Best Beauty Apps in 2021


It is impossible to carry makeup all day, but looking good on Insta pic is important too. Here, the best beauty apps come to the rescue. These apps are designed to give you a real-time beautiful picture. 

There are thousands of beautification apps are available for Android and iOS online. But the real problem is to find the perfect app that suits you according to your needs. So, after reading many articles on the internet for the last several days, I have come with a list of the best beauty apps for beginners as well as professionals. 

The Best Beauty Apps in 2021 are Retrica, Perfect365, Facetune 2, Beauty Plus, Snapchat, Camera 360, Candy Camera, Youcam Makeup, Nykaa, Pixl, B612, and BeautyCam. Strangely, real beauty is replaced by tech.

Now have a question what apps are for professionals and beginners? Here below I have made a comparison of the apps in detail.

Best Beauty Apps for iOS

Read along with the article to find the best app that suits you best according to your needs. 

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Retrica: best beauty app
Source: Medium

If we are talking about the best beauty apps and Retrica is not on the list makes no sense. Retrica has some cool features like stickers, doodles, and color correction. You can beautify your real-time picture or can edit an old picture. The real-time face detention and filters make you stunning and give a perfect picture. You can create short videos in beautification mode. 

What you want more? 

Wait!!! Here is more, you can make gifs and stickers from your pic. Add text or quotes to your pics and make them look cool. 


  • Filters and airbrushes
  • All format supported
  • Share photos from the app 


Perfect 365: best beauty app
Source: GooglePlay

Perfect365 is used by millions of people to make their selfies beautiful and stunning. The app is perfectly connected with your camera and click amazing pictures with AI support. Perfect365 is one of the best beauty apps for beginners. The in-app tutorial makes it so easy to use. The app comes with a bunch of makeup accessories that you can use on your pictures to make them stunning. It is a perfect app for freelance models. 


  • AI recognition
  • Makeup accessories
  • Personal makeup artist for pictures

Facetune 2

Facetune 2: best beauty app
Source: FaceTune

Facetune 2 is the better and new version. Facetune 2 supports a one-click autotune feature that a beginner can use. The app is amazing for editing pictures. Auto AI can fix all the spots, color correction, and face resizing in one touch. You can edit your pimples and make your skin smooth in just one touch. 

Isn’t that amazing, an AI can do amazing things with your picture and make them more beautiful. 


  • One-touch autotune
  • Color correction
  • Filters and stickers

Beauty Plus

BeautyPlus: best beauty app
Source: APKFolks

Beauty Plus works like its name that to enhances your beauty. The app featured the most advanced feature like skin smoothness, color correction, filters, and eye color correction. You can create a perfect white smile with the teeth whitening feature. 

Here is something special for you… You can turn your pics into anime in-app. 


  • Real-time beautification
  • Hair color
  • Advanced brush tool 


SnapChat: best beauty app
Source: SnapChat

Does Snapchat need any introduction? Like really, the fastest-growing selfie app is Snapchat. You can click, edit and share with your friends. The app featured amazing filters, bitmojis, and amazing cool things. The app has everything that you need, from clicking cool pictures to share them with friends. 


  • Supports bitmoji
  • Amazing filters
  • Short video 

Camera 360

Camera 360: best beauty app
Source: YouTube

Are you tired of editing photos on your iPad or iPhone but never get the desired result then try Camera 360. This app is a complete beauty parlor on your device. You can edit and click pictures with amazing filters. This app is awarded as the Annual Featured App on App Store. Camera 360 has preinstalled features like real-time beautification mode, you can select the beautification level according to the need. 


  • Adjustable beautification mode
  • Supports AR
  • Change background and themes   

Candy Camera

Candy Cam: best beauty app
Source: APKSum

Are you a social media freak? Then on my advice, you should try this app. Candy Camera feature preinstalled option of sharing pictures on various social media handles. With the use of this app, you can save your time in editing and posting pictures. You can choose hundreds of filters for your picture and make them look elegant in your own way. Candy Camera featured text editing, color correction, layers marking, and collages. 


  • Stickers, and AR support 
  • Customized color palettes 
  • Skin smoothening

Youcam Makeup

Youcam Makeup: Best beauty apps
Source: Sarha Najafi

Youcam Makeup comes with a simple and interactive interface. This is an auto-recognition makeover that can change your appearance in real-time. Youcam Makeup featured all the makeup accessories and airbrushes that a beginner can use. Youcam Makeup comes with easy makeup tutorials from where you can learn some advanced techniques to give your pictures a more realistic effect. 


  • Live cosmetic makeover
  • AI Skincare 
  • Support Airbrush 
  • Auto Recognition makeovers 


Nykaa: Best Beauty apps
Source: Nykaa

Nykaa is a known company for girl fashion accessories. The company has started its beauty camera to give you a real-time virtual makeover. You can get online assistance from users and professionals in-app. Nykaa featured with the in-app tutorial. You can learn real make-up and try the same in real life. 


  • Amazing makeover tool
  • Assistance from community 
  • In-app tutorials 
  • Gift cards for new users


Pixl: Best Beauty apps
Source: Pixl

Pixl is one of the best beauty apps for professionals. Pixl has everything that a professional needs. The app featured airbrushes, filters, skin smoothening, and face resizers. You can click or edit real-time pictures in-app. A fun fact is that you can be whitening your teeth from options. This app detects your face shape and resizes according to the golden ratio.    


  • Eye color correction 
  • Reshape your face
  • Smooth skin 
  • Tan effect 


B612: Best Beauty apps
Source: Next Tech

B612 is famous for its cool effects and stickers. B612 featured more than 1500 stickers that make your selfies cuter. B612 comes with a cool augmented reality feature that makes your real-time image more amazing. You can add cute little things to your real-time photos or edit them in-app. Do you think the app is cool? So, go and try this app ASPA…  


  • Cool beauty effects
  • Supports beauty mode on videos 
  • You can select ideal makeup from the app
  • Collages support 


Beauty Cam: Best Beauty apps
Source: APKPure

BeautyCam able to get on the list because of its one-touch click and video recording support. BeautyCam featured amazing modes like AI portrait mode, color correction, and filters. The app comes with a lot of accessories like stickers and light effects. The app has artistic effects that even a beginner can use. But for making it more advance in options you can find the manual correction settings. BeautyCam supports short videos, so if you love to upload short videos you can use amazing filters.  


  • Stunning modes 
  • Bunch of accessories 
  • Ratio adjustment
  • Amazing filters
  • One tap click

Final Verdict

The detail explained above about the best beauty apps is based on the App Store and Google Play Store user ratings and reviews. Beauty Plus is used by many professionals whereas Retrica has some cool filters and airbrushes. 

You can try both the best beauty apps as they are easy to learn and understand or you can choose from the above list. Now go and turn your pics into the portfolio. 

Which beauty app is safe?

There are so many beauty apps but BeautyPlus is one of the best and safe app.

What are the best beauty apps available for iOS & Android?

The Best Beauty Apps for iOS are Retrica, Perfect365, Facetune 2, Beauty Plus, Snapchat, Camera 360, and Candy Camera

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