How to Clean Your Waist Trainers Reliably in 2021?


Keeping your best waist trainers for beginners neat and tidy will be essential for you to enjoy their benefits for a more extended period. You may be either wearing it for just a few hours or a whole day long while sweating.

Not only can wearing an untidy waist trainer on the body lead to a slight funkiness, but it may also open up numerous possibilities for fungal and bacterial growth to occur.

Therefore, it is an excellent practice to maintain your waist trainers clean by washing them at least three times per week for having long-lasting slim results.

Required Cleaning Items for Waist Trainers

Clean Your Waist Trainers

In order to clean your waist trainer you can follow the hidethatfat Waist Trainer guide or there are some other ways that are given below:

  • A soft cloth
  • A mild shampoo
  • Gentle body soaps
  • Lukewarm water in a small bowl or basin

Besides utilizing all these, it is strongly recommended that you should not apply any detergent on them. That may contain some dyes, bleaching chemicals, artificial fragrances, alcohol, and many more, which could damage your trainers or corsets. 

Steps of Cleaning

Clean Your Waist Trainers

One of the safest and most reliable ways to clean up your waist training undergarments is to wipe them clean. Although the method of their cleaning is pretty basic and straightforward, it proves the best. All you need a few cleaning items as mentioned above, and start following the below-given steps:

  1. First of all, you will have to find a small bowel or basin and fill It up with some lukewarm water.
  2. Then add a gentle soap of your own choice and mix it around in the water for equal distribution.
  3. Then take a piece of a soft cloth and dip that into the soapy water you have made earlier.
  4. Make sure to dip it well enough to soften the cloth instantly and then later it up with a really good.
  5. Now lay down your best waist trainers for back fat on a flat surface wholly opened.
  6. Then by utilizing the lathered cloth, begin wiping the entire waist trainer from both inner and outer sides.
  7. After that, before you start the rinsing process, rinse out the cloth very well so that there remain no traces of soapy residue in it.
  8. Then used the rinsed piece of cloth and re-wipe your waist trainer as before wholly.
  9. Now the process of cleaning through washing is almost completed.
  10. Just hand the trainer outside in an open environment to let it dry completely. The air will evaporate all the water from both its interior and exterior.

Lastly, before using or putting your waist trainer away, ensure that it is scorched with no more water particles or moisture. Because if it remains wet, there is a chance of growing fungus or mildews, which may cause you several skin issues upon wearing. So, be very careful.


Clean Your Waist Trainers

The following are some of the cautions that you must take good care of for keeping your waist trainers durable for a very long time:

  1. Do not place them directly in a washing machine as it may break their steel bones or cause the latex trainers to shrink down.
  2. Also, it is not recommended to dry them out in a spinner or dryer to retain their shape long-lasting.
  3. Never add any chemical detergents in the washing water as they may discolor the waist trainer.
  4. It is an excellent practice always to check the fabric material of the undergarments you aim to wash and then follow the right way of cleaning accordingly.
  5. Do not hang the latex waist trainer directly in sunlight because their rubber will be destroyed, capturing extra heat.


Here is the best brand Hidethatfat providing the top quality waist trainer for women. Maintaining a neat and clean waist trainer is essential for several reasons. The primary reason would be that you will never wish to wear any nasty and unclean waist trainer. It will not only look good on you but will also lower down the overall grace of your outfit. In addition to that, there is always an unhealthy risk of growing pathogenic microorganisms in them, which may later cause several ugly skin issues. So, keep it neat and clean both for your health and safety.


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