How To See Instagram Story Previews? Try These 4 Proven Methods!


Do you know about the latest feature available with Instagram stories? It’s the story preview feature! If you were not aware of this until now, you have landed on the right article to update your knowledge. Be ready with a notepad in your hand to note how to see Instagram story previews. 

Since the introduction of Instagram stories, it has evolved, catering to the different needs of the users. Up until now, we could add captions to stories, save Instagram stories, and do a lot more. But now, it’s possible to see Instagram story previews as well. Would you like to learn how to see it? Join me on the find how to see Instagram story previews!

With the preview feature on your favorite social media platform, you can check stories without leaving any traces. Make a note of how to see Instagram story previews! 

How To See Instagram Story Previews? Don’t Let Anyone Know About It!

Apart from playing videos on an Instagram story, you can see Instagram story previews as well. If you are not aware of all the ways to help you learn how to see Instagram story previews, here’s a guide for you. Go through all the ways thoroughly!

# METHOD 1: Blockade Trick 

This is one of the helpful methods for those who want to learn about Instagram story previews. 

This method comprises opening the story of the user and then blocking it immediately. As a result, the user will not be able to see whether you have viewed his story or not. Don’t worry you need to keep the user blocked for a lifetime. You can unblock the user after the story disappears after 24 hours. 

But there is a risk as the user may get to know that you have blocked him. So, this might result in a disturbed relationship between you two. 


How To See Instagram Story Previews? Try These 4 Proven Methods!

You must have heard of and even used airplane mode before. Believe me, this is a helpful way to learn how to see story previews on Instagram. If you want to execute this trick, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Start by opening the Instagram app and letting the story load you want to see on the top of the main screen. 
  2. After the story is ready to be viewed, you need to activate airplane mode on your phone. As a result, your internet connection will also get blocked. 
  3. Finally, it’s the right time to see the Instagram story and none of the users will get to know about this. 

After you are done watching the story, you can turn off airplane mode and get back the internet connection of your phone. 

# METHOD 3: Partially Swipe The Feed 

This is a highly refined process that needs to be done with full concentration. Under this process, you just need to swipe the feed partially, and that also without unlocking it. 

Also, you need to make sure that you are viewing in a way that you are not being counted in the total number of views. In order to prevent this, you can even check the miniature of the story so that you can have a rough idea of what the story is about. 

The moment playback starts, place your finger on the right of your phone’s screen. After this, you need to lightly swipe left. If your scroll runs less than 40%, the users will not be able to know whether you viewed their story or not. 

Although it’s a helpful method, but it does not work well for all. It’s just that you don’t need any external help to perform this method. That’s why most users consider it. 

# METHOD 4: Anonymous View For Instagram Story

How To See Instagram Story Previews? Try These 4 Proven Methods!

These days, there are some Google extensions that let users see Instagram stories anonymously. 

In order to use it, you just need to download the extension from your browser and open Instagram on your device (either laptop or computer). For some reason, the extension cannot be used on your phone. 

After you are done downloading it, perform the mentioned instructions. 

How To See Preview Of Instagram Story With The Help Of Applications?

How To See Instagram Story Previews? Try These 4 Proven Methods!

Undoubtedly, using applications is a reliable way to see the preview of an Instagram story. The listed ones are some applications available for your help. 

  1. Blindstory

This app was introduced with the aim to let Instagram users view stories anonymously. With the help of this app, you can check out the content of any Instagram user without letting him know. Although it has a paid version, but you can use the free version for some time.  

  1. Twitley 

You’ll be astonished to know that this app is currently being used by more than 2 million Instagram users. And the most interesting feature of this app is the ‘Ghost mode’. This mode helps you calm your curiosity to check the story of a user without letting him know. 

Final Words 

I hope I am successful in parting relevant information on how to see Instagram story previews. During the process, if you come across a doubt or a hurdle, feel free to share about it. As a result, we will try to get back to you with an answer soon. 

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Are There Some Websites To Help Learning How To See Instagram Story Previews?

Apart from applications, you can also use some websites to preview Instagram stories. For this matter, you can use Wine Day which allows Instagram users to view any story anonymously

How To See Preview Of Instagram Story?

For this, you need to open the Instagram app and swipe to the main screen. After this, you will see a row of thumbnails who have posted stories. To preview them, you need to tap on it and the story will start playing.

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