Where Was The Last Deal Filmed? An Enthralling Thriller Flick!


Are you looking for an interesting crime thriller to watch tonight? If so, the latest movie, The Last Deal (2023), is binge-worthy. To know about its intriguing plot and where was The Last Deal filmed, follow the article until the end.

The crime thriller movie was written and directed by Jonathan Salemi. The film first premiered at the Boston Film Festival on April 15, 2022, and at the 28th annual San Antonio Film Festival on August 2022. Later, the film was released in theatres on February 7, 2023. The film received positive reviews from critics and has an IMDb rating of 6.7/10.

It is a low-budget crime thriller but delivers a high-quality thriller movie experience, and the movie’s solid cinematography is outstanding. So, if you want to learn more about the film and where was The Last Deal filmed, read the article ahead.

Where Was The Last Deal Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was The Last Deal Filmed? An Enthralling Thriller Flick!

The story is about the drug trade within U.S. borders and how the legalization of cannabis affects black-market marijuana dealers. The actors’ performances are realistic, with constant support from stuntmen for the action sequences, as the movie is full of them. Overall, it is worth spending your time watching this crime-action thriller film.

The cinematography was great, helping the production team achieve some amazing visuals for the movie. The movie’s plot is set in Los Angeles, so the production team used Los Angeles for filming. The movie’s principal photography began on February 2022 and continued till April of the same year.

Now, let me explain the exact filming location details where The Last Deal was filmed. Meanwhile, you can check out the other crime thriller movies’ filming locations, including Marlowe, Infiesto, and Savages.

Los Angeles, California | USA

Where Was The Last Deal Filmed? An Enthralling Thriller Flick!

The entire filming of The Last Deal was done in and around the Los Angeles region. Los Angeles is a beautiful city, mostly featured in romantic and comedy movies. However, the production team of The Last Deal was able to add a dark undertone to the serene backdrop of LA. The weed production sequences were filmed in Downtown Los Angeles, California, which is one of the popular filming destinations in the city.

The production team mostly utilized real locations to shoot the movie’s sequences. After the filming completion, the team utilized the studios in Los Angeles for post-production. Some popular movies filmed in Los Angeles include My Name Is Earl, I Love Lucy, and Marry Go Around.

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in California and has numerous tourist attractions. People visit Los Angeles because of its warm climate, popular landmarks, and friendly locals. Some of the best tourist places that you can visit in LA include Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, The Museum Of Jurassic Technology, Disneyland Park, and The Nethercutt Collection.

Top Filming Destinations In LA You Need To Know

Where Was The Last Deal Filmed? An Enthralling Thriller Flick!

Los Angeles is famous for its filming industry with its iconic landscapes, captivating sceneries, and production facilities. No matter what the budget of the movie is, Los Angeles offers the best resources for filming. There are so many top filming destinations in LA; here are a few locations you need to know.

  • Venice Beach: Venice Beach is vibrant and colorful, perfect for filming cutesy love and party sequences. It is also a popular tourist attraction, so the filmmakers have to be very careful while filming here. This beach has featured in movies like Barbie, Nightcrawler, and Baywatch.
  • Downtown Los Angeles: Downtown LA is a popular filming destination because of its iconic spots and beautiful old and architectural buildings. Also, there are few production studios in this location. So, it is easy for the filmmakers to handle everything in the same place. Some popular movies filmed in this location include Euphoria, Interstellar, Grease, and The Prestige.
  • The Getty Center: This region’s unique architecture and beautiful gardens make it an ideal location for filming outdoor sequences.
  • Universal Studios Hollywood: Universal Studios is one of the famous filming spots in LA. The studio has state-of-the-art soundstages, a backlot, and many themed sets with the latest technologies, making it the best production unit. The studio served as a backdrop in many famous movies, including Magnificent Obsession, Rear Window, Nacho Libre, and The Sting

Other popular filming spots in LA include The Murphy Ranch, The Gamble House, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Santa Monica Pier and Beach. If you visit any of these regions, you can easily connect with the movie scenes filmed here.

Plot Of The Last Deal | What Is The Story About?

Vincent is an illegal marijuana dealer running the business successfully with his team. His business operation is going smoothly until the new law announcement of the legalization of cannabis. He tries to get the license but fails to obtain it.

So, to save his business, he lends money from the wrong people, which puts him in huge trouble. The rivals are strong against him and want to defeat him in the business. So, how will Vincent manage to save his business? To find out, watch this movie as soon as possible.

Final Words

Well, readers! Above are all the details you need to know regarding where was The Last Deal filmed. Also, I hope the details related to filming destinations in LA are helpful for you. If you have any doubts, ask in the comments section below. You can also suggest some of your favorite movie titles that I want to cover.

Who played the lead roles in the movies?

Anthony Molinari played the Vincent role, Sala Baker played the antagonist role of The Boss, Gigi Gustin played the Brittney role, and Conner Floyd played the Marcus role.

Who is the cinematographer of the movie, The Last Deal?

The cinematographer of the film is Dominic Lopez.

Who is the editor of the film, The Last Deal?

The editor of the movie is Ryan Liebert.

Did the film receive any awards?

Yes, Anthony Molinari won the Best Performance Award at San Antonio Film Festivals, and Jonathan Salemi won Best Director Award at Boston International Film Festival.

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