How to Find Clothes From A Picture Online With The Help Of These Five Apps!


Question: How many times have you wanted the exact same dress that was seen on a movie star or a fashion influencer?. Answer: If you ask us, we would say all of the times (excluding the Met Gala 2022 of course). But how do you find something resembling those million-dollar outfits?.

Well, here’s a way!. You could easily click a picture or take a screenshot of your favorite outfit and search for similar attires online. But how to find clothes from a picture online?. Keep reading to get the answer to your question. 

All of us want to look our best at parties and gatherings. But to do so, we either require tons of hours of shopping in malls or scrolling through hundreds of unnecessary options before you land on something that you might want. You might find a lot of inspiration from fashion bloggers and influencers, but how do you find the exact attire like them?  

To make this tedious job easy, many applications (powered by Artificial Intelligence, of course) are available to make the shopping decision easy. These apps use AI to identify the style, pattern, and specifications of a garment. You land on your desired product in a few simple steps with different price ranges and styles. Let’s get to know more about these apps and step up our fashion quotient. 

How To Find Clothes From A Picture Online And Look Your Best!

Are you struggling to find the best fit for your upcoming events and gathering? Worry not! We are here for your rescue. We have for you a selection of different android and IOS-supported applications that will help you look and feel your best.

English Conversation About Clothing
English Conversation About Clothing

In this article, we will acquaint to with the best suitable apps that are easy to use and will help you become the talk of the party. 

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1# Amazon StyleSnap 

How to Find Clothes From A Picture Online With The Help Of These Five Apps

Though not an app itself, Amazon StyleSnap is a feature inside the already existing Amazon Shopping app. This feature gives you access to Amazon’s huge inventory of clothing and other fashion accessories. And since Amazon is a very trusted shopping site, you could surely find the best quality products at competitive prices. 

Follow these steps to find your favorite style on Amazon:

  • Open the Amazon shopping application.
  • A camera icon will be visible in the right upper right corner of the search bar. 
  • Click on the camera icon and upload your desired picture through the StyleSnap option. 
  • And tada! You’re done!. Amazon will now search for similar styles and trends across its inventory and acquaint you with various options in the different price ranges. 

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2# Pinterest 

How to Find Clothes From A Picture Online With The Help Of These Five Apps!

Earlier, we surfed Pinterest for DIY inspirations and aesthetic pictures. But hey! did you know that we can search Pinterest for our daily fit inspo too. The visual search tool in the Pinterest application, called the Lens, allows you to search from hundred’s styles available on the platform.  Just like Google Lens, the Pinterest Lens too picks ups each and everything from the picture and acquaints you with various options to choose from.

If you already have a Pinterest account, well and good. If not, you just need to download the Pinterest application and sign up or log in with your details. Follow these steps to get your favorite fit off of Pinterest:

  • Open the Pinterest Application and click on the search icon. 
  • From there, navigate yourself to the camera icon on the right corner of the search bar. 
  • Upload your desired picture or inspirational outfit.
  • All the relevant results will be displayed to you on the screen. Click the one you like the best, and it will automatically take you to a ‘Shop’ and ‘Explore’ page. And just with one more click, you will be directed to the seller’s website. 

3# Google Lens

How to Find Clothes From A Picture Online With The Help Of These Five Apps!

The most trusted among all the other applications is Google Lens. It will search the whole web and provide you with the exact same identical items that are available on the internet. Google Lens can be accessed from a browser as well as the application. Follow these steps to know more about how to find clothes from a picture online:

  • Search for Google Lens on your browser, or if you already have the app, open the application. 
  • Click on the camera icon on the right corner of the search bar.
  • Select or click a picture, and you are good to go. 
  • Google’s unique algorithm will now go through millions of content and get your desired results.   

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4# ASOS 

How to Find Clothes From A Picture Online With The Help Of These Five Apps!

If you are a fan of ASOS, this one is for you. The ASOS Style Match will help you find similar matches that will be available on the ASOS inventory only. So, the drawback of the ASOS Style Match is that the options will be limited, so you might not end up getting the exact same outfit you desired. But hey! Maybe you get lucky and find something exactly similar. To get your desired style on the ASOS Style Match, follow these steps:

  • Download the ASOS app on your phone if you already don’t have it. 
  • Follow the drill and click on the camera icon on the right side of the search bar. 
  • Upload a picture of your selected outfit.
  • And Tada!. Browse the results and find your fit. 

5# Lykdat

How to Find Clothes From A Picture Online With The Help Of These Five Apps!

If you like to have customized searches, you should go ahead with Lykdat without a doubt. Lykdat is a super effective and efficient web app that works perfectly well in any browser. So, you don’t need to download a different application. Read through the following steps to make your searches more accurate and advanced with Lykdat:

  • Open the Lykdat Website in your internet browser. 
  • Click on the ‘Search with an Image’ option on the homepage. 
  • Upload your desired style and apparel.
  • If you want, you crop a particular item or accessory from the picture and get targeted results. 
  • Click on search and browse through the similar options available online. 

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Final Words

Looking our best makes us feel our best too. So, to help you in this humble endeavor and save you time from shopping in busy malls and crowds, we have for you an array of shopping apps to choose from. The AI will help them to provide you with a targeted search. 

We hope our article has helped you clear all the doubts and questions. But if you still got some, don’t shy away and share your thoughts in the comment action below. Happy Shopping!. 

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