What Is The Holding Phone Bitmoji On Snap Map?


I can’t get over those weird Snapchat Bitmojis with one holding the phone and the other doing something else. It’s not just me; many Snapchat users are unable to get the exact meaning of such Bitmojis. That’s why I searched about it and got to learn a lot. Let’s proceed to understand what is the holding phone bitmoji on Snap Map! 

These days using Bitmoji without words is in trend. That’s why you must have Bitmojis playing sports or flying in planes. After the recent update of Snapchat, there has been the advent of “Actionmoji,” which is quite similar to the 3D Bitmoji avatar. To get access to these Actionmojis, you just need to make a few changes in settings in the application. It’s time to move ahead and learn what the bitmoji holding a black phone meaning is.

What Is The Holding Phone Bitmoji | Bitmoji Holding Phone Meaning!

Adding and editing Bitmoji is one of the preferable activities of Snapchat users these days. After all, so many Bitmojis are there to explore. In order to have a better understanding of them, keep reading what the holding phone bitmoji means on the snap map! So without further ado, let’s see Snap Map bitmoji holding phone meaning and other Snap Map actionmojis you can explore.

What Does The Holding Phone Bitmoji On Snapchat Mean?

What Is The Holding Phone Bitmoji On Snap Map?

Have you just encountered a bitmoji holding a phone, and did you wonder what the bitmoji on the phone means? Well, the answer is that your friend is likely on a video or voice call right now. And this actionmoji has been introduced because Snapchat has a habit of giving a new look to Bitmojis to make communication among users easy. If you wish to try out the same, you need to change the appearance of your Bitmoji by making some changes in the settings menu. 

What Does Bitmoji Holding Black Phone Meaning?

Bitmoji holding a black phone means nothing different than the regular meaning of a holding phone bitmoji. When you are on a call or a video call, your bitmoji will appear on the Snapchat app while holding a phone. By default, Snapchat assigns different phone colors to different bitmojis and does not mean anything different. Your bitmoji or a friend’s bitmoji holding a black phone means they are on a call while using Snapchat.

What Does Battery Above Bitmoji Mean? Actionmojis Similar To Holding Phone Bitmoji!

What Is The Holding Phone Bitmoji On Snap Map?

If you are using a Bitmoji with a battery below it, this signifies on Snap Map that your phone is running short on battery. Besides this, the actionmoji is also used to let other users know that their phones may get switched off soon. This way, you can let many of your friends know that you might get unavailable for some time. So, rather than chatting, you can opt for this simple way! There are many other bitmojis besides the holding phone bitmoji and the battery bitmoji. So, let’s explore all the actionmojis on Snap Map that you should learn about.

What Does ‘ZZZ’ On A Bitmoji Mean?

‘ZZZ’ on a Bitmoji usually indicates sleepiness or boredom. Also, the use of Z three times is associated with sleep. That’s why it has been used with Bitmoji to deliver the same meaning to other Snapchat users. So, if you see someone’s Bitmoji with ZZZ, it means the user is looking for something to do or is feeling sleepy. So, if you are also planning to get some and don’t want someone to disturb you, the same Actionmoji can be used!

Actionmojis Other Than The Holding Phone Bitmoji On Snapchat?

What Is The Holding Phone Bitmoji On Snap Map?

It can not be denied that the holding phone bitmoji on Snap map is not the only available bitmoji. Snap Map has a lot of bitmojis other than the ones mentioned above. So here are the meanings of some amazing snap map actionmojis other than the holding phone bitmoji.

What Does Bitmoji With An Umbrella Mean?

If you are wondering what Bitmoji with an Umbrella means, I would like to inform you that it means that someone is located where it’s raining heavily. You’ll be astonished to know that Snapchat uses GPS to detect weather. And if it finds that it might rain or is raining at your place, the Bitmoji will get changed automatically. This way, you can share the real-time weather update. 

What Does Bitmoji With Friends Mean?

Other than exploring the meaning of Snapchat bitmoji looking at phone, there are many other Snapchat bitmojis. Bitmoji with friends means that people who follow each other have been grouped by Snapchat. Whenever Snapchat finds such people, it updates Bitmoji into actionmoji. If you and your friends are planning to chat at the same time, you may see their Bitmoji with friends. But in case your Bitmoji sticker with friends is not working, get it fixed today!

What Does Bitmoji On A Train Mean?

If you see a Bitmoji of your friend on a train, it detects that the Snapchat user is currently traveling or about to travel soon. To put it another way, the actionmoji is associated with traveling. Luckily, you can set this actionmoji manually and need not wait for Snapchat to do the needful for you. 

What Does Bitmoji On A Cruise Mean?

Don’t get confused if you get to see Bitmoji on a cruise! This means that the user is traveling on a cruise. Like the above one, you can set this actionmoji manually whenever you are traveling on a cruise or boat. But you can’t set it whenever you wish, Snapchat will allow you to do so after checking your location with the help of GPS. 

Final Words 

You must have got clarity on what is the holding phone bitmoji Snapchat Map. I guess now you are all set to use the latest Bitmojis with your friends. So, start using them, and let me know about some new ways to use them with creativity. 

That’s not it, you can learn more about Bitmojis by going through our articles on how to get Bitmoji Halloween costumes and how to get Bitmoji hairstyles on Snapchat! You can also comment to tell me about any new Snapchat features that you might want to know about.

What Does Ghost Mode Bitmoji Mean?

If you have seen a Bitmoji with ghost mode, it means the user does not want anyone to know his location and wants to keep it private. Yes, it’s similar to a private story.

What Does Clicking Pictures At A Tourist Place Bitmoji Mean?

For those who visit places listed on Snapchat GPS, their Bitmoji turns into holding a camera. So, it means they are enjoying a famous place.

What Does Listening To Bitmoji Mean?

Bitmoji listening to music means that the user is currently busy listening to music. If you are doing the same, Snapchat can detect it and change the Bitmoji.

What Does Bitmoji With At A Concert Mean?

Snapchat uses GPS to know if a music festival or concert is going on. And if you happen to be attending any of it soon, Snapchat will change your Bitmoji.

What Does Building Sandcastles Bitmoji Mean?

If you are using Bitmoji to build a sandcastle, it means that you are on a beach. This is a fun way to tell your friends that you are on a beach.


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