How To Fake A Fever? Take A Break From The Work!!


What could be the best way to skip a class or take a holiday from office work? Well, obviously, it’s pretending that you are suffering from fever. However, if you don’t know how to fake a fever, no worries as I am here for your help.

Faking a fever was one of the beloved subjects that I mastered in my school time, and believe me, I was the fever-ite teacher amongst all my classmates. Now if you want to be a master of faking fever, then firstly you should know the symptoms of fever that can be faked.

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Down here are some ways on how you can pretend of being sick and skip your mundane lifestyle.

How To Fake A Fever? Know The Tips From Doctor-Sicko!!

There are five common symptoms that you can fake and show that you are suffering from a fever, and that includes cold and cough, high body temperature, continuous sneezing, continuous sweating, headache, low energy, and running nose.

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#1 How To Fake A Fever Using A Garlic Or Onion? The Smelly Armpit Method!!

How To Fake A Fever? Take A Break From The Work!!

Most of you have watched the movies in which the kids pretend to have a fever by placing onion or garlic under their armpit so as to skip their school. Yeah, this is the same method that even I also learned from the films, and the steps that you will need to follow for this method are:

  • Cut the onion into two halves and place each half piece under both armpits before going to sleep and for atleast 6 hours. 
  • For Garlic, please do the same thing; cut the garlic clove in half and place it under your armpit for atleast 3 hours before going to sleep. Minced Garlic will also do the job!

Garlic and onion will swell up the armpits, the swollen armpits will make you feel feverish and as a result, your body temperature will rise. Well, don’t worry, it’s a fake fever that will go away once you take a bath.

Do remember to measure the body temperature once you get up off the bed to make your parents believe that you are suffering from fever.

There are some tips that you need to work on to make this method more effective, and these include: 

  • While sleeping, do cover your whole body with a blanket
  • Drink hot water before you sleep to let the heat stay inside your body.
  • Do remove all the evidence before you get up.
  • Be sure not to overdo these steps, as the temperature will shoot up.

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#2 How To Fake A Fever Using Thermometer And Blankets? The Safest Methods!!

#2 How To Fake A Fever Using Thermometer And Blankets? The Safest Methods!!

The first method that I discussed above does contain some risks to body health, like swollen and smelly armpits. So, if you are worried about that, don’t be as I have another simple thermometer technique to fake a fever. The steps you need to follow are discussed below:

  • Before getting up from the bed, take a thermometer and rub it on your cloth. 
  • Now switch on the thermometer and place it in your mouth; this will show a temperature reading of above 101 degrees.

Use this method just before you want to prove to your parents that you are suffering from fever. Also, if you are going to follow this step, remember to sweat properly so that if your parents touch your body, they feel it burning.

To do that, you have to prepare one night before by covering your body with two to three blankets while going to sleep. Some tips can make this method more effective, and they include:

  • Before you wake up, remove the extra blankets so that no one notices you.
  • If you want to sweat in no time, you can do some pushups and squats.

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#3 Fake A Fever By Vomiting | The Risky Method!!

Fake A Fever By Vomiting | The Risky Method!!

If your parents are strict and the tactics mentioned above are not working properly to convince them, you can go a level ahead and try to vomit. Go to the bathroom, put your finger deep in the throat, and vomit whatever you ate last night. Also, leave the evidence in the bathroom, as a sign of proof that you have vomited. 

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Final Words

Faking a fever is just easy as making a soup; well, that’s also a way to increase the body temperature and thermometer reading. Anyways, if you have some other tactics on how to fake a fever do comment here.

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