How To Make An AFK Fish Farm? Steps To Start Fun!


If you are wondering how to make an AFK fish farm in Minecraft, we are here to help you with it. Fishing is one of the activities which is overlooked in Minecraft because the rare items take too long to drop. However, making an AFK fish farm is considerably easy and helps you gain a lot of experience. 

Minecraft is a popular sandbox-inspired video game developed by Swedish developer Mojang Studios. The game is set in a procedurally generated 3D world where players are free to explore the resources and craft the buildings and structures they desire. Though there are no specific goals in the game, players can accomplish the achievements and trophies in different game versions to progress. 

The AFK fish farm works after the Minecraft 1.16 update, so you have to update your game first. AFK fish farm differs from every update of the game in a way that it becomes tough with every new game update. When you build a fish farm in the 1.16 update, you will notice that the amount of treasure you receive from the fish farm is limited as compared to the other updates. However, you will get plenty of experience and fish, which is a big plus point. 

If you are eager to gain experience and progress ahead in the game, read the article below and start building the AFK fish farm. 

Building An AFK Fish Farm| Make The Game Interesting!

Minecraft, the game is all about the players surviving in an open world. As the game offers a multiplayer mode for playing, you are not alone in this world, which means that the resources are limited. Due to this, farms become an essential resource for survival as they provide players food and experience points. AFK fish farming is one of the easiest farming methods because you can catch plenty of fish and treasures to survive the game. 

Building Materials Required | Assemble The Essentials!

Material required: Make An AFK Fish Farm

The materials used in making an AFK fish farm are not available to buy. You will get different opportunities in the game to craft the materials and save them for later. The different materials required to make an AFK fish farm in Minecraft 1.16 update are as follows – 

  • A bucket of water 
  • Iron trapdoor
  • Two chests 
  • Two note blocks 
  • Fence 
  • Hopper
  • Iron weighted pressure plates
  • Building blocks  

Making Of The Fishing Farm | Steps To Follow 

Making an AFK fish farm is very easy and does not take a lot of time. There aren’t any complicated steps or missions that you have to follow, so relax and take a look at how you can build your very own fishing farm in the game. 

  • First and foremost, players have to find an open area to build the fish farm. The location you select must be flat and lit up so that mobs don’t have the chance to get too close to your farm and destroy it. It is necessary to keep the creepers and mobs away if you want your farm to flourish. 
  • Once you find a suitable place for your AFK fish farm, start digging out a 3×1 L-shaped hole in the ground. It is the foundation of your farm, so make sure that you follow the digging process correctly. 
  • Take the two chest pieces and place them at the bottom of the L-shaped hole. Take a hopper and connect it with the chest pieces through the blank space left between the two. The hopper will help you collect the fish automatically and store it. 
  • Now take a single fence block and place it on top of the hopper. At this moment, you may face problems holding things in place. You can hold down and press the shift key to make the process a bit easy. 
  • Take the iron weighted pressure plate and place it on the hopper to keep all the pieces together. 
Make An AFK Fish Farm
  • At this step, you have to dig an additional hole that falls directly in line with your fish farm’s hopper. Take the water bucket and place it on top of the fence and directly into the happier. It should be done in such a way that the water will start to flow in the hole. 
  • Now take a note block and place it directly in line with the hole. Use the placeholder block and insert it on top of the note block to hold the structure still. 
  • Take the pressure plate and place it under the placeholder block. Once everything is in its respective place, destroy the placeholder block. Destroying the block will not cause any damage to the fish farm as it was only used to hold the structure. 
  • Now, take the pressure plate and secure it on the fence post to complete your fish farm. 

Note: To enable the AFK functionality for your fish farm, you can either hold your mouse manually or download an auto clicker for your ease.  

How To Use The Fish Farm?

Now, you must be wondering what is the next step after building the fish farm, right? Once you have the farm ready, you have to find a fishing rod and aim it at the note block. Hold down the right mouse button while aiming to open the trapdoor and start fishing. If you catch any fish, it will automatically drop into the hopper and then to the chest. 

What To Keep In Mind While AFK Fishing?

Tips To keep in mind: Make An AFK Fish Farm

Well, most players like us think that going AFK while farming in a sandbox-like game Minecraft is logical when it is completely the opposite. Placement is an integral part of the fishing farm, so players should think twice before going AFK. For example, if we talk about the creeper farm or the gunpowder farm in the game, it is essential to stay nearby for the creepers to spawn. 

You can place your AFK fish farm near the creeper farm so you can earn fish, gunpowder, and experience all at the same time. If you do so, you will be able to work with the creeper farm and keep an eye on your fishing farm simultaneously. 

Final Words

The AFK fish farm may not help you receive plenty of drops from the rare loot, but it is still helpful for gaining experience and other rewards in the game. With more future updates, there are chances that the AFK fish farm will provide gamers with different benefits and help them get their hands on rare loot items. 

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