Why Does My Snap Score Say 0? Know The Reasons!


Every social media application is trying its best to engage its users. But Snapchat has already become the most preferred application with its engaging features. Every one of us likes rewards, and so Snapchat rewards people for their activities on the platform with a Snap score. If you are new to the Snapchat platform and wondering why does my snap score say 0, then this article covers everything for you.

Snap score is one of the most discussed Snapchat features out there. Because it is unique and many don’t have an idea about this feature. Snapchat tracks the activities of its users and updates the Snap score accordingly. Snapchat score is determined by using a secret formula that calculates sent and received snaps, stories posted and the number of new users added.

So, why does my snap score say 0? If you are a new user, then your score initially will be 0 and raise up according to your performance on Snapchat. But even if you are using Snapchat for a long time, and suddenly you see 0, then it can be confusing. If you want to know the reasons, then continue reading the article.

Why Does My Snap Score Say 0? Check Out The Details Here!

Why Does My Snap Score Say 0? Know The Reasons!

Snapchat is an expert in increasing their user’s interaction. They have modified the application with a snap score, a cryptic number that lets people know how they are active on the application. To make this feature more interesting, some people compare the score with others and make it a competition to see who has the high Snapchat score.

If you are new to Snapchat, first you need to learn how to check the snap score. It is simple to check your Snap score. All you have to do is visit your profile and you can see the snap score next to your username. If you haven’t sent any snaps or received them, then it will be 0. If you start sending snaps and receiving snaps, then you can see that the score will increase automatically.

But there are also a few other reasons why does my snap score say 0. If you earned a snap score, but deleted your Snapchat account and reactivate it, then you can see that your snap score is reset to 0. Because all the snaps and memories are deleted and so your snap score is lowered to 0.

Sometimes there can be also technical glitches on the application that might turn the snap score to zero. If you find this issue, then restart the application or simply report the problem to Snapchat support and they will help you out.

There is no reset option for a Snapchat score, so if you want to start everything from scratch then only the way is to delete your account and activate it again.

How To Get Back Your Lost Snap Score On Snapchat? Why Does My Snap Score Say 0?

Why Does My Snap Score Say 0? Know The Reasons!

If you had a good amount of snap score but lost it because you deleted the account, then you can try some ways to get back your score.

The first way is that you can contact the Snapchat Support team and explain your problem. But it is not sure that they will help you to get back the score. Because when everything is deleted it can be hard to recover all the data and get back your snap score.

If the Snapchat Support team does not help you, then you have to only start from scratch. Start sharing many snaps, and stories and add new friends. Furthermore, watch stories, and ads, check all the received snaps and maintain streaks with your friends. So, being more active on the application helps you to earn the score fast.   If you put in extra effort, then it is easy for you to get an increased Snap score.

Final Words

So, I hope now you got the answer to your query regarding why does my snap score say 0. Having many features on the application can be interesting, but not being aware of little things can be really frustrating. But don’t worry, the articles like this on our website help you to understand everything related to Snapchat easily.

Can you hide the Snap score from your friends?

There is no direct option to hide your snap score. So, the only way that you can try to hide your snap score is by deleting or blocking them on Snapchat.

Why my Snapchat score is not going up?

If you are active on the application, but still cannot see that your score is not going up, then you might be not concentrating on all the ways to increase the score. However, there are also some errors in the application and you can try restarting or updating the application to fix the issue.

Is there a Snapchat score hack to change it?

You can only try increasing the score by sending or receiving snaps. And there is no option or other hacks to change your Snapchat score.

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