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A ton of customization options are created and added regularly in the default district styles of the game Cities: Skylines. Before you start playing the game, it’s essential to know these different district styles. This article will be on Cities Skylines American buildings, one of the district styles you can choose in the game.

Developed by Colossal Order, Cities: Skylines is a city-building entertaining game released in 2015 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. This is a single-player game that engages its players in urban planning by controlling road placement, taxation, and various other things required to run a city properly. While also maintaining health, budget, employment, and pollution levels in the city.

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English Conversation About Architecture

District styles are different building styles that the players can choose to specify the city’s looks. The game contains two different styles, including American style and an optional European district style. The game allows the players to either have a complete American-styled city or a mixture of the two district styles that have their benefits. Now here will explore more on these Cities Skylines American buildings.

The article will help you in your gameplay and, in detail, will tell you about the American building style theme, so jump straight to the report.

Cities Skylines American Buildings | Know From Scratch!

Cities Skylines American Buildings | Know From Scratch!

The American-style buildings are updated in the Modern City Center pack. What are the key points about these American-style buildings and how to get American-style facilities? All will be discussed here.

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American Style Buildings In The game | How To Use Modern City Center Theme?

The American district plan is the base district style that defaults with the game. This style allows the players to build cities with significant buildings but create congested spaces. As in the real world, this district style includes bright interiors, more oversized windows, white walls, and ceilings that are best for offices, schools, etc.

As discussed above, there are two district styles in the game: American and European. Each of these styles has its benefits that help plan the district. As the city grows, the players unlock new improvements that include medical health, waste management, schools, offices, etc. The players have options to designate parts of their city as districts, and the American-style theme could help plan the district where schools and offices are to be built.

New building style packs are also regularly added to the game, and one such addition in the American district style was Modern City Center alongside Downtown radio. It was released on 7 November 2019 in the content creator pack online. The pack was created by Jason Ditmars that added 39 unique models along with a new modern commercial wall-to-wall building. The pack also included awnings and semi-transparent glass barriers to make the city look amazing.

Modern City Center themes are mostly used to design the place with high-density commercial buildings. To apply this theme, you first have to create a district where you are planning to build a commercial center. Once you have made the district click on it, a dialogue box will appear. First, name your district; once done with that, you will see a pull-down box named “Zone Building Distribution,” click on it and select the Modern City Center theme.

If the option doesn’t appear in the pull-down list even when you have owned this theme pack at that time, go to the main menu. In the main menu, select the Content Manager and then subcategory styles. Here you will find the “Modern City Center” now; click on it to enable it.

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How To Get American Style Buildings?

How To Get American Style Buildings?

As you know, there are two default district styles in the game. If you are finding it difficult to change the style of the building, then follow these two simple steps:

  • Create A District | Paint The District

To create a district, you have to click the “Area and the District button” on the “Zoning Area.” There will be three choices of brush size; use a “Paint District” brush and mark the area where you want to create the district.

  • Now Click On The Created District

Now when you have created the district, click on it. A dialogue box will appear, here name your district. After doing this, a district menu will pop up on the screen. There you will see two options: American and European district style. Just click on the American style and Boom!! The selected option will be applied.

How Can I Download Modern City Center Style?

If the Modern City Center option doesn’t appear in the pull-down box, you have to download it from Steam. Go to the Steam Workshop in the Cities: Skylines area and select the district style. There you will find the Modern City Center Theme.

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Final Words 

You can download thousands of mods from the Steam Workshop in Cities: Skylines that will make your city look more beautiful and unique. So what are you waiting for? Go and select your favorite mod and start building your city!!

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