Top 4 Cheap Stock Photo Sites For Creating Attractive Visual Content


Are you a content creator eyeing some affordable stock images for your website or social media account? Well, you are not alone!

While it is ideal to use custom imagery to precisely convey your brand’s story, not many brands have the budget to hire professional photographers. For this reason, marketers are lured toward using stock photos to create eye-catching content with minimum investment. 

To ensure you have access to the best websites offering high-quality, cheap stock photos, we have reviewed the top 4 affordable stock Photos websites. So without further ado, let’s dive into the list!

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Top 4 Cheap Stock Photo Sites For Creating Attractive Visual Content

iStock is the best option for those looking for premium-quality stock photos, illustrations, and vector content. As one of the most popular sources of cheap stock photos, this website offers a comprehensive search function that assists you in finding the perfect imagery for your online content. 

What’s even more, you will also find a variety of 4K and HD videos to complement your work. 

It is extremely easy to customize and use the available clipart, vectors, audio files, and videos on your websites when using iStock. This fantastic website offers its registered users 1 weekly freebie and a generous promo every now and then.  

Here are a few reasons to choose iStock for all your cheap stock photo needs:

  • It’s easy to search and filter content.
  • Gives access to millions of vectors and illustrations.
  • Many HD and 4K videos are available.
  • Offers a variety of file size options.

Costs Associated With An iStock Subscription:

Although you can access many free photos and images on iStock, it is a good idea to purchase a monthly or annual subscription according to your stock photo needs. The monthly cost of getting a subscription ranges from $29 to $319 per month. If you are on a tight budget, you also can buy individual credits to use in exchange for content on a need basis.


Top 4 Cheap Stock Photo Sites For Creating Attractive Visual Content

One of the most popular and affordable stock image websites is Shutterstock. With a fantastic assortment of over 400 million images, this website is a true winner for stock photos. Shutterstock offers its subscribers unique imagery, videos, and audio files that they can incorporate to enhance their content.  

This website is a treat not only for individuals but also for creative professionals from all backgrounds that are looking for innovative tools to create their best work. Shutterstock has the option of enterprise accounts for businesses that have significant stock photo needs.  

Here’s why you should choose Shutterstock:

  • Carefully selected images, videos, and music clips.
  • 4K and HD quality video clips.
  • If you are a business, account management is super easy.
  • High-quality stock photos.

Costs Associated With A Shutterstock Subscription:

Shutterstock offers a variety of subscription options according to your specific stock photo needs. If you are an individual, you can avail 10 to 750 images per month which will cost you just $49 to $249 per month. 

Then there is the FLEX 25 package option. You can download 3 videos, 6 music tracks, 25 images, or a combination of these for just a $49 per month renewal. Contrarily, if you are looking for a no lock-in subscription, the same package will cost you a one-time fee of $69 for a month.  Are you looking for just a few images for your current project? Then you may opt to get just 5 images for a mere $49 or 25 images for just $229. Not a bad deal, eh?

If you would like to give Shutterstock a shot, you may check it out as a free trial.


Top 4 Cheap Stock Photo Sites For Creating Attractive Visual Content

If you are a graphic designer, you must know the Adobe Suite, which offers fantastic editing tools. Now Adobe has its own platform, AdobeStock, to provide affordable stock images to its users. The asset database at AdobeStock is renewed daily to provide its users with the best digital experience. 

As a subscriber, you get the chance to choose from a variety of high-quality images, stock photos, videos, music, art, illustrations, and even templates. All these can be easily searched and filtered on the site, so you can easily find images relevant to your content.  

Why is AdobeStock an excellent platform for stock photos?

  • Innovative search and filter functions.
  • Accept contributions from subscribers.
  • Great for people who use a variety of Adobe software.
  • Images, illustrations, videos, audio, and even templates for your content.

Costs Associated With An AdobeStock Subscription:

AdobeStock offers its subscribers many options to choose from. You can start off with a one-month free trial, after which you can decide whether you want to be a monthly subscriber or want to pay for the whole year in advance. The month-to-month packages range from $49.99 to $249.99 per month for 10 to 750 assets. However, the yearly subscription will allow you to access the same amount of assets from $29.99 to $199.99.

You can also avail credit packs (from $49.95 to $1200), giving you access from 5 to 150 assets according to your stock image needs. 

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Top 4 Cheap Stock Photo Sites For Creating Attractive Visual Content

Are you a big fan of great customer service? Then BigStock is the platform you have always been waiting to subscribe to. Famous for its accommodating staff, BigStock offers all its subscribers affordable pricing for its vectors, images, and illustrations.  

You can easily search for keywords related to your content and filter images according to your specific needs. As a subscriber, if you aren’t happy with your purchase, BigStock guarantees you a refund. Give this website a try as it offers as many as over 116 million assets to all its subscribed users! 

Furthermore, BigStock also offers 1 free image every week if that’s what you need!

You would want to subscribe to BigStock because:

  • It offers a wide variety of illustrations, vectors, and images.
  • The search function on the site is super easy to use.
  • BigStock provides a free image every week.
  • Access to excellent customer service with very affordable stock content.

Costs Associated With A BigStock Subscription:

BigStock has the most versatile pricing options from all the websites on our list. If you are a new user, you may try out BigStock free for 7 days and download up to 35 images during the trial period. 

After the trial, you can invest in the credits offered on the BigStock website that you can trade for your choice of images. You can buy 10 credits for $35 and 500 credits for $495, with more plans in between. Alternatively, you may opt to subscribe to one of the daily subscription plans, monthly subscription plans, or a plan that is exclusively for videos.

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Choosing Where To Buy Cheap Stock Photos

In this article, we have shared some fantastic websites that offer millions of stock content like images, vectors, illustrations, videos, and audio, both free and at a cost. The websites on our list offer the perfect balance between great value and high-quality assets. You can be sure to find a subscription plan that suits your budget and content needs. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and transform your online content with beautiful imagery! 

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