustavo agrees, and the four create a band named Big Time Rush. Watch the series to know how the story progresses further.

Final Words

Well, readers! The above are all the details you need to know related to where was Big Time Rush filmed. So, if you are a fan of this series, I hope you got the answer to your long-time question. If you enjoyed this read, check out other interesting filming location articles like The Ten Commandments, Sun Sand And Romance, Dumplin, and Big Door Prize.

Who are the cinematographers of the series Big Time Rush?

The cinematographers of the series are Carlos Gonzalez, Mike Mickens, and Brandon Mastrippolito.

Which production companies have worked in the series Big Time Rush?

The production companies that have worked in the series are Jack Mackie Pictures, Sony Music Entertainment, and Nickelodeon Productions.

Who are the producers of the series Big Time Rush?

The series’ producers are Grace Gifford, Joanne Toll, Lazar Saric, and Debra Spidell.

What is the IMDb rating of the series Big Time Rush?

The IMDb rating of the series is 6.4/10.

What is the certification of the series Big Time Rush?

The certification of the series is TV-G.

What is the runtime of the series Big Time Rush?

The average runtime of the series is 25 minutes.

How many episodes are there in Big Time Rush?

There are 74 episodes on the series Big Time Rush.

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