20 Baby Shower Card Messages| New Born will Remember forever


Short messages and wishes are the best, and they are heartfelt. Today we are with some of the great baby shower card messages you can send to your daughters and Daughter in law, and they can keep them as a memory for years to come.

Baby Shower Card messages are a thing these days and in trend. You cannot visit a baby shower without a gift, but I feel that you should also send a baby shower card message to make it emotional. Choosing a gift for 1 year anniversary is easy but writing a baby shower card message is difficult, so we are helping you out with it.

Some of the messages written are bifurcated amongst the grandma, grandpa, and uncles, which the will be sending a heartfelt message to their daughter, sister respectively. 

Let us read some of them and choose at least one for you so that you can send one to someone’s baby shower.

Baby Shower Card Messages | Best Way to Welcome a New Member

Following are the best shower card messages which you can send to your kids while they are expecting a child-

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Baby Shower Card Message by Grand Ma

20 Baby Shower Card Messages| Your Grandchild will Remember forever
  1. I hope my pumpkin brings happiness and joy to our life. I wish my daughter and son a healthy and blessed new phase of life.
  2. Granny wants to hold you tight and sing a lullaby, so dear kid come out super soon, and I will be the first one to keep you in my arms. I want you to be healthy and bring peace to our emptiness.
  3. Dear Daughter, I want you to be healthy, patient, and happy as you are getting promotion from a wife to a mother, and I wish you live this new journey with a smile always on your face. I am always there for your kid and you; even if I am gone, I will always be blessing your family from above.
  4. Sending you these cheesecakes on this beautiful day and wish for a healthy delivery of a child. I want to pray for your new journey and want God to bless you with his choicest blessings.
  5. This day is a spring in my autumn when I expect my grandchild to fill my world with happiness. I want Kiddo to roll up in my arms and fill my heart with peace. I wish my beautiful son and daughter a pleasant new phase in life.
  6. Getting back to the same days when I was about to deliver your husband and my son, his Granny sent me almonds; I am sending you some almonds with the blessings of almighty that you and your child will be healthy throughout their lives and will make me proud in mere future.
  7. Hi Granny, this side, My dear Coco, I have named you already, I was hoping you could come out suer soon and meet me, and I hope you trouble your mother littles less and come in this world with health and happiness overloaded.
  8. Granny is very happy to attend your and your mother’s first celebration. It is a day of happiness for me and everyone in the clan that a new angel will bear soon and will fill our hearts with love, joy, and happiness. I am extremely happy for your mother as she will give us our pride and our new member, so I wish for her health and happiness.
  9. Granny is extremely happy to hear this peaceful and great news; I have decided which summer activities to play and enjoy our vacations together. I am head over my heel to see your mother’s baby bump, and I hope she goes through less pain and stays healthy. Kiddo, I am waiting for you.
  10. Dear Kid, I am your Granny, and I want you to be happy and healthy for the years to come. Your father was a naughty kid, and I want you to be the same or even more so that he understands what it is to be a parent. I like your mother to gain all happiness and joy and remain happy as always.

Baby Shower Card Messages by GrandPa

20 Baby Shower Card Messages| Your Grandchild will Remember forever
  1. Grandpa is happy to know that my grandchild will be born within few weeks, and we will become contented. Your Grand Pa will love you more than I loved my children.
  2. Grandpa is thrilled to hear the news. I want my grandchild to go walks, dancing, do gardening, attend society meetings, and gossip about your parents, once you will be in hand. I want to grow old with your grandma, but now I am bored, and I want someone to play with me. Come out healthy.
  3. Grandpa is moving his feet on those old cheerful songs. After all, we will again return to our childhood days because our grandchild will soon make our days joyous and exciting.
  4. Grandpa is shopping for his grandchild, and I want to give them all the happiness I can provide. I am pleased and want you to take care of your dearest mama, as she will carrying you for one more month.
  5. Dear, Chocolate we are delighted to hear the news; your Grand Ma and I are dancing like a bull and decorating our house to welcome you. I wish you happiness and your mother blessings to give birth to such an angel.

Baby Shower Card Messages by your Uncle

20 Baby Shower Card Messages| Your Grandchild will Remember forever
  1. Your Uncle is dancing on his bed while writing this message ( I swear). I am becoming an Uncle to a kiddo who is still to be born. I was hoping you could share all your good or bad with me, and I will always come with a bar of Chocolate to make you happy, similar to what you made me today.
  2. Dear Kid, I know you will be hurting your mom for few days, but after that, you will bring a smile to everyone’s face and most prominent on mine, because I want a kid who can banter with me about our family and I am also tired of being the youngest.
  3. Dead Kid, I want you to be there with me whenever I am in trouble because we will be partners in crime. You will be the one who will save me when I come at night or be caught for something wrong. I am counting days, kid.
  4. Dear kid, I hope you are born healthy and happy. Your mother troubles me a lot; I want you to bother her more. Your father is insane, and I was hoping you could make him more insane. The best person in the world is your Uncle, so you can walk up to me whenever you feel so.
  5. Hi Kiddo, I am tired of attending those boring parties with oldies; I am happy that you will join me in all the conversations, where we will chill and make fun of each other. Thanks to your parents who are giving me you as a gift.

Final Words

These were some of the well-curated messages you can send to your nephew, nieces, and grandchildren when you know that your known is expecting a child or a baby shower at home.

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