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Found in No Man’s Sky, the Atlas Pass v1, v2, or v3 are items you can not track down easily. Hunting these passes is thrilling as it quenches your curiosity regarding who is behind the closed doors of the Space Stations. 

Published and developed by Hello Games, No Man’s Sky is a popular survival game that is available on various gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 (since 2016), Xbox One (Since 2018), or Microsoft Windows (since August 2016). The main takeaways from this game are – combat, exploration, trading, and survival. In the year 2020, there was a release of Atlas pass v1 on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 as well.

Atlas Pass v1, v2, or v3 can be called the infinite-use key cards. With the help of these passes, you can unlock some storage containers or doors throughout the game. All you need to do is find a blueprint for them, followed by the materials required. 

Read the article to figure out how you can get Atlas v1 (or Atlas Pass v2 and Atlas Pass v3, for that matter) in the game No Man’s Sky.

What Is Atlas Pass v1 And How To Get It In No Man’s Sky?

Atlas Pass is infinite – use a key card that has many tiers (optional). You will get to know more about it through the main narrative of the game. To get the other iterations of the pass, you need to hunt for it. Easy and exciting! Read further to know how to get Atlas Pass v1, Atlas Pass v2, and v3 – 

What Do You Mean By Atlas Pass v1, v2, And v3?

To begin with, lets first have a quick look at these passes –

Atlas Pass v1 

Atlas Pass v1 

This pass is said to unlock the storage containers, they are usually dotted around. If you are unable to find them, consider looking for them near the crashed ship (start of the game ) or inside the occasional building ( planet’s surface).

Atlas Pass v2 

Atlas Pass v2 

This pass will help you open the doors (on-planet) inside structures like Factories or Colonial Outposts. However, Atlas Pass v2 is rare. 

Atlas Pass v3 

Atlas Pass v3

This pass helps you deal with the doors of high level, especially the space station’s inner sections. You will see a v3-locked door towards the side of the space station (yes, the one that houses the appearance customizer).

How To Get Atlas Pass v1?

How To Get Atlas Pass v1?

You will acquire the Atlas Pass v1 during the main story playthrough. In the first Space Anomaly, you will encounter a small Geek alien (Polo) who will give you the recipe for an Atlas Pass v1. Space Anomalies can be selected in your Galactic Map and appear along the path of the Atlas. It appears in the third system you enter. 

Nada (another alien) and Polo will be inside the Anomaly. The anomaly is more like a standard space station. You will get a quest after talking to Polo. While completing it, you will meet around twenty aliens or ten alien words. Return to him. You will be asked to come back in 2 hours. You have the choice to select a technology blueprint for your Exosuit, Starship, or Multi-tool as a reward. 

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How To Get Atlas Pass v2 And v3?

How To Get Atlas Pass v1 And v2

While v1 is easy to find, the Atlas Pass v2 and v3 are not. As per the community on the subreddit (No Man’s Sky), the blueprints can be obtained by searching the Manufacturing facilities on planet surfaces repeatedly. Make a Signal Booster (a temporary piece of equipment) find the manufacturing facilities easily. Upon interaction, there will be two options for you. 

Locating The Surrounding Structures

In this option, you will see the location of any nearby structures by scanning the nearby area. (kind of Lucky Dip) 

Inputting The Data

This option allows you to know the location of a nearby structure by enabling you to narrow down the search to a specific structure type, but it costs 1 Navigation data.

In the tiny orange objects (yes, the ones on the desks), you will find the Navigation data (inside space stations). To see the location of the supply depot or the manufacturing facility, follow these steps – Choose input data – select Scan Secure Frequencies. Both of these aforementioned locations are secured as their doors are locked, and a weapon (like Boltcaster) is required to destroy them.

Once you have access to a weapon, you can break the door. Although the Sentinels attack you, consider wiggling from side to side when you are shooting the door. When you run inside, they will lose track of you. In there, you will find a console to interact with. You will get a reward if you select the right answer. The reward might be – a blueprint for a rare technology or Atlas Pass v2 or v3. 

Final Words 

Atlas Pass v1, v2, and v3 are the special keycards used to open the unlocked doors (in Space stations) in the game No Man’s Sky. Hopefully, the above-mentioned steps will help you in decoding the key to all these three passes. 


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