What Does MCW Mean On Instagram? 3 Different Meanings To Know! 


So, you were talking to someone on Instagram and they ended up using an abbreviation you know nothing about. Ahh well, you must have felt so outdated. Well, it’s not really your fault. Social media platforms keep introducing newer slang and abbreviations every now and then. Not everyone can keep up with them effortlessly. That’s not an issue though. Because articles like what does MCW mean on Instagram are there to help you out. 

Also, I know, that you’ve already spent a lot of time learning other types of Instagram acronyms. And that’s why you may not feel like learning more. But hey, think about how your lack of understanding of abbreviations affects your conversations on Instagram. That’s why, you’ve got no other option except polishing your lingo-istic (yeah, I made that up) skills. So, keep reading to know what does MCW mean on Instagram! 

Find Out What Does MCW Mean On Instagram Here | 3 Cute And Quirky Meanings Of MCW! 

Oh, and just like all other Instagram abbreviations, you’ll find that MCW has got different kinds of meanings as well! This means the abbreviation MCW is used in different senses across a wide range of situations. Isn’t this good news?! Once you’ve acquainted yourself with the various meanings of the acronym, you’ll be able to use them appropriately and show off your lingo-istic skills (yeah, I did it again). 

This idea sounds quite promising, right?! I’m sure it does! So, keep reading to know what does MCW mean on Instagram! 

What Does MCW Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean My Cute Woman?

What Does MCW Mean On Instagram? 3 Different Meanings To Know! 

The most popular meaning of MCW is my cute woman. Usually, people use it for their female partners. They may post a picture or short video of their partner on Instagram and use the hashtag MCW to show their love and affection for their partner. Isn’t this too cute? 

Apart from that, people who have just entered a relationship, usually announce their relationship on the gram with this popular hashtag. They don’t explicitly say that they are in a relationship, the hashtag does the job for them. 

Couples also use this abbreviation in their daily conversations. An example of the same is given below:

Jean: Do you think I look good in this red bodycon dress?

Jake: You’re MCW. You look good in everything you wear. 

Also, the usage of MCW is not just limited to female partners, it can also be used for female friends. The hashtag can be used to make a friend feel special and beautiful. You too can post a picture of your female friend and use the hashtag MCW, or you can use it in your text-based conversations. Here is an example of the same:

Jean: MCW, we’ll be friends forever. 

Marie: Aww, I feel the same way! 

What Does MCW Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean My Crush Wednesday?

What Does MCW Mean On Instagram? 3 Different Meanings To Know! 

Got a crush on someone? Great. Post a picture or a short video of them on your Instagram stories with the hashtag MCW on Wednesday. Now, why should you do that? Well, MCW stands for My Crush Wednesday. And, don’t you want to introduce your crush to the world for their appreciation or amusement? 

Oh, but if you don’t want to use MCW to tell the world about your unrequited love, then that’s fine. You can discuss it with your friend in private. The abbreviation MCW can be used in daily conversations too! Here’s how you can make use of MCW:

Sam: Dude, check out MCW. 

Mike: Mate, you get a new crush every other day! But yeah, this person is cute!

What Does MCW Mean On Instagram? Does It Mean Man Crush Wednesday?

What Does MCW Mean On Instagram? 3 Different Meanings To Know! 

Got yourself a new man crush on Wednesday? Great. Show off your fine taste in men by posting a picture of your new crush on the gram and using the hashtag MCW. Because this acronym stands for man crush Wednesday. Pretty cool, huh.

But, you also have the option of using MCW in your daily conversations on the app. For example, you can use MCW about some guy you like while talking about him with a friend. Here’s what it might look like:

Anne: Dude, check out this guy! Isn’t he cute?! 

Sarah: Ahh well, who is he? Your brand new MCW?? 

Final Words

Alright, everyone! These were three cute and quirky meanings of the abbreviation MCW! Having discussed each of the meanings in detail, I hope you’ve found an answer to what does MCW mean on Instagram! I also hope that you finally feel confident enough to use MCW in your conversation, posts, and stories, and off your lingo-istic skills (last time, I promise)!! Also, if you happen to know of some other meaning of MCW, please drop it in the comments! 

What is MCM crush?

Man Crush Monday refers to a social media trend dedicated to posting pictures of and expressing affection for attractive or admirable men on Mondays

Does MCM mean boyfriend?

MCM is short for “Man Crush Monday.” It is a common hashtag that praises men for their superb performance as husbands, boyfriends, and dads. It is also used as a tag for men who are attractive or admirable. Men may also use the tag to describe other men which they aspire to be like

What do MCM and WCM mean?

MCM : Man crush Monday. WCW : Woman crush Wednesday. Both abbreviations are used to call out, appreciate or mock people you find attractive, admire, or out of touch with poor character.

What is AMP in a relationship?

When it comes to over the internet seeing, you will frequently see the acronym AMP, which usually stands for “Attraction Partner.

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