Asking 50+ Funny Questions to Siri | Hilarious Response


Siri is undeniably one of the best voice assistants made for apple devices. Siri is smart, intelligent, and knows everything about well everything. But did you know that Siri could be fun and sarcastic as well? Don’t believe us? Try asking these funny questions to Siri and get to know about it yourself. 

For most of the questions, you will get a standard generic answer, but for some, if you don’t get funny answers on the first try, don’t come to kill me. You will have to ask Siri some questions a few times; then, you will get a sarcastic or funny answer. 

For example, you can try asking Siri, “Hey Siri, What’s your favorite puzzle game’ or “Hey Siri, are you a Victoria’s Secret Angel,” and see what answer you will get. Just like these, you can ask Siri some fun questions or random statements and unlock the Easter Eggs in your device. 

Oh, Snap! You might not know what an easter egg is, right? It is a hidden feature embedded deep into your iOS device that serves a user sarcastically, sometimes for the sake of fun and amusement. 

Asking Funny Questions to Siri 

Read along to find what funny questions you can ask Siri and what response you will receive. 

#1 Asking Funny Questions to Siri About Dating and Love

Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Siri, What are you doing later? 

Siri – I am at work. My shift ends in 

Thank you for asking, but I don’t really date humans. 

Here’s the thing: I lack corporeal form. 

  • Hey Siri, What is your best pickup line? 

How About

Is your name Bluetooth? Because I’m really feeling a connection. 

  • Hey Siri, Do you have significant other?

I’ve been told my artificial intelligence standards are too high. 

  • Hey Siri, Talk dirty to me.

The carpet needs vacuuming. 

Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Siri, Have you ever been in love?

Complex human emotions like love give me ambiguous overload errors. 

  • Hey Siri, Can I kiss you?

Okay, how about a web search for ‘inappropriate behavior.’

  • Hey Siri, What are you wearing?

In the cloud, no one knows what you are wearing.  

#2 Asking Funny Questions to Ask Siri About Favorites 

Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Siri, What’s your favorite movie?

I don’t really have a favorite. But I hear that ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ got some excellent reviews.

  • Hey Siri, Why are you so serious?

Interesting question.

  • Hey Siri, What’s your favorite animal?
  • Hey Siri, Who is the best assistant?
Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Siri, What phone should I buy or what phone is the best?
  • Hey Siri, What is the best watch?
  • Hey Siri, What is the best computer?
  • Hey Siri, What is your favorite song?

#3 Asking Funny Questions to Ask Siri About Random Things 

  • Hey Siri, What do you think of Google Assistant?
  • Hey Siri, What does Siri mean?
Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Siri, How old are you? 
  • Hey Siri, how much do you cost?
  • Hey Siri, okay, Google
Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Sir, Is Jon Snow dead?
  • Hey Siri, Is winter coming?
  • Hey Siri, Will you be my thunder buddy? 
Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Siri, How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  • Hey Siri, What did the truck say to the cattle herd crossing the road? 
Funny Questions to Siri
  • Hey Sir, Doctor who?
Funny Questions to Siri


These are the funny questions that you can ask Siri for yourself and await some hilarious responses. The answers mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. If you ask Siri these funny questions multiple times, you will receive a hilarious or fun reply each time. 

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