Where Was Yellow Sky Filmed? A Western Flick From 1948!


Western genre movies are a favorite of many individuals because the movies come in different themes like action, comedy-romance, heist, and many others. So, if you are looking for a Western action movie, my best suggestion is Yellow Sky(1948). If you don’t have any idea about this film, this article provides you with all the details and the interesting stuff like where was Yellow Sky filmed.

The American Western film Yellow Sky is based on the unpublished novel by W. R. Burnett. It is also loosely based on The Tempest novel written by William Shakespeare. Lamar Trotti wrote the screenplay, and William A. Wellman directed the film. The film received positive reviews from critics and also won two awards.

The story revolves around the outlaws who take refuge in a ghost town after a bank robbery. It is a classic Western movie with all the entertaining elements like passion, action, romance, and adventure. So, it is worth spending your time watching this Western flick.

If you enjoy the unique filming locations of the Western flick, keep reading to find out where was Yellow Sky filmed. Also, I’ll tell you the plot of Yellow Sky in detail later in this article.

Where Was Yellow Sky Filmed? Find Out The Location Details Here!

Where Was Yellow Sky Filmed? A Western Flick From 1948!

The production company purchased the unpublished novel, and the team asked the writers to work on the screenplay. After completing the script work, the production team began selecting the cast members. The production team first selected Walter Huston, Paulette Goddard, and Fred Clark for the lead roles.

But later, they were replaced by the actors James Barton, Anne Baxter, and John Russell. Some other important roles were played by the actors, including Gregory Peck, Richard Widmark, Robert Arthur, Harry Morgan, and Charles Kemper.

Next, the team discussed the filming locations and finally decided to shoot the movie in the California region. They also constructed some backdrops according to the movie scenes. The movie’s principal photography began on May 26, 1948, and continued till July 14, 1948.

Now, let me tell you the exact location details of where was Yellow Sky filmed. Meanwhile, you can also check out other Western movies’ filming location details on our website, including The Yearling, Chisum, Three Amigos, and Rio Bravo.

California | USA

Where Was Yellow Sky Filmed? A Western Flick From 1948!

The entire filming of Yellow Sky was done in the California region. If you take the American films, at least 3 to 4 movies were filmed in and around the California region. It is because the state hosts beautiful cities, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento. So, all these cities were featured in many films.

Furthermore, the state also has many popular studios, and to encourage more production, the government offers tax credits to filmmakers. Therefore, with its beautiful sites, and cost-effective region, California is the top state for filming. If you want to know about other movies filmed in California, check out the articles Pretty Little Liars, Cool Hand Luke, The Ten Commandments, and Magnificent Obsession.

So, the production crew of Yellow Sky filmed some movie scenes at Death Valley National Monument. It is a dry land and the largest national park in the Alaska region. Next, the team utilized the Alabama Hills for filming a few sequences. The crew members destroyed the set built for another movie in this region to create a ghost town. Later, the team utilized more than 150 people to construct a ghost town. 

Alabama Hills is one of the prominent filming locations that served as the backdrop in popular movies like The Tall T, Nevada Smith, and Joe Kidd. To shoot a few scenes, the team also utilized Owens Lake. So, these are all the details of where was Yellow Sky filmed. Now, let me tell you the plot of the Yellow Sky movie.

Plot Of Yellow Sky| What Is The Story About?

Where Was Yellow Sky Filmed? A Western Flick From 1948!

After the bank robbery, the lead Stretch and his gang members try to escape from the place, but the army force chase them, and one of the team members dies. After a huge struggle, the robbers reach the dry ghost town of Yellow Sky.

The outlaws find only Mike and her grandfather Charles Kemper in the desert. The robbers find that Mike and her grandfather are mining gold and decide to make a fortune with it. However, Stretch falls in love with Mike, causing the gang to split.

To know how the story progresses further, watch this amazing Western drama as soon as possible

Final Words

Alright, readers! I have provided all the information about where was Yellow Sky filmed. If you haven’t seen this entertaining movie, watch it as soon as possible. While watching this film, you can easily spot all the filming locations mentioned above in this article. Share this article with your friends and family if you find it helpful.

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Who is the cinematographer of the film Yellow Sky?

The cinematographer of the movie is Joseph McDonald.

Which production company has worked in the film Yellow Sky?

The production company that has worked in the movie is Twentieth Century Fox.

Who is the editor of the film Yellow Sky?

The editor of the movie is Harmon Jones.

Who is the music composer of the film Yellow Sky?

The music composer of the Yellow Sky movie is Alfred Newman.

Who is the distributor of the film Yellow Sky?

The distributor of the film is 20th Century Fox.

What is the IMDb rating of the film?

The Yellow Sky has an IMDb rating of 7.4/10.

 What is the movie also known as?

The film Yellow Sky is also known as Zuto nebo.

What is the runtime of the film Yellow Sky?

The runtime of the movie is 1 hour and 38 minutes.

What is the tagline of the film Yellow Sky?

The movie’s tagline is, It was as if the YELLOW SKY had sought them out… where fate had forgotten them, and life had left them behind!

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