How To Dye Leather Armor In Minecraft? For Java And Bedrock Edition!!


Once you enter the entertaining world of Minecraft for the first time, the one thing you will be equipped with is drab-colored leather armor, usually iron-gray or brown tint. However, you can customize them in any color using dye, and here is the guide on how to dye leather armor in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a role-playing survival game in which you have to fight with hideous monsters and collect various resources essential for survival in the cruel blocky world. Apart from that, you have to tame a small portion of this world to call it home. 

Minecraft has two-game editions, namely bedrock, and the java edition, and the process of dying leather armor is different in both of them. To dye the leather armor in the Bedrock edition, add water and dye in Cauldron. After that, add leather armor in Cauldron and Bingo!! You will get your desired colored armor.

Every bit of detail, from crafting a cauldron to finding a dye, is given in this article; scroll down and read everything and enjoy the fun in dying leather armor.

How To Dye Leather Armor In Minecraft? Dye Your Leather Armor In Desired Color!!

Dying leather armor is just for aesthetic purposes, and it does not add any other benefit than adding a unique look to your character. Like enchantments that add special powers to the weapons, coloring an armor only adds a variety to your wardrobe. 

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What Are The Sources Of Leather Armor? How To Find Dyes In Minecraft?

Leather armors are the easiest to find in the game. Nearly all the chests located in Jungle temples, Desert Temples, Abandoned mineshafts, etc., generate Leather armor. You can also craft one by using the leather produced by cows, horses, Llamas or by crafting together rabbit pelts. 

Dyes are obtained mostly from plants and other flowers. There are 16 different colors of dyes available in the game, and mostly all can be accessed from flowers. In Minecraft, White color dye is obtained from Bone Meal, Green dye from smelting cactus, brown from cocoa beans, and black from Inc sacks.

The dye of red, pink, light gray, light blue, blue, yellow, and orange can be obtained from most acquired flowers. Apart from that, you can also craft the 16 different colors by logically mixing the colors you have.

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The Process of Dying The Leather Armor | Requirements To Start The Process!!

You have the leather armor and the dye of the desired color; now, the process for applying the dye to leather armor is too easy (for java edition). Select the leather armor you want to color and place it in the crafting menu with the desired color dye. 

Well, That’s all, and the dye will color your Leather armor in the desired color. Now for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, these are the steps you need to follow to dye the leather armor.

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#1 Craft A Cauldron | The Steps in Making One!!

How To Dye Leather Armor In Minecraft? For Java And Bedrock Edition!!

In Minecraft bedrock edition a cauldron is a container used to hold lava, water, and powder snow. This container serves the main purpose of holding the mixture of dye and water. 

Crafting a Cauldron is one of the easiest tasks and requires seven iron ingots in a 3*3 crafting menu. In the 3*3 crafting menu, place seven iron ingots in a “U” shape to prepare a Cauldron.

#2 Add Water And Dye In The Cauldron

#2 Add Water And Dye In The Cauldron

Once you have crafted the Cauldron, it will be located in your hot bar (a small bar located at the bottom of the screen). Drag the cauldron from the Hotbar and place it on the ground. After that add water to it. To add water to the Cauldron, you will require a water bucket.

A water bucket can be crafted using three iron ingots, placed in the 3*3 crafting menu in a “V” shape. To fill the water bucket, you can use natural water sources like ponds or rivers. 

After filling the Cauldron with water, the next step is adding dye. The dye is available in a hot bar and will change the color of the water once you add it to the Cauldron.

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#3 Dye The Leather Armor In The Cauldron

#3 Dye The Leather Armor In The Cauldron

After placing the Cauldron on the ground and adding water and dye to it, simply drag the leather armor from the Hotbar and put it to the Cauldron. Doing this will give you the desired color of the armor, similar to the color of the dye.

Final Words 

You can also dye the armor of your horses by following the same method as discussed above. If you find any difficulty in following this process do let us know in the comments. Till then enjoy the blocky world of Minecraft!!

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