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You don’t have to go hard on yourself every time you buy games for family night. There are plenty of the best cheap board games that you will find in the market. These games are fun to play while you are with your friends and family enjoying a night together. 

Board games add a charm to your get-togethers and small house warming parties. Yes, they can be hard to maintain and take a lot of space, but you don’t always need to go after the ones that take half of your storage. 

You get the option to buy cheap board games that put a minimal load to your pocket and aren’t even that hard to store. These board games can also be enjoyed within a group of small people while chatting and drinking your favorite wine. To make sure your evenings are more special, we have specially curated a list of the best cheap board games for you. 

Well, without making you guys wait anymore, let’s get straight into our list and see what we have picked from the treasure hunt for you. 

6 Best Cheap Board Games to Play with Friends 

Board games are the only ones that will never go out of trend. So to make sure that you stay trendy all the time, make sure that you go through our list of the best cheap board games. 

#1 The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

the crew quest for planet nine: Cheap Board Games

The Crew is one of those cheap board games set in the farthest of the solar system. The mechanism of this game is a bit tricky where you and your crew have to work together to survive till the end. You need to play according to the tactics and help the next person win the trick. 

Features of the Game:

  • Tricky but easy gameplay
  • It can be played within a group of 5 to 6 friends
  • It helps in building your instincts strong
  • Picking the right time to share info can be tricky 

#2 Star Realms

star realms: Cheap Board Games

If you are looking for a budget-friendly cheap board game that you and your sibling can play, then Star Realms is the perfect choice for you. The mechanism includes a simple deck of cards that will leave you and the other play fighting like hell. All you need to do is build your space fleet before the other player and destroy theirs with a blast.  

Features of the Game:

  • Based on sci-fi mechanism. 
  • It can be played between not more than two players.
  • Keeps the competition tight between the players. 
  • Selecting the right cards can take a lot of time. 

#3 Ticket to Ride: London

ticket to ride London: Cheap Board Games

This game is a mini version of the original game Ticket to Ride: London. The mechanism of the game is simple and easy to learn. You get on the London Bus and try to collect points through different routes. If you connect the trails on your card, you win big, and if you don’t, you lose. 

Features of the Game:

  • One of the best board games ever designed. 
  • The gameplay can be learned quickly. 
  • It can be played between three to five friends.
  • It helps in making your predictions better. 

#4 Love Letter

Love Letter: Cheap Board Games

Love Letter is one of the best and easy-to-play cheap board games. The rule of the game is simple. You start the game by drawing a random card out of the deck and then deciding which to use for playing the next round. The cards are all similar to each other in power and can knock you out quickly if you don’t play with tactics. 

Features of the Game:

  • The game mechanism consists of 16 cards.
  • Start with one card and end the game with one or one with the highest value. 
  • It can be played within 3 to 4 opponents.
  • A single game will take several rounds to complete. 

#5 Rhino Hero

Rhino hero: Cheap Board Games

Rhino Hero is one of those cheap board games that resemble a lot like Jenga. As the player of the game, you need to create a building of a tall house. The twist here is that you will be making that skyscraper house with play cards instead of blocks. Make sure that your cards should keep the building steady, and it would rather be the opponent’s card demolishing the construction. 

Features of the Game:

  • Your cards decide the next building wall for you. 
  • One game session will take loads of time to complete. 
  • The competition is stronger than any other game. 
  • You get legit chances to make your opponents turn worse. 

#6 Celestia 

Celestia: Cheap Board Games

Celestia is one of the best options that you get on our list of cheap board games. The game is easy to play. You and your friends get on a ship, and at each turn, one of you will be the captain. All you need to do is save your ship from crashes and obstacles. 

Features of the Game:

  • It can be played easily between 2 to 6 friends 
  • One game session will last for around 30 mins more or less. 
  • Play together even when you are competing.
  • The game gets interesting with luck. 


These are the six best cheap board games that you will ever find in the market. Don’t think that because these games are reasonable, you won’t have fun playing them. Instead, these games are equally fun to play as any other costlier games you will ever find. 

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