How To Make Yourself Presentable For A Board Game Championship


A lot of people are under the impression that board games are purely played for fun. However, like all games, some people take them more seriously than others and get very competitive about them. So, clearly looking presentable for a board game is essential. Still finding how and why!!!! Just Scroll!

If there’s a particular game that you are very interested in and are considering attending a championship or tournament for, then you need to make yourself look as presentable as possible. The more presentable you look, the chances your opponent will take you seriously increases. 

How To Appear Presentable For A Board Game Championship

How you carry yourself and appear more presentable doesn’t need to be as difficult as you might think. Unfortunately, many people don’t make an effort with their appearance because they wrongly believe it takes a lot of time (or is expensive).

You should always take pride in your appearance, especially since most people are judged based on their personality. For a game championship or tournament, first impressions are everything. You don’t want your opponents to think that you don’t take things seriously, which gives them a psychological advantage over you.

This post will tell you how you can look presentable for a board game championship.

Buying New Clothes

How To Make Yourself Presentable For A Board Game Championship
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One of the first things you need to consider when you are attending a tournament or board game championship is the clothes you wear. Your clothes are the first thing people will notice about you, so they must be carefully chosen. 

You should wear formal attire to a professional tournament or event. You don’t have to wear a suit, but you should wear pants, leather shoes, a shirt, and a tie. You can wear a Shetland jumper over your shirt and tie if you want a more Ivy, relaxed aesthetic.

Visiting A Tailor

How To Make Yourself Presentable For A Board Game Championship

If you have a lot of money and are riding on the tournament’s outcome, you may want to consider visiting a tailor and getting a suit made for you from scratch. You will need to give the tailor a few months’ notice. Even the most experienced tailor won’t be able to make you a suit from scratch in a couple of weeks. 

Once they have taken your measurements, the turnaround time can be anywhere from three to six months. You should give the tailor you have chosen a call before walking in to figure out what a suit’s turnaround time is.

Clothing Alterations

How To Make Yourself Presentable For A Board Game Championship

Alternatively, you can pay a tailor to alter a ready-to-wear suit for you. Taking a ready-to-wear suit to a tailor won’t cost you much money. It will also mean that you get to benefit from the tailor’s experience and style advice. 

When visiting a tailor for an alteration, remember that they will probably try to sell you a bespoke suit while you are there. Make sure you are strong and don’t succumb to the tailor’s advances. Otherwise, you could walk out with an altered ready-to-wear suit and an expensive bespoke suit.

Playing Equipment

How To Make Yourself Presentable For A Board Game Championship

It’s also a very good idea to invest in some playing equipment to look professional in appearance while you are playing. A lot of people playing board games professionally have their own custom playmats. 

You don’t have to buy a playmat, because you can make your own playmat very simply. Make sure that you take great care when making it so that it looks expertly crafted. If it looks childish and amateurish, then people won’t take you very seriously.

It’s also worth noting that if you are playing with cards or any game equipment that you are expected to bring from home, then make sure that your equipment is clean, tidy, and presented well. Replace any cards that are damaged or scuffed because this will impact your opponent’s perception of you.

Getting A Haircut

How To Make Yourself Presentable For A Board Game Championship

You may also want to get a haircut. Getting a haircut is a great way to completely transform your appearance and make yourself look great. A good haircut can transform even the scruffiest person into the most professional looking. 

Do a little research online and try to find the most qualified barber or hairdresser near you. It’s a good idea to take a picture of the hair style that you want so that you can take it into them and show them. If you don’t show the person cutting your hair exactly what you want, then they won’t be able to make your wishes a reality.

Final Words

First impressions are everything when you are attending a competitive tournament. A person who looks well put together, professional, and formal is far more likely to intimidate opponents than someone who turns up in a tracksuit and uncombed hair.

When you look formal, your opponents are more likely to take you seriously because you are taking yourself seriously. Formal attire demonstrates that you understand the importance of style, appearance, and first impressions. It means that you think things through and aren’t flippant about how people perceive you.

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