What Does Priority Mean On Instagram In 2023? Easy Explanation Here! 


Instagram is known for being one of the most innovative and user-friendly social media platforms ever. The app keeps releasing latest updates and fixes that ensure users have an even more pleasant experience on the app. In one such update, the priority feature was released. But, what does priority mean on Instagram? If you want to know more about this feature and its usefulness, make sure to scroll this article till the end! 

Find Out What Does Priority Mean On Instagram Here| Read This To Know Everything About The Priority Tag! 

Users first noticed the priority label on Instagram in the DM section. So, as you can guess, this feature is there to enhance your texting experience on the app. Now, you may be wondering what this feature might do for that to happen. Well, the answer to that is hidden in understanding what does priority mean on Instagram! Lucky for you, this article will discuss that in deep detail, so, keep scrolling! 

What Does Priority Mean On Instagram?

What Does Priority Mean On Instagram In 2023? Easy Explanation Here! 

In the simplest of terms, the priority label helps you prioritize your chats. If there are some people that you talk with the most on the app, then you can have this tag under their name and they will be placed at the top of your DM list. By doing so, you’ll be literally ‘prioritizing’ them. And hence, answering their texts is going to be easy for you. 

I know that you’ll be excited to add the priority label under your favorite people’s names on Instagram. But, not so fast. Because you can’t voluntarily provide someone with this tag. Instagram itself notices what friends and followers you talk with the most and adds this label on its own. 

Also, it’s worth noting that, this feature isn’t really a new addition to the app. It was released back in June 2020, but its access was fairly limited at that time. The hype around this feature is increasing as it is being introduced to a newer and wider set of audience. 

However, not everyone is happy with the new feature. This is because they are not okay with how Instagram is prioritizing their followers. Because quite often, Instagram will place a priority label under the name of a person that may not actually be a priority. And, this offends some users; prioritizing is quite subjective in nature. 

Also, let us not forget how Instagram’s algorithm may go on to prioritize completely random followers of a user thereby leaving them annoyed. Plenty of people have already taken to Instagram’s customer care and Twitter to share their objections on the same. 

The worst part of this is that there’s not much a user can do when someone they don’t like has been given a priority tag on Instagram. Because, they don’t get to decide, the algorithm does. Whether Instagram will actually do something to rectify the situation is not known yet. 

How To Get The Priority Label On Instagram?

What Does Priority Mean On Instagram In 2023? Easy Explanation Here! 

Now that you know what does priority mean on Instagram and how it is useful, I’m sure you’re wondering how you too can get the feature. This helpful feature is available for both android and IOS devices. And, there are a few simple steps you can follow for that to happen. They are as follows:

  • Open Instagram. Make sure that it is updated to the latest version available, i.e. there are no pending updates. 
  • Then, go to the DM section by tapping on the messenger icon or swiping left from the main home feed. 
  • If there’s someone you chat with on Instagram quite often, then they will have a priority label under their name. 
  • If none of your messages have a priority tag, then it means you don’t talk to anyone frequently. 

What is the new 2023 Instagram update?

Starting March 16, 2023, Instagram users will no longer be able to tag products during live broadcasts. Meta says this change will allow the platform to “focus on products and features that provide the most value to our users.”

What are the new features in Instagram after the update?

It’s a new feature that allows creators to build community within a new messaging space. An Instagram Channel acts as a direct line between the creator and the followers, where creators are able to distribute all their latest news directly to the most loyal followers.

What is the new Instagram messaging?

The feature allows you to send short 60-character messages to groups of your Instagram friends; the message will hang around for 24 hours before it disappears.

Why I don t have a new Instagram update?

Instagram doesn’t always roll out new features to everyone, all at once. Sometimes, they roll it out only to some countries first. So ask your friends (in your city/country) if they have the feature you’re missing.

Why my Instagram is not updated?

If your Instagram does not update automatically, your app is probably not set to receive automatic updates. You must manually install the updates from your App Store or Google Play Store to fix this.

Final Words

Okay, everyone! We’ve reached the bottom of this post, so, I hope you know what does priority mean on Instagram! In this article, we discussed the latest priority feature in detail and also looked at how it can be used to facilitate our usage of the app! In case you’ve got any questions regarding this latest feature of the platform, feel free to share them with me in the comments! I’ll be happy to help you out with them, too! 

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