Best Educational Games in 2021


Giving gadgets to kids is not safe nowadays when the internet is flooded with adult content. You will never know which best educational games are safe for kids. So parents don’t worry I have come with a surprise for you. 

Some of the best educational games for kids, allow adult and age-rated ads preview which can be bad for their growth. I have a list of the best educational games that are the best for adults as well as kids. The list is prepared after reading the top articles available on the internet. 

According to user ratings and reviews the best educational games are Logical Journey Of The Zoombinis, Epistory – Typing Chronicles, Minecraft: Education Edition, The Oregon Trail, Reader Rabbit, Brain Challenge, Stack the States® ‪2‬, Lightbot: Programming Puzzle‪s, Play and Learn Science, Thinkrolls Kings & Queens Full‬, and DragonBox Number‪s‬, and many more.

I know you have a lot of questions crossing your mind. But the surprising elements about these games will force you to try these games once. You won’t be able to ignore the features of these games.

Best Educational Games  

Read along with the article to find about the features and a unique surprising element of each game in the detailed description below.  Find out the Best Card Games in 2021.

Logical Journey Of Zoombinis

Zoombinis: Best Educational Games
Source: FableVision Studio

Do you know zombies too have logic and reasoning capabilities… Ahm!!! I am kidding, zombies are like that because their minds are dead. So keeping your reasoning ability bright you should try these games. It is the recreation of the old puzzle game. The blue and small creatures with different appearances and personalities are trying to escape imprisonment to fulfill their evil plans. You have to stop their plan of taking over the world. You have to guide Zoombinis to reach their land safely as we don’t want to hurt them. You can use their data to protect them against dangers. Logical Journey Of Zoombinis is among the best educational games for increasing reasoning abilities. 


  • Logical puzzles
  • HD graphics
  • Beautiful themes
  • Original soundtracks 

Epistory – Typing Chronicles

EpiStory: Best Educational PC
Source: Wikipedia

Do you want to increase your typing speed? Then this game is will surely help you. The developers had put so much effort to give this game an interesting and interactive look. The design of the game was influenced by the mini-projects that are available in-game to make it more fun. The story of the game is about a writer, who is writing in a paper-themed world.

Epistory – Typing Chronicles has realistic and 3D effects that connect you with the game and check your typing mistakes. It’s among the best educational games to increase typing speed.  


  • Realistic graphics
  • Helps in increasing typing speed
  • Keep scorecard

Minecraft: Education Edition

MineCraft: Best Educational Games
Source: YouTube

Create your own learning platform with Minecraft: Education Edition. The game promotes problem-solving, creativity, and reasoning. The game has a community of more than millions of users that can help you to create whatever you want. The game promotes innovation and creativity. You can learn a whole new world of innovations with mixed reality. 

Minecraft: Education Edition featured an endless opportunity for kids who want to explore the Information and technology world. 


  • HD Graphics
  • Realistic themes
  • Interactive learning

The Oregon Trail

The Oregon Trail: Best Educational Games
Source: Medium

The Oregon Trail is an endless trail computer game. It is among the best educational games for kids who want to be an accountant. The game has various characters from which you can choose. Each player has a specified amount of money that you can spend in a better way to achieve big goals in the end. It is on you how will you build an empire with limited funds.  

The Oregon Trail state that it is in our hands how we can create our destiny. The game process the score depending on the progress you made. 


  • Realistic Design
  • Customized themes
  • Autosave feature

Reader Rabbit

Reader Rabbit: best Educational Games
Source: YouTube

In last, I have a surprise for you and that is Reader Rabbit. The Reader Rabbit game is about a rabbit and his insane friends. The friends (lion and mouse) are the supporters of the rabbit. The gameplay consists of various adventures throughout the story. The players should know about the inventory and the products to solve series of the riddles. 

There are categorized puzzles for kids and teenagers. The puzzles are focused on the characters. But the fun fact is that you can customize the focus area during conversations with other characters. 


  • The story and gameplay is consistent
  • Realistic graphics
  • Character setting feature
  • Hints 

Brain Challenge

Brain Challenges: Best educational games
Source: YouTube

Brain Challenge is designed to give you a challenging environment to train your brain harder. The tougher the level the more brainstorming you have to have to do to mark a win on that level. The game is one of the best educational games for teenagers who want to increase their reasoning abilities. The game is featured with hundreds of levels categorized in different modes.  

Brain Challenge can store your daily performance which you can compare with the newer one in later stages. The beautiful and stunning graphics representation makes the gameplay awesome.    


  • Logical and reasoning levels
  • Customized levels
  • Statics reports
  • Compare improvements

Stack the States® ‪2‬

Stack the states 2: Best educational games
Source: YouTube

Do you want to learn about US geography?

I know learning about geography is quite difficult. What if I’ll tell you that now you can learn geography easily with 3D graphics and detailed maps. Yeah!!! You read it right, now learning geography is super fun with Stack the States® ‪2‬. The game is designed to make learning interactive. You can customized maps in-game. The question and answer session are so interactive that you will forget that it is a geography class. Each state is unblocked only after the completion of the lower one. 


  • 3D graphics
  • Daily new questions
  • Audio and visual representation
  • 10 different scenes

Lightbot: Programming Puzzle‪s

Light Bot: : Best educational games
Source: APKPure

Do you want that your kid becomes a coder in Apple or Microsoft? 

Yeah!!! Everyone wants the same. So to generate interest in coding in your kids this game could play an important part. The game is designed to provide a simple interface that is very interactive and easy to understand. 

