How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat? Tricks To Use!


We all love using social media applications as it helps us to connect with our friends through texts. These days, people use text messages to communicate more than calling a person. Because messages help one to express their thoughts better. But have you faced issues like not being able to complete what you want to say in a single message? Are you looking for how to write long paragraphs on Snapchat? Then follow this article.

Snapchat is a popular messaging platform that makes people communicate through snaps lot. But still, people prefer to send texts with their snaps. If you are a Snapchat creator, then I know that you want to share a beautiful snap with text that explains the picture. No matter how much beautiful your snap is the words that you’re adding only give a special touch to the story that you post.

Many have so much to express through their texts, but with a little space on Snapchat, people struggle to complete their text. If you want to maintain a good snap streak on Snapchat and increase your score, you need to share snaps regularly with good text messages. So, do you want to learn how to write long paragraphs on Snapchat, then check out the below section.

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat? Learn The Steps Here!

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat? Tricks To Use!

The character limit differs from one social media to another. On Snapchat, the character limit is only 80. So, one always keeps this limit in their mind and reduces the text on Snapchat. But by learning the tricks to extend the character limit on Snapchat, one can share the text as much as they want. So, below are the tricks on how to write long paragraphs on Snapchat.

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat Using iPhone?

If you use an iPhone, then writing long paragraphs on Snapchat is very much simple. Follow the below steps and write the text you want without worrying about the character limit.

Step 1: Find The Text Editor On Your Phone

First, you need to find out the text editing application on your device. If you own iPhone, then there is a high chance that you could find the editing application easily. So, simply search for the text editor and open the application.

Step 2: Add New Lines

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat? Tricks To Use!

You need some interface to create some space which can be helpful for you to use the space on the text editor. So, now you need to open the editor and use the enter key to get the space you want on Snapchat. If you want to know the number of lines exactly, then you can simply first write it down on paper and just count the line to know the approximate line space you needed.

Step 3: Copying The Space

Once you add the lines as per your needs, then now you need to copy the space. Before you copy it, make sure that you didn’t write any single word in the space. If you write any of the words, then it will affect the character limit on Snapchat. So, ensure it is proper and copy the space.

Step 4: Paste The Space On Snapchat

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat? Tricks To Use!

Open the Snapchat application on your device. You need to choose the space where you have to type the text and send it on Snapchat. Now, on the Snapchat text box, you need to paste the empty space that you’ve copied from the text editor. You could see the highlighted color on the empty space. So, you can type the paragraph as long as you want.

But make sure you type everything correctly and don’t delete it while typing it. If you miss out on anything or deleted something by mistake, then you have to do the process again.

Step 5: Edit The Text

Once you have written the paragraph completely, then you can edit it as per your preference. It is easy to edit the written text and it works very normally so you don’t have to follow any particular steps. Just tap the text and align it in the way you want. After editing, you can post a snap with a beautiful paragraph.

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat Using Android?

How To Write Long Paragraphs On Snapchat? Tricks To Use!

If you own an Android phone, then first you need to have the text editor on your phone. Some Android phones come with an in-built application. Whereas some phones don’t come with the text editor so you have to download it from the play store.

Once you get the text editor, then you can follow the same steps discussed above to write long paragraphs on Snapchat. So, writing long paragraphs on Snapchat is easier than you think. We may not know whether Snapchat will extend the word limit in the future. But until then, the above hacks can be helpful for you to write long paragraphs on Snapchat.

Final Words

That’s all, Snapchatters! The above are the simple steps on how to write long paragraphs on Snapchat that you need to know. Now, you can start typing paragraphs on Snapchat without worrying about the word limit. Happy Snapping!

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends. If you are excited to know how to repost on Snapchat or unfreeze your snap score, then check out the other articles on our website.

Does Snapchat Have A Word Limit For Messages?

The maximum character count is 80, including spaces and punctuation.

Does Snapchat Allow You To Text Someone Without Adding Them?

Yes, you can add friends or change your privacy settings so that people who aren’t on your friend list can still text you.

Can Texts Be Saved on Snapchat?

The majority of messages, including Snaps and Chats, sent via Snapchat are by default deleted from the servers once it determines they have either expired or have been opened by all intended recipients.

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