Ford VIN Lookup | How To Choose The Best Used Ford Car?


Ford VIN Lookup | The Ford vehicle is one of the oldest car brands in the world. The company has revered as a trusted and efficient vehicle manufacturer ever since Henry Ford started the brand in 1903. Right from the production of its first successful vehicle, the Model T, Ford had established high standards for vehicle manufacturing. Even till date, they continue to improve on the standards of their vehicle production with unrivaled feat and durability. That is why even used used variants continue to have high sales records all over the world. 

However, before buying a used Ford vehicle, you should do a Ford VIN lookup for free to know intricate details about the vehicle. It’s free, and can save you from unnesesary hassles that may arise from buying a stolen or liened vehicle.

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What Is A Vehicle Identification Number(VIN)?

Ford VIN Lookup | How To Choose The Best Used Ford Car?

A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique group of characters used by the automotive industry to identify individual motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds, according to the International Organization for Standardization. It was first used in 1954 in the United States, it was later standardized in the year 1981 by the U.S National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

When buying a used Ford car, it is important to do a VIN lookup because a Ford VIN is more than just a serial number. Just as no two human share the same fingerprint, no two cars can have the same VIN. The 17-character VIN is an intricate unique identifier throughout the lifetime of any vehicle. Unlike other registration numbers and codes of a vehicle, it is permanent and can’t be changed. 

What Will I Get From A Ford VIN Lookup

What Will I Get From A Ford VIN lookup

Many unsuspecting buyers have gone ahead to spend big bucks on stolen or damaged vehicles. However, this could have been avoided via a simple Ford lookup by VIN. A Ford vehicle VIN lookup will reveal these important vehicle details:

Correct Vehicle Milage

Dealers often tamper with car odometeres to keep up a high selling price. However, with a simple VIN lookup, you can know the accurate number of miles a vehicle has covered. As a rule, the more miles a car covers, the more the wear and tear on its engine and parts. So you should price accordingly.

Loans And Liens

Due to the huge financial obligation associated with buying a new Ford vehicle, people often fulfil their car purchase with the use of car loans. Then as an insurance to the lender, a lien would exist on the vehicle. If you go ahead to buy such a vehicle without a VIN lookup, be prepared to carry the extra burden.

Accidents And damages

While a car may look in perfect conditions on the outside, internal components may be damaged or deteriorating. A Ford VIN lookup will quickly reveal if a car has been involved in any forms of accidents or major repairs. This information can particularly come in handy to negotiate a lower price.   

Owner Information

The VIN reveals the real owner of any vehicle. While thieves may pose as real owners, you can bust their charade by looking up the VIN of the said vehicle. You shouldn’t buy stolen vehicles under any condition.

Importance Of A Ford VIN Number Lookup

There are a lot of Ford vehicles all over the world. VINs help to keep track of these vehicles independently of one another. Since no two vehicles have the same VIN, you can get the details of any vehicle even if it has been repainted or has had several parts changed. It also helps to know the history of any Ford car in the world. Whenever something happens to a Ford vehicle; accident, theft, and other events, they are recorded via its VIN. In other words, your car’s VIN is the key to unlocking the secrets of its past. 

The VIN helps to confirm if a car has been in an accident or has even been recalled by its manufacturer. It’ll reveal how often the car has been bought and sold, and other production details.

How To Look Up A Ford VIN Number 

Ford VIN Lookup | How To Choose The Best Used Ford Car?

You already know how important a VIN is. And that any disparities that come up after checking the identification number is a red flag. So, how do you find the VIN of a Ford vehicle? Here you go.

The VIN of Ford cars is located on these parts of the vehicle:

  •  A printed VIN  plate is located on the driver’s dashboard side behind the windshield; it can be viewed from outside the car.
  •  Printed on the door frame of the driver’s side, you can check around the part of the door that connects to the body of the car
  • On the engine block beneath the hood
  • Slam panel and driver footwell 

The Vehicle Identification Number of Ford cars is also printed on the car documents I.e insurance and registration papers.

To prevent fraud, technical and other issues when buying your used car, there are free Ford VIN lookup options online to help you. To confirm if the car parts of a vehicle are original, you should use the Ford parts lookup by VIN feature. 

The VIN comprises 17 characters that include capital letters (excluding I, O, and Q) and numbers. You have to check that the VIN on the car documents matches the number that is printed onto various parts of the car. If the VIN on the documents does not match the VINs printed onto the car, then do not buy the car. 

Some criminals do replicate car VINs as part of the car cloning process, by cutting the VIN plate of a registered car and welding it onto another which can be a stolen car. So, you need to be on the lookout with a quick Ford VIN number lookup. It’s free to check, but if you want a report, you’d be required to pay a small fee. 

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