5 Best Crypto Analysis Websites To Follow In 2022 


To stay up to date and know the latest cryptocurrency trends, you must constantly follow the news of the crypto, see changes in its price, predict its rise and fall, and much more. To do this, users have created many sites where both professionals and amateurs can post their analytics. How not to fall into the hands of scammers with such a wide range of different sites? Here we have collected the best crypto analysis websites that will definitely be useful for both beginners and advanced users.

This site is a great option for people who want information about crypto projects. His work is aimed directly at the analysis of these projects. Information about them is presented in a convenient way, which will make it easy to understand issues. The main page contains a huge number of different projects. For convenience, you can sort them into categories or use the search bar at the top. Usually the following information is indicated about the project:

  • Ticker
  • Last Funding Date
  • Category
  • Investors
  • Funding rounds: number and total amount

By the way, you can share this information in the form of a convenient infographic with anyone. In addition to analyzing various projects, Chainbroker shows news from the crypto world and even a calendar of events for any week.


5 Best Crypto Analysis Websites To Follow In 2022 
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CoinMarketCap is one of the most popular cryptocurrency tracking services, as well as the main source of data on the digital asset market and cryptocurrency exchanges. Users can analyze data on the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies and monitor the ratings of virtual coins. This site is one of the best in tracking cryptocurrency changes.

On the main page you will find basic information about the current coin’s state. Here is presented: Price, Change for 1 and 24 hours (in percentage), Market Cap, Volume for 24 hours, Circulating Supply and the Curve of changes for the last 7 days. By clicking on the desired line, you will find a detailed description of its values, which is updated in real time.


5 Best Crypto Analysis Websites To Follow In 2022 

This site, in fact, has a similar functionality as Coinmarketcap. Here you can also watch the ratings of coins and their values. You see a huge list of coins with a brief description of them on the main page (for example, price, percentage change, and variation graph). But when you click on any coin, you will find a wider list with a description.

In addition to Market Cap, 24 Hour Trading Vol, Circulation and Total Supply, you can find markets with their brief descriptions, converter to dollars, coin values ​​by dates, wallets where available. Note also two features that are unique benefits. First – detailed statistics for different communities like Reddit, Facebook and Twitter. Second – an interesting survey that helps find out how people react to certain coins. It allows you to find out their attitude to the coin on any day.


To be in trend, you must constantly follow not only the cryptocurrency markets, but also the crypto events. Frequently at certain meetings truly important points are discussed, however you simply do not have time to watch a two-hour interview. This is where the CryptoDiffer site will help. It contains a large number of AMA recaps and short descriptions of important events.

In addition, you will find infographics with analytics of tokens, cryptocurrencies, gainers, projects, staking providers, etc. This site will be useful if your goal is to understand what is happening in the crypto world.


5 Best Crypto Analysis Websites To Follow In 2022 

Coindance is probably the most extensive of the best crypto analysis websites. Here you can find literally everything about cryptocurrency. There are 4 options offered: Bitcoin, its two popular forks: Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash, eCash. On the first page you will find information about these coins: 

  • Hashrate
  • Network Nodes
  • Transactions
  • Block Sizes
  • Last Miners
  • Transaction Fees
  • Mining Profitability

If you’re interested, there’s also google analytics for “bitcoin” and “blockchain”. Here are statistics on gender, age, community interests and community affinities. Also all bitcoin nodes and the legality of bitcoin in different countries both on map and in lists. Thinking about bitcoin news on other sites?

Thus, CoinDance offers a page with more resources and a brief description of them. The only drawback is the overloaded interface. It is quite challenging to find the necessary information, because you need to flip through page for a long time. 

Final Words

When looking for the best crypto analysis websites, you often come across sites that have been abandoned for a long time or with minimal availability of important information. Sometimes, under the guise of analyzing cryptocurrencies, some site owners simply insert their unverified thoughts.

But presented services are quite authentic and non-standard, while providing users with many useful functions. Here you will definitely choose a couple of suitable best crypto analysis websites for yourself. 

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