Where Was Tin Cup Filmed? An Entertaining Sports-Drama!


Are you looking for a complete entertainment movie with an interesting theme? If so, the best sports rom-com movie you can consider watching is Tin Cup (1996). It is always good to watch old movies as you can explore the past culture through the movie’s settings and locations. This is why I have prepared this article to explain more about the film and where was Tin Cup filmed.

Ron Shelton co-wrote the screenplay with John Norville and directed the American sports rom-com movie Tin Cup. The film was released in theatres on August 16, 1996, and received positive reviews from critics. The movie has an IMDb rating of 6.4/10 and was a decent box office success.

Where Was Tin Cup Filmed? Check Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was Tin Cup Filmed? An Entertaining Sports-Drama!

The story revolves around Roy McAvoy, a former professional golfer who now runs a driving range aimlessly. When Roy meets Dr. Molly Griswold, he falls for her and decides to qualify for the U.S. Open Golf Tournament to impress her. If you are a golf lover, Tin Cup is a must-see movie for you to watch and enjoy.

Tin Cup is one of the best-golf films where the setting will make you feel you’re watching a real golf game. After a huge discussion, the production team and the director picked the filming locations, including North Carolina, Arizona, and Texas, for shooting. The movie’s principal photography began on September 18, 1995, and continued till December 12, 1995.

Now, let me tell you the exact details of where was Tin Cup filmed. If you prefer to know more about other sports movie filming location details, check out 80 For Brady, All The Right Moves, and Varsity Blues discussed in detail.

Arizona | USA

Where Was Tin Cup Filmed? An Entertaining Sports-Drama!

The major filming of Tin Cup was done in Arizona State. Arizona is famous for many attractions and is popularly known as The Grand Canyon State or the Copper State. It is the sixth largest and one of the most populous states in the USA. Here the team utilized Tucson, the largest city in Arizona, for filming. The team utilized Hotel Congress in Tucson for filming.

Apart from this region, the team utilized different cities in Arizona for filming, including Sonoita, Tubac, and Nogales. With its vibrant cities and natural attractions, Arizona is the best location that suits all themes of different genre-based movies. Some movies filmed in and around Arizona include Conagher, The Canyon, Asteroid City, Tall In The Saddle, and The Comancheros.

Arizona is among the best travel destinations, with many sightseeing landmarks, adventurous activities, natural parks, and mountain ranges. Some of the best spots to visit in Arizona are Monument Valley, Lake Mead Recreation Area, Antelope Canyon, Tumacacori National Historical Park, Desert Botanical Garden, Heritage Square, Phoenix Art Museum, and Grand Canyon.

Texas | USA

Where Was Tin Cup Filmed? An Entertaining Sports-Drama!

Another prominent location of Tin Cup movie is Texas. Texas is one of the biggest states in the USA, popularly known as Lone Star State. This region has historical sites, museums, and entertainment spots. If you plan a trip to Texas, some intriguing locations that you can plan to visit are The Alamo, Space Centre Houston, Big Bend National Park, San Antonio River Walk, Texas State Capitol, Dallas Arboretum, and Botanical Garden.

In Texas, the team used Kingwood, Houston, and Arlington to film a few sequences. Other movies filmed in this region include The Evil Dead, Bonnie And Clyde, and Giant. Well, these are the location details of where was Tin Cup filmed. Now, let me tell you the plot of Tin Cup movie.

Plot Of Tin Cup | What Is The Story About?

Roy is a former professional golf player who runs a driving range and hangs out with his friends without any aim. One day, he meets a psychologist, Dr. Molly Griswold who visits his range for golf lessons, and Roy immediately falls for her. She is dating David Simms, who is also a golfer who played with Roy in college.

The next day, David hires Roy to be his caddie which makes Roy angry, and in the course, Roy hits a long shot than David, which insults David in front of his friends. So, David fires Roy. To defeat David and impress Molly Griswold, Roy decides to participate in the U.S. Open Tournament. Will he be able to qualify and impress Molly? To find out what happens, watch Tin Cup on Amazon Prime Video.

Know The Cast Members And Their Preparation For The Role

Where Was Tin Cup Filmed? An Entertaining Sports-Drama!

Kevin Costner played the lead role of Roy McAvoy. Gary McCord is a professional golfer who trained Kevin Costner. Kevin co-operated with McCord and learned how to play golf properly. Costner played some of the golf shots himself in the movie.

The team first selected Janine Turner for the female lead role, but she left the project soon. Later, the team selected Rene Russo. For David Simms’ role, the team first discussed the plot with actors, including Pierce Brosnan and Alec Baldwin, but then selected Don Johnson for the role.

Other cast members who played important roles in the movie include Cheech Marin as Romeo Posar, Linda Hart as Doreen, Dennis Burkley as Earl, and Loy Myers as Clint. Some real professional golfers did cameo performances in the film as well.

Final Words

Alright, folks! I hope now you know where was Tin Cup filmed. If you liked this article, there is plenty of similar content on Viebly to explore. So, check out some recently released filming locations including, including Florida Man, The Wedding Cottage, and Dark Waters. If you want me to cover your favorite movie location details, drop the movie titles in the comments section below.

Who is the cinematographer of the film?

The cinematographer of the movie is Russell Boyd.

Who is the editor of the film?

The editors of the movie are Kimberly Ray and Paul Seydor.

Did the film receive any awards?

The movie received four nominations but didn’t win any awards.

Can you watch the movie, Kids?

It is a sports drama but still an R-rated film with language and brief nudity. So, it is not advisable to watch with kids.


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