5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives To Try In 2021


We all have heard about the new WhatsApp policy and how it involves Facebook to aggregate the user data across all the leading platforms. This policy is our best hint to stop trusting the platform and look out for other WhatsApp alternatives. 

Though, the platform has now made everything clear and guarantees that it respects the privacy of its users and that the new policy is meant only for businesses. But who is there to stop them from accessing our data? They are all just one click away. Its parent platform Facebook and other third-party apps were involved in multiple security breaches over the past few years. 

Now that Facebook is planning to merge the message functions of all the three leading platforms WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook itself, there are chances that anything can happen with the user’s data. However, there are also reports that the crossover will support end-to-end encryption across all of its services that would make Facebook and Instagram more secure than ever. At the same time, it could also mean WhatsApp is going low on the security level and letting others aggregate its user data. 

However, WhatsApp is releasing statements that say they are concerned about the user’s privacy more than anything and are dedicated to consistently improving their platform and making it a more secure messaging app. As users, we cannot blindly put our faith in this platform. So, the best option is to give these WhatsApp alternatives a chance and see if they will meet our requirements. 

Best WhatsApp Alternatives To Try In 2021

Read the complete list of the best WhatsApp alternatives that will keep your messages secure and respect your privacy. 


Signal: 5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Try in 2021

The first messaging app that is new to the world of WhatsApp alternatives is Signal. The messaging platform has been available for a long time. However, the no. of downloads and ratings shoot up when Elon Musk tweeted Use Signal on Jan 7, 2021, prompting the users to switch from WhatsApp to here over privacy concerning issues. 


  • Chats are encrypted end-to-end
  • Available on all the major platforms 
  • Supports disappearing messages feature
  • Features open-source encryption 
  • Let’s users import emojis from their device
  • Supports both video and voice calling 
  • The messaging app can be used on both mobile device and desktop




Telegram: 5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Try in 2021

Telegram became a popular messaging app in competition with WhatsApp years ago. But with the recent claims on WhatsApp over users’ privacy rights, the no. of downloads for this messaging app has increased significantly. You will be provided encryption over voice calls by default, but you will have to turn on the feature manually for messages. To enjoy interruption-free internet browsing you may look for proxies for telegram.


  • Uses open-source software 
  • App navigation is user friendly 
  • Supports cloud backup so you will never lose any important information
  • Supports multimedia file sharing 
  • Delete messages after sending them like WhatsApp
  • Double feature to let you know when your text is seen 




Threema: 5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Try in 2021

The next messaging app on our list of WhatsApp alternatives is Threema. The app fulfills all the privacy promises it makes with its users concerning privacy. The best thing about this messaging app is that you don’t need a phone number to connect with someone; instead, you can use your Threema ID. 


  • Password protect individual chats
  • Phone number is not required 
  • Multiple text formatting features 
  • Verify contacts with QR code
  • Create polls and use the live feedback feature on personal messages 
  • Supports both voice and video calling 




Wire: 5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Try in 2021

Next on our list, we have the Wire messaging app that can be used as one of the WhatsApp alternatives. It is free, supports good quality audio and video calls, and can be used to run business accounts(paid). The app is available on all major platforms and can be synced with up to 8 devices simultaneously. 


  • Provides secure chat with end-to-end encryption 
  • Optimize file size easily for sharing 
  • Can work on eight devices simultaneously 
  • Features multiple text formatting 
  • Supports 1:1 group screen sharing 
  • Conversations get saved on the app for a limited time 
  • Supports media sharing along with audio filtering 




Riot. IM: 5+ Best WhatsApp Alternatives to Try in 2021

Like Threema, Element(formerly known as Riot) also allows every user a unique ID to connect with other people, thereby making it a safe platform. The app works on open-source software and allows the users to create their bot and interact with the software. 


  • Works on an open-source software 
  • More suitable for developers than corporate teams 
  • Features private rooms that can be visited with a link 
  • Offers public conversation rooms where users can visit 
  • It can be used on PC through the desktop client 
  • Available for use in seven different languages 


4.2 /5

Final Words

All of the above-mentioned messaging apps can be used as great WhatsApp alternatives. Each messaging app is best known for its strong encryption and gives users a 100% secured messaging experience. However, there are plenty of other messaging apps, but these are considered the best of all. If, for any reason, these apps don’t work out for you and you find any other app, do not forget to tell us the name in the comments section below. We will add that to this list so more users will know about it. 

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