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Finding new friends and connecting with them using the best Omegle alternatives is a joy that everyone wants to have in their life. Achieving this joy in your life can be a tedious task when most people don’t know the best social apps, to begin with.

When thinking about connecting on a social media platform, everybody has only one platform on their mind, Omegle. The app has been around since 2009 and did a pretty good job of making us meet new people. With time, the platform is becoming full of predators and anonymous visitors that cause a severe threat to user privacy. 

Though with dating platforms and other social networking platforms, the risk of user privacy is already at stake, at least these platforms take a few preventive measures, unlike Omegle. In this situation, it is better to look at these best Omegle alternatives that care about a user’s privacy. 

  1. Houseparty
  2. Live. Me
  3. YouNow
  4. TinyChat
  5. FaceFlow
  6. Fruzo

Without waiting any further, let’s get straight into the discussion and learn more about these social networking platforms. These platforms are a great choice compared to Omegle and even offer features better than the platform. 

6 Best Omegle Alternatives for You to Try 

Below you will find some of our best choices for social platforms that are very much similar to Omegle and still work as the best Omegle alternatives. These apps will pull you out of your socially introverted bubble and help you make friends or, even better, help you find your Twin Flame or Soulmate. Take a look at all the apps, and please drop more suggestions in the comments below if you have any. 

#1 Houseparty

Best Omegle Alternatives

The very first on our list of best Omegle alternatives is Houseparty. This platform takes a slightly different approach to connecting with people as compared to Omegle. Using Houseparty, you can connect with up to eight people and chat simultaneously. You can make people your friends on this platform and then talk with them whenever they are online. The app also has an option to lock a chat room if you don’t want strangers to join it. Besides this, Houseparty also features plenty of games that you can play with your friends online. 

#2 Live.Me

Best Omegle Alternatives

Looking at the name of our next Omegle alternative, you may already get the idea that it is a live video streaming application. Though the app specifies that a user must be 18 years or above to use this app, we know how teenagers can use such platforms. During your live session, you get the chance to interact with the users who are joining your live streaming. However, there aren’t appropriate measures taken for privacy, so be aware of how you are going live and what other types of broadcasts you are joining. 

#3 YouNow

Best Omegle Alternatives

Next from the list of the best Omegle alternatives, we have YouNow. It is a platform much similar to others on the list regarding connecting with new people and making friends. However, the twist to using this app is that you need to become popular within your network and gather a huge fan base. You can register yourself on this platform using your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. In terms of safety, the app has many preventive measures for online bullying, inappropriate content, sexual harassment. 

#4 TinyChat

Best Omegle Alternatives

TinyChat is another platform that is very much like Omegle when creating chat rooms based on different topics. You can join other chat rooms that you know and start with your subjects and vice versa. You will also find chat rooms that are active in your local surroundings based on your location on this app. The app is free to use, which is a benefit. You can also interact with users via text messaging or audio and video chat. 

#5 FaceFlow

Best Omegle Alternatives

With FaceFlow, you can connect with your friends easily using their website. The app lets you connect with three people at the same time via chatbox or video chatting. The best part about using this popular platform is that you can choose to make your profile searchable. The control is entirely in your hands. Besides chatting, users can also interact by sharing their favorite memory as a picture and YouTube videos. The app also has a game known as Flappy that you can play with your friends in multiplayer mode. 

#6 Fruzo

Best Omegle Alternatives

Fruzo is the next entry on our list of best Omegle alternatives. The app is a bit different from others we have discussed till now. Fruzo is more of an online dating network that lets you connect with users using your Facebook profile. You can also create an entirely new profile for making friends or dating someone on this platform. You can search for your potential match using different categories such as age, location, or gender. 


These are the six best Omegle alternatives that we have picked for you today. All these platforms work pretty similar to Omegle, but these all have some additional benefits that our dear Omegle lacks. Try out these platforms and share your experience with us in the comments section below. 

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