Instagram Failed To Send Message? How To Fix The Glitch?


Everybody knows about Instagram. There is hardly anyone left who is yet to know about this awesome social media platform which allows you to share your thoughts and connect with people. However, despite being such a successful app, Instagram has some shortcomings. Recently, users started to wonder when Instagram failed to send message! If you have also faced a similar problem earlier, this article is for you!

Earlier, Facebook acquired Instagram and relaunched some of its features. Even the app came up with a new video-sharing platform called IGTV, similar to Youtube. Thus, Instagram is making significant progress in such a short time. So, it is trying hard to fix its glitches as soon as possible. Till then, I am here to help you with information related to specific queries!

How To Fix Instagram Message Proble...
How To Fix Instagram Message Problem (iPhone)

Why Does Instagram Fail To Send Messages? How Can You Fix It?

 Instagram Failed To Send Message? How To Fix The Glitch?

Though Instagram offers lucrative features and amazing services, several technical issues are yet to be fixed. One of the frequently occurring issues coming up is the failure to send text messages in the chat section! 

Thus, I am here to enlighten you about the possible reasons responsible for Instagram failing to send messages. Moreover, you will also know how to fix the problem when Instagram failed to send message.

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Major Reasons Due To Which Instagram Failed To Send Message | Things To Know!

 Instagram Failed To Send Message? How To Fix The Glitch?

There are several reasons responsible for Instagram’s failure to send messages. You might not be able to text someone personally, or your message does not get delivered in a group. 

Moreover, a notification keeps on popping, suggesting that Instagram failed to send message! Well, in this case, you need to take care of the following issues-

1# You Are Blocked By The Other Person

Before trying so hard to send someone a text message, make sure that the recipient has not blocked you! Yes, many times, the recipient blocks the user for some reason. This affects the chat service between them. Then, the user will not send or receive any text or videos from the other party. 

One of the easiest methods to find out whether you are blocked or not by the recipient is you need to visit that person’s account profile. If the recipient s display picture is visible, you are not blocked! However, if the display picture is not showing up, you have been blocked! 

2# Your Account Is Involved In Spamming Activities 

If you are using your Instagram account recklessly and keep on posting random things in excess, there are chances that your account will be shifted to the spam section of Instagram. Such accounts cannot send texts or anything because there are chances that people have reported against your account. 

And now you cannot use it for other purposes. Moreover, if Instagram finally blocks your account, you will have to contact them directly to unblock it. So, use your Instagram account carefully.

3# The Post/Story That You Are Trying To Comment On Has Been Deleted       

There are chances that another person has deleted the specific post or story you are trying to comment on. Thus, Instagram is failing a message related to that particular post. You need to go back to your profile and check whether the post is still available.

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How To Fix Instagram Failed To Send Message Issue? Follow These Easy Hacks!

 Instagram Failed To Send Message? How To Fix The Glitch?

Now, it’s time to learn how to fix the glitch when Instagram fails to send messages. Well, you do not need to do a Ph.D. on that. You can simply follow these easy and simple hacks to get rid of the problem. So, here we go!

1# Check The Internet Connection

First of all, check your internet connection. A weak signal will surrey affect the messaging service. So, make sure that your router is properly working and you have a good internet speed.

2# Clear Cache Data

Another important thing- you need to clear the cache data of the Instagram app and your mobile. It will clean the mobile, delete junk files, and make the device work faster. To clear the cache of Instagram, follow these steps-

  1. Go to the Settings option on your device.
  2. Then click on the Apps and Notifications option.
  3. Scroll down the app’s name. Select the Instagram app from the list.
  4. Now click on the Clear Cache option.
  5. Then, tap on the Clear Data option.

Now you can restart the app or reopen it and try sending the messages again. 

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3# Update Instagram App On Your Device  

Such issues might happen if you are not using the updated or the latest version of the Instagram app. So, if you have not updated the app yet, search the app from the Play Store or App Store. 

It will show you the update option. Click on it and let it get updated to the latest version. After completing the process, you can restart the app to send messages again.

4# Re-Open/Restart/Delete The Instagram App  

One of the easiest hacks that many people follow is to restart the device and then restart the Instagram app. It helps to fix the bugs and make the device work smoother. If the problem continues, you need to delete the Instagram app and re-download it. The recent download will be an updated version that will help you fix the problem.

5# Directly Contact To Instagram Help   

In case none of the above-mentioned methods could help you fix the problem, you need to contact directly to Instagram for help and tell them all the problems. They will either guide you via phone or might send up a person to fix up the issue. You can contact Instagram on the given platforms-

Telephone Helpline Number– (650) 543-4800

Official email id for technical support[email protected]

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Final Words

I hope that you have found this article helpful as well as informative. If you have any other queries related to Instagram and its features, mention them in the comment section! You can use the information mentioned above whenever your Instagram failed to send message.

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