How To Charge Beats Headphones | Everything You Need To Know About Charging Here!


Beats headphones are so cool and stylish. Their unique design is what makes them stand out when compared to their competitors. So, did you too buy Beats headphones? They are all the hype among Apple users these days. If you also possess them, then do you know how to charge Beats headphones? 

It’s not just about looks that make Beats so popular though. Beats headphones have a great build quality and are very comfortable to wear. They have a pretty long battery life too. Yes, Bose’s headphones are great. But, audiophiles have come to love and prefer Beats headphones too. Beats headphones have literally beaten (no pun intended) several competitors in a short span of time. So, put on your supreme quality headphones and – wait. First, you’ve got to charge them. 

The first step in charging your Beats headphones is checking the battery’s status. Different kinds of lights a.k.a the Fuel Gauge LEDs will signify different battery levels. Then, you’ve to plug the charging cable into the right earpiece. After that, you can either connect the other end of the cable to a laptop or a wall adapter that comes with the headphones. If you want your headphones to be charged quickly, opt for the wall adapter. Because the other alternative doesn’t produce quick results. 

This is how you can charge your Beats headphones. Do you want a detailed explanation? I’m sure that you do. Besides that, you’ll have other queries as well. Like, you’d want to know how to charge your Beats Flex. Because let’s be honest. The cable that comes with it is a confusing little thing. So, read this article till then and you shall have an answer to all your queries! 

Here’s How To Charge Beats Headphones! Charge Headphones In Just 4 Simple Steps!

Launched by Dr. Dre in 2006, Beats have come a long way. They have become quite popular among Apple users. A lot of factors play a part in their popularity. For example, celebrity endorsements. Ed Sheeran, Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and so many more celebrities have been photographed with Beats headphones on. In fact, now Beats has become a status symbol for Millenials and GenZ. Does their ridiculously hefty price play a part in it? Yes, it does. 

Did you also buy Beats headphones and know how to charge them? And, do you want to know how long it will take for them to charge? If yes, then keep reading! 

1# 4 Simple Steps To Charge Your Beats Headphones

How To Charge Beats Headphones | Everything You Need To Know About Charging Here!

Here are the four simple steps to charge your Beats headphones. 

1# Check Your Battery Status

The Fuel Gauge LED lights located below the power button on the right earpiece are used to check the battery status. Different kinds of lights indicate different things. Like, the five white lights signify that the Beat headphones are fully, or nearly fell, charged. One red light shows that the battery is running low. A blinking red light indicates that you’re about to run out of battery. If there’s no light in the headphones then it means that it has no charge. 

2# Connect The Charging Cable In The Right Earpiece

You must have gotten a charging cable along with your headphones. Use it to charge your headphones. Plug in the smaller end of your headphones in the right earpiece. 

3# Connect The Charging Cable To The AC Adapter

Apart from a charging cable, your Beats headphones also come with an AC adapter. Put the bigger end of the USB cable inside the AC adapter. Alternatively, you can plug the USB cable into a desktop or laptop. Although, if you choose to do this,  it might take a little longer to charge your headphones. 

4# Plug The AC Adapter In A Wall Outlet

After you’ve connected the headphones to the AC adapter, you can plug it into a wall outlet. Make sure that the outlet has a proper electric supply. But if your headphones do not charge this way, try using a different charging cable. It’s possible that the one you’re using doesn’t work well. 

2# How To Charge Beats Studio Buds? 

How To Charge Beats Headphones | Everything You Need To Know About Charging Here!

Now, you must be wondering how to charge Beats Studio Buds, and if there’s a specific Beats Studio Buds charger. 

So, if you want to keep your Beats Studio Buds charged at all times, make sure to put them back in the case when you’re not using them. Don’t be like me. I’ve got a bad habit of leaving my TWS outside their case after I’m done using them. 

When the case of your Beats Studio Buds has less than 40% charging, the LED at the front will turn red. You can charge the case both with and without the earbuds. When you want to charge the earbuds along with their charging case, follow these steps:

  • Put the earbuds back in the charging case. 
  • Plug the charging case into a USB-C cable that comes with the Beats Studio Buds. 
  • Connect the two to a power source. You can use a wall adapter or your laptop’s USB port. 

If you’ve lost the original cable that came with your Earbuds, you can always buy another USB-C cable.  

3# How To Charge Beats Flex?

How To Charge Beats Headphones | Everything You Need To Know About Charging Here!

Many Beats Flex users have expressed their dislike over the little cord that comes with the Beats Flex. It has connectors on both sides. Users want to know where to plug in the other side since it doesn’t go along with computers or normal power sources. So, do you need to be a Beats Flex charger separately? 

You get a USB-C to USB-C type of cable along with Beats Flex. To go along with it, you can get an Apple 5W USB Power Adapter. Alternatively, you can get another charging cable that will be compatible with your Beats Flex and your laptop’s port and wall adapters. 

4# How Long Does It Take For Beats To Charge?

How To Charge Beats Headphones | Everything You Need To Know About Charging Here!

So, were you binge-watching hilarious shows like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. using your Beats headphones? Yes? And, now your headphones have run out of charge. I can only imagine your agony. You might be impatiently pacing around your house waiting for your headphones to charge. You might even be looking up at the heaven, half-cursing, wanting to know how long it takes for Beats to charge. 

Well, dear reader. There’s no reason to disturb God over something as trivial as this. I happen to know the answer already. Your Beats headphones will take two hours to charge. However, if your Beats earbuds have a dead battery–it will take an hour and a half. Charging a Beats case with dead earbuds inside will require around two and a half hours. 

Hey, how about you try out the Fourth of July nail art while your earbuds charge? This way something beautiful can come out of the time that would otherwise be wasted angrily storming around the house. 

But what if you don’t want to wait for that long? It’s alright, we live in a technologically advanced world and I’ve something else to share! So, Beats earbuds and headphones have a feature called Fast Fuel. Because of the feature, your headphones charge up to 80% pretty quickly. After that, the charging slows down to prevent harming the battery’s health. These days, a lot of devices come equipped with this kind of technology. 

Yes, it does take around two hours to charge your headphones completely. But, you have the option to charge your headphones for just five minutes and use them for up to three hours! This feature is the epitome of coolness. You should be grateful for living in a tech-savvy world. Similarly, you can charge your Beats earbuds for up to 5 minutes and get one hour of listening time! 

However, it will still be best to charge your headphones completely. And you don’t have to worry about overcharging your listening device. Because most of these devices come with Lithium-ion batteries. These batteries stop charging once they are fully charged.  

Final Words

I hope now you know how to charge Beats headphones. This article included everything you needed to know about charging them. Like, you found out how long you’ll have to wait before your headphones are fully charged. Also, so many users were confused about what to use with their Beats Flex. But, I’m sure this article cleared away that confusion.  

I hope you found these answers satisfactory. If you did, then stay tuned with us for more such helpful articles! 

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