Wait!!! Your kid requires logic to solve the interactive puzzles that are so addicted. The tutors around the globe are on the community tab to help your kid to understand the basics of programming and coding. Learning AI become easy with the one of the best educational games.


  • Autosaving
  • Sync and backup
  • Challenging levels

Play and Learn Science

Play and learn science: Best educational games
Source: YouTube

Ohh! Whenever it comes to science every kid wants to avoid it. Now, no more resentment for science subjects. The developers had programmed the game for kids as well as adults to provide a co-learning platform that offers ways to create that help every kid to love science around them. It is easy to learn science through play experiences. Hands-on exercises for every experiment that helps bring the practices of science into the real world. 


  • Interactive experiments
  • Engaging levels
  • Co-learning activities
  • Supports many languages
  • Graphical representation of how things work

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens Ful‪l‬

Thinkrolls Kings and queen: Best educational games
Source: Google Play

Thinkrolls Kings & Queens game is an epic experience of physics, fun, and logic! Problem-solving and practice reasoning in the game is liked by every kid and parent! The goal is to handle and clear all objects from the path to mark win. 

There are 200 unique riddles featured in 12 fairytale castles that provide fun-filled play for the whole family. You can enjoy the game with your friends and family.


  • Realistic effects
  • Learn patience
  • Try experiment 
  • Easy and hard puzzles
  • Fun physics and experiment

DragonBox Number‪s‬

Dragonbox: Best educational games
Source: YouTube

You can give the numbers to your child that would become the future foundation. The game will teach them the number about what they are and why they are. The game makes the representation so fun that kids would love it. The game teaches you the number and the basic arithmetic. The game has different activities, which are designed to challenge kid’s abilities ability and will explain the right methods to the given problems. 


  • Customized themes
  • HD graphics
  • Story-telling mode

Learn English Vocabulary Game

Learn English: Best educational games
Source: Games4es

Have you tried learning games? But all those turn to be so boring. Don’t worry I have the best educational game i.e. Learn English Vocabulary Game. The game is featured with mini-games that will help you to learn English, with interactive sessions of reading and speaking games. 

It is a fun English learning game, which has all the basic vocabulary and tenses. You can set daily challenges and learn new skills daily. Developers provide daily updates of the game. 


  • Daily updates
  • Vocab and tenses
  • Speaking and reading practice
  • Daily challenges

Math Exercises

Math exercise: Best educational games
Source: Calculator

Learning Maths is not an easy task so this game got you covered. Math Exercises is a basic riddles and puzzles game with interactive math practice questions. The fastest you are the less time you would take to complete missions. Don’t worry!!! It’s not that you are slow at calculations then this game is not for you just have some patience. You can upgrade your mathematic skill with the game’s daily challenges. The more Math Exercise you play the sharper you become. The game has multiplication tables, subtraction, addition, and division all in one place.  


  • Daily challenges
  • Scorekeeper
  • Mathematic riddles and puzzles

Left vs Right: Brain Games

Left Vs Right: Best educational games
Source: YouTube

Do you know, you can test your adaptability, awareness, and reflexes with the help of Left vs Right: Brain Games. The game has a set of mini-games designed to train brain capabilities. The VIP members train all categories these days. The game is available free for all users. Regular members start with normal categories. The game keeps a percentile of your scorecard that you can access at later stages. 


  • Minigames
  • Interactive and easy interface
  • Realistic graphics

Math Games – Addition

Math game : Best educational games
Source: Wikipedia

Math Games – Addition helps you to improve your kid’s skills. The game is developed with the help of professionals. Kids can solve a wide range of puzzles categorized between easy, medium, and difficult.  The game has basic arithmetics problems. Your kid can learn addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. The game is safe for toddlers, just start the game and let your kid explore an interactive way of learning. But teenagers can also have their hands on the game fraction and decimal mode. 


  • Mathematic skill enhancement program
  • Interactive questions
  • Easy and simple interface

Puzzle Kids

puzzle kids: Best educational games
Source: APK4Pure

Do you know that you can improve the child’s reasoning skills with a game? Yeah! I am not kidding, seriously, Puzzle Kids s designed to help kids to understand shapes and sizes. The interactive and fun puzzles teach children about shape, colors, and size. The drag and drop feature of puzzles makes the game more interactive. There are a bunch of minigames that are preinstalled. Shape matching, color matching, and jigsaw puzzles will definitely increase reasoning skills. 


  • HD graphics
  • Minigames
  • Vivid colors

Brain: code

brain:code: Best educational games
Source: Sociable

At last, we have logic games and math riddles. Not just self-education but this game lets you think differently. You can try 50 or more puzzles that will improve your reasoning power. The logic puzzles, brainteasers, math puzzles are here to improve your logical power. Both kids and adults can engage at different difficulty of levels. Brain: code is programmed in a playful way so that you can enjoy the game while upgrading your skills. You can challenge friends and family, find hidden puzzles to show off your skills at the global level. 


  • Minigames
  • Puzzles and teasers
  • Realistic designs
  • Customized themes

Final Verdict 

The above-listed best educational games are based on user ratings and reviews. These games are safe to play and are checked for their content. These games don’t have any affiliation to adult sites.

Your kids are safe while playing these games on Steam, App Store, and Google Play. These games will help them in increasing their mind power and reasoning abilities. So, what are you waiting for? You can find these games online and start learning your favorite subject.   

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