Why Do Dogs Love Belly Rub? Know it Before You Own One in 2021!


Just imagine reaching home after a long hustling day and there you see a beautiful and fierce soul that is a dog who loves belly rubs, waiting like anything for you and just in a fraction of a second, all the frustration gets liberated. If you are about to own a dog then, get ready to be a part of their snuggling and cuddling world, because Dogs love belly rubs like anything.  

Most dogs love getting their bellies rubbed, and the way a dog rolls over after a belly rub shows how much they trust their owner. Sometimes all they want is to seek your attention. Belly rub is a language of affection between an owner and its dog.

The response to belly rubs differs between domestic breeds as well. Small canine breeds like Pomeranians, Corgi are generally tickled during a belly rub, whereas large canine breeds, like German Shepherd, Bernese are pretty submissive towards a Belly rub. Have you ever wondered about the psychological, physiological, and cognitive impact of this kind of interaction? Let’s explore the impacts of rubbing dog’s belly-  

  • Hormonal Changes Are Noticeable
  • A New Respond to the External Stimuli 
  • Creating Bond for Lifetime 

Let us explore, Why dogs are always ready for belly rubs and how they always are carefree when it comes to a belly rub with an easy peasy giggly attitude.

Why Do Dogs Go Giddy For Rubs? How Exciting Could a Belly Rub Be?

Dogs find belly rub pleasant because it soothes them and makes them feel rejuvenated and refreshed that they usually crave, and we can sense it through a few signs. A balanced relationship between the dog and its owner through belly rubs are beneficial for making the bond stronger and everlasting. 

1# Hormonal Changes Are Noticeable 

Why Do Dogs Love Belly Rub? Hormonal Changes Are Noticeable 

An instant belly rub session boosts the release of Oxytocin and Endorphin in a dog’s body, strengthening the bond between the dog and its guardian. It has always been observed that kids who grow up with dogs are more empathetic in life.

Dogs always get unconditional love from toddlers, which helps them overcome various physical changes they go through in their lifetime. This reflects physical benefits that make them feel good, which we can sense through their actions such as wagging their tails, relaxed facial expressions, etc.

2# A New Respond to the External Stimuli 

A New Respond to the External Stimuli 

A simple petting or belly rubbing of a dog decreases the production of the stress hormone like cortisol, which results in correcting various behavioral problems like aggression, separation anxiety, leash pulling, barking at the door, destructive behavioral problems, and false eating habits, and much more.

It follows them up for the entire lifespan. Getting affection from the owner is the favorite thing of a dog. It enjoys belly rubs, long walks, fetching games, and gently pat. It keeps them giggled up throughout the day, and they even will ignore treats for the sake of this love.

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3# Creating Bond for Lifetime 

Creating Bond for Lifetime 

Dogs too feel possessive if their owner pets some other dog in front of them as they can’t take it. It is because of the love and attachment they share with their human guardian and that’s why they are always considered as all-time trustworthy and faithful companions who are ready to cross every limit just to stay with you.

On receiving a comforting touch, they will remember you for a lifetime even after ages because of their sharp sense of smell which is 10,000 times stronger than humans.

When not to Belly Rub, your Dog? What Makes Them Uncomfortable?

We have discussed the positive impacts of rubbing a dog’s belly, but there are times when your dog will not even like a simple touch. Let us explore that side too-

1# Stray and Domestic Dogs are Different

Stray and Domestic Dogs are Different

Just the way humans are different from each other so does the dog, what one likes can’t always be liked by another, therefore there are chances that your dog might feel uncomfortable. There are cases when dogs don’t like being touched as it frightens them out, and as a result, they may act impulsively to that touch which can harm them and you.

Also, there are higher chances that a domestic dog won’t get offended by a simple belly rub, whereas, in the case of stray dogs, they might be vulnerable to petting or belly rubs and the chances are that they might snap at you for their self-defense because they are not habitual to such actions. 

2# Mood Swings are a Key Factor 

Mood Swings are a Key Factor 

Sometimes a dog can be in a state of irritation as they may face mood swings, and giving them a belly rub at such time could result in despicable action. There are chances that your dog is suffering through any health issue such as stomach pain or any physical ailment, and giving a belly rub at this moment is a bad idea.

One more thing to keep in mind is whenever we change the surroundings of our dogs, they take time in accepting the switched surroundings, so never giving belly rubs in an uncertain state of mind would prove something disturbing for both pet and owner.

Final Words

Therefore, no matter what, petting a dog will always remain an irresistible experience for the owner as well as for the dog. Give them what they ask for rather than being an owner of a pet, one should try taking care of them as a parent and enjoy giving them loveable belly rubs.

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