What Does KMS Mean On Instagram? 2 Funny Meanings Here! 


As a proud member of the GenZ squad, do you have the ability to keep up with all the slang terms present on all different social media platforms? If yes, great! If not, is this a sign that you have officially entered your millennial era? Woah, that looks threatening. But, don’t you worry. You can easily improve your Instagram vocabulary by reading articles like this one. So, if you want to know what does KMS mean on Instagram, keep this article till the end!

Oh, and even though I mentioned above how what generation you belong to greatly depends on your Instagram lingo, don’t take me seriously! Because, absolutely nobody, not even me, can know the meaning of all different kinds of abbreviations and silly acronyms! However, we all can keep learning to stay on top of our lingo game. If that is something you want as well, you definitely need to know what does KMS mean on Instagram. 

Find Out What Does KMS Mean On Instagram | Know The Meaning And Learn How To Respond!

Also, understanding the meaning of acronyms that you see on Instagram is important not just to look cool on the gram, but also to communicate effectively with your friends and followers. Imagine a situation where you’re talking to someone and they suddenly throw KMS at you. What do you do next? So, you see, to prevent facing a situation like this, understanding what does KMS mean on Instagram is crucial. So, keep reading!

What Does KMS Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Kill Myself?

What Does KMS Mean On Instagram? 2 Funny Meanings Here! 

The one and only meaning of KMS on Instagram is Kill Myself, and it is usually used as a joke. 

Before we dive into what does KMS mean on Instagram in a bit more detail, let’s see where the word actually came from. No, it wasn’t born on Instagram. It was first seen on Twitter around 2009. KMS is used to capture emotions like frustration or irritation in an exaggerated manner. And today, this abbreviation is widely used by teens and adults alike to express their heightened emotions in a super-melodramatic way. It is meant as a joke and intends to arouse humor. 

People use KMS in a variety of situations. It can be used with your close friends. It can be used when you find yourself in an unlucky or inconvenient situation. You can say something like, I want to KMS!! just to feel a bit better. Your friend can use it for situations that annoy them to a certain extent but they will eventually let it go later. For example, I can’t believe this cafe doesn’t serve hot chocolate!! Ahh, KMS!!! 

If you or your friend have had a long day and you guys still need to do more, then you can use KMS to blow off some steam or express your sadness. It can be done by saying something like, When will this day end? I just want to sleep! KMS 😫

If your friend is feeling playful or sarcastic, then they can also use KMS to denote the same. For example, My crush doesn’t even follow me on IG, KMS 🙂

Here is one example of how KMS can be used in a conversation:

Jake: Hey man, are you still at your family get-together?

Tom: Yes man, it looks like it won’t end anytime soon! KMS. 

What Does KMS Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Killing Me Slowly?

What Does KMS Mean On Instagram? 2 Funny Meanings Here! 

Another popular meaning of KMS on Instagram is Killing Me Slowly. It can be used when someone is extremely bored while waiting for something and feels like that time has come to a standstill or isn’t passing quickly enough. 

It can be used when someone is being made to watch a show that they really don’t like and they feel like the storyline of the show is going on and on. Or maybe when they are stuck in a lecture on a subject that they don’t like (maybe, History?) and the teacher seems to be explaining a mundane topic in the greatest detail possible. In all these situations KMS is used to show feelings of restlessness mixed with a dash of annoyance. 

Here’s how KMS is usually used in conversations on Instagram:

Jake: Man, this movie is so boring, it’s KMS!! When are these two going to kiss?! 

Paul: I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. It’s KMS as well!

Or, it can be something like, When is this lecture going to end?! It has started KMS!! 

What Does KMS Mean On Instagram On A Serious Note?

What Does KMS Mean On Instagram? 2 Funny Meanings Here! 

Very rarely, KMS on Instagram can also be referring to suicide. It can be a cry for help from someone who has been having thoughts of harming themselves for a while now. In a situation like this, you need to take the other person seriously and try to provide them with the intervention that they need. For example, things like Life feels worthless to me, KMS, coming from a person who’s been feeling sad and lonely for a long time must be treated with caution. 

Final Words

Alright, people! This is what does KMS mean on Instagram! In this article, I discussed the one and only meaning of KMS on Instagram with you! So, I hope you have understood the meaning and you now know how to use it or respond to it! But, if you still have any doubts regarding the usage of KMS, or any other abbreviation for that matter, it’s okay! Just drop your doubts in the comments and I will get back to you ASAP!

Where do I find my Instagram messages?

You can view and manage direct messages from the Instagram app for Android and iPhone or Instagram Lite app for Android. Tap or at the bottom. Tap the conversation you want to view. Learn more about how to manage message requests or report abusive messages.

Why is Instagram messages not working?

The most common reasons for an Instagram DM not working are: Server Outage: Sometimes the most common reason for Instagram DMs not working is server mix-ups or an outage. It can not only cause problems with your messages but even with posts, reels, and general use.

Is there a message in Instagram?

Instagram allows you to communicate publicly and privately with followers, mutuals, and other Instagram users. That includes sending private messages to anyone. You don’t need to follow or be followed by that user to use the app’s private messaging feature, and no one can see these messages except the recipients

Is message on Instagram private?

Direct Messages are private messages between one Instagram user and the other user or group of users. You can send posts in your feed, disappearing photos, and videos without following or being followed by that user.

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