Find The Best Time To Post On Instagram On Fridays In 2023 Here! 


Oh, it’s Friday! And, as per your posting schedule, you need to post on Instagram today! But, does this mean you can post at any ungodly hour of the day? Well, no. Because we all know that posting at random times of the day can backfire, right? So, if you want your posts and reels to reach more people, you need to be very strategic about the time you post on the gram. And, knowing the best time to post on Instagram on Fridays will help you do that! 

Read This To Find The Best Time To Post On Instagram On Fridays In 2023! Post At The Best Time To Grow On IG! 

If you use Instagram to grow your business, market your blog, or simply become famous by gaining followers, etc., you know that you can’t just post at any random time on any random day of the week. You need to know the best posting times, days, and also the best time to post on Instagram on Fridays. 

No need to go bonkers with all the calculations going in your mind. This article covers everything you need to know. So, just keep scrolling! 

Best Time To Post On Instagram

Find The Best Time To Post On Instagram On Fridays In 2023 Here! 

The question of what is the best time to post on Instagram on Fridays has created plenty of debate. Several social media experts and management agencies have come forward with their own research and analyses to determine the ideal time to post.

The engagement metric of millions of Instagram accounts from various industries and sizes was calculated. And then, the best time was found by grouping data by the hour and the day posted. 

It turned out that the best time to post on Instagram is 4 AM. Posting at this time guarantees that most people will engage with what you post. This is because, across the week, Instagram users are more likely to engage with content that has been posted in the early hours– more than any other hour of the day. 

If you post this early in the morning, you can benefit from the little to no competition that there will be at this time. Most users check Instagram within an hour of waking up, so, even though it’s been hours since your post went up on Instagram, it will show up on their feed. 

Now, I know what you must be thinking – how will you manage to wake up that early or stay up till then just to post? Well, that is exactly why there are so many post-scheduling tools like Later!

Best Day To Post On Instagram

Find The Best Time To Post On Instagram On Fridays In 2023 Here! 

Although posting at 4 AM across the entire week guarantees high engagement, there’s a specific day of the week that proves to be the most beneficial– Monday. As it turns out, Mondays aren’t that bad after all, are they? 

In case you do decide to post on Monday, try doing that at 5 AM. This day and time combo are going to provide you with the best results. 

If you’re going to be the one to post first each week, consistently, you will have a higher chance of being seen/ noticed by your followers. 

However, if your posting strategy includes posting not just on Mondays but also Fridays, then the next section is for you. 

Best Time To Post On Instagram On Fridays

It has been found that the best time to post on Instagram on Friday is 7 AM. Apart from this, users can generate high engagement between 5-8 AM as well.

Since geographical location also plays a significant role in the best time to post, it has been concluded that the above-mentioned hours work the best for US+ Canada East Coast, South America, UK, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and East + Southeast Asia.

 If you needed a sign to wake up early in the morning, let it be this. 

Best Time To Post On Instagram On Fridays According To Your Account

Find The Best Time To Post On Instagram On Fridays In 2023 Here! 

While posting at the best times does reward a user with higher engagement, it is not the only thing that Instagram’s algorithm considers while promoting a user’s post. There are multiple other factors that contribute to this. 

The algorithm is going to promote content that it believes users are likely going to engage with in the future, simply because they have already engaged with such posts in the past. 

So, you need to know who your target audience is– you can’t possibly cater to everyone’s needs and hope to appear on their feeds. After you’ve determined your target audience, you need to create engaging content that they are likely to interact with. 

If you’re unsure of what works well for your profile and what doesn’t, you can always check insights for all the posts and reels that are there on your account. Based on the data you gather, you will be able to work out a strategy that works well for you. 

Not good with numbers? No problem. You can make use of the several tools and services available in the market that do this work for you. 

Final Words

Okay, people! We’ve reached the end of this article, and so, I hope you’ve found out the best time to post on Instagram on Fridays! Apart from Fridays, we also saw the ideal posting times and days! So, I hope you found this article helpful. In case you need any help growing your Instagram account, feel free to ask for it in the comments section! 

How do you check peak time on Instagram?

If you want to check peak time on Instagram, go to your profile and check insights. The metrics available under the Overview section will give you a breakdown of that specific post. 

Are Fridays good days to post reels?

Yes, any weekday is considered ideal to post reels. However, you need to avoid posting reels during the weekend; that is when there is the least engagement. 

How to do follow Friday on Instagram?

If you want to join the follow Friday trend, you need to share a post of your friend’s on your IG feed and have them do the same for you. Make sure to use #followfriday as well. 

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