How Long Does Snapchat Story Last? Essential Guide For You!


Are you fond of uploading stories on social media applications? If you have started a new venture on Snapchat and don’t know how long does Snapchat story last? Then read till the end to find the details.

Sharing special moments and day-to-day activities have become so common after the rise of story feature on social media application. Snapchat stories are even more fun because of their cool features. Everyone prefers to share at least a single story in a day. Even if the people don’t find any interesting things to post, they just upload any random songs, post throwback stories, or throw a Snapchat story game.

So, how long does Snapchat story last? Millions of stories are uploaded on Snapchat each day. Do you think it is possible to display all the stories all year long? Not possible, right? Like any other platform, Snapchat stories also disappear after twenty-four hours. You may not be able to find your story or your friend’s story after 24 hours on Snapchat.

Not only stories but Snapchat also deletes all messages after 24 hours. But the best aspect is that Snapchat allows you to save stories and the messages you want in the memory folder. Can you post stories longer than 24 hours? To know more details regarding how long does Snapchat story last, keep reading.

How Long Does Snapchat Story Last? Learn The Details Here!

How Long Does Snapchat Story Last? Essential Guide For You!

We always pay attention to things that are not available for so long. This is why Snapchat makes the stories and messages available only for 24 hours. So that people will rush to see the stories before they get deleted from the application. Not just stories, we all know that Snapchat is also primarily used to share snaps with friends. So, if people fail to see it within 24 hours, they are not able to find it later which may lead to not having a good conversation.

So, for your query how long does Snapchat story last? The answer is only 24 hours. But in any case, if you want to extend the duration of the video, then you have the option to upload it on Snapchat map stories and discover features. This can be the best option for the creator or for the people who want to get more views to promote their business on Snapchat.

There is also a particular limit for this option that your story on Snapchat Map and discover will last up to 30 days. I think it is a great option because many people fail to see the stories within 24 hours. And when you opt for this feature then you can make it last for one month which is possible that all your friends on Snapchat may see the post.

Also, you get the chance to link the stories on Instagram and make your Instagram friends follow you on Snapchat and see the stories. In this way, you can increase your profile visibility and also earn more followers on Snapchat.

How To Post A Story On Snapchat Map | How Long Does Snapchat Story Last?

How Long Does Snapchat Story Last? Essential Guide For You!

Snapchat stories are the best option if you want to share the story with all the people on your friends list instead of sharing it individually. So, this helps you to save time as well as posting stories makes you earn a snap score. If you don’t know how to post a story on a Snapchat map, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Snapchat application and log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Once you opened, you will be on the camera screen. Now you can press the big circle to take a snap or record a video.

Step 3: Once you did, you can edit the snaps as you want with the available tools.

Step 4: Check the snap once you edited it completely. Now, choose the Send To option.

Step 5: You will get a list of options to send the snap or video, you can choose the Snap Map option.

Step 6: Now, successfully the snap is uploaded to your Snapchat Map stories. It will be available for 30 days for other friends to see.

We always prefer to save memories, luckily we have the option on Snapchat to save the stories. The interesting catch is you can save your Snapchat stories automatically on Snapchat. All you need to do is alter the settings. For that switch to settings and then find the Memories option. Now, you have to tap the My account option. A new screen appears with the option Auto-save my story snaps.

Tap on the option and then choose Auto-save to memories. Now, all the stories that you post on Snapchat will be saved on Memories. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you have not downloaded or saved it before the story disappears.

Final Words

I think now you got the answer to your query regarding how long does Snapchat story last. I explained everything related to it and also the option to make the post stay longer on Snapchat. Snapchat is unique all the way and so you can always find a way to get things done like you can save stories automatically.

So, if you found this article informative then do share it with your friends, and also don’t forget to check out other Snapchat-related articles.

How Long Should A Video To Post On Snapchat?

Snapchat allows you to post only videos that are up to 60 seconds. So, the exact duration to post on a story is 10 seconds. But with a multi-snap feature, you can record a 60-second video, which will break into segments before uploading on stories.

Will Snapchat Allow You to Save Chats?

If you wish to save the chat messages before it disappears on Snapchat, then you have the option to save them. All the saved messages will be turned grey so that you can find them easily.

What Are The Reasons That Story On Snapchat Gets Deleted?

Snapchat wants its users to upload a story following guidelines. If any of the stories does not meet the requirements, then they may get deleted automatically on Snapchat. 

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