How To Find Out Who Runs An Instagram Account? Unveil The True Identity!


What’s the first thing that strikes you the moment you see an Instagram account? It’s obviously about the owner of the account. Unfortunately, in today’s time, many people disguise their identity. But with the help of a few tips, you can learn how to find out who runs an Instagram account. 

These days, many people make fake accounts with the aim to keep an eye on other people’s activities. And if you have just received a follow or message request, you should first check the account before accepting it. But how to check profiles? Keep your eyes on how to find out who runs an Instagram account!

If you are unable to get exact information about an account on the social media platform, learn how to find out who runs an Instagram account. 

How To Find Out Who Runs An Instagram Account? Know The Real Person!

How To Find Out Who Runs An Instagram Account? Unveil The True Identity!

Finding out the real identity behind an Instagram account is as easy as finding someone’s Snapchat from Instagram. So, be ready to have an insight into how to find out who runs an Instagram account!

How To Find Out Who Runs An Instagram Account? 

In order to learn how to find out who runs an Instagram account, you can take help from the following methods. 

#1 Track The IP Address Of The Instagram Profile

Don’t worry, tracking IP addresses is not very challenging. You can do this with the help of a tracking website like Grabify IP Logger. Here’s how to do it properly.

  • Go to the official website of Grabify IP Logger.
  • Now, create a URL of your choice. 
  • Up next, start the conversation with that specific user and the link you just created. 
  • The moment user clicks on the shared link, the website will note his IP address. 
  • After this, you need to refresh the page of Grabify and the IP address will be displayed.
  • But make sure you do all this in a way that the user doesn’t get a hint of what you are doing. 

Other than this, there’s an alternative way that you can try. 

  • Go to Instagram IP address finder.
  • Now, type the name of that user whose IP address you want to know. 
  • It’s time to enter the CAPTCHA and click on submit. 
  • Finally, you’ll be able to note down the IP address. 

And once you get it, you can easily track the location. For this, you can use Google Maps. 

#2 Ask The Owner Of The Account Directly 

Asking the owner of the account is the most straightforward way if you don’t have extra time. Well, I can’t assure you how well it can work for you because not all users follow the policy of honesty. But you can get the ball in your court if you have good communication skills. 

For this, you can ask questions like “Who are you?” followed by the reason why you are asking this question. At the same time, you can take the help of the “About this account” feature to know when the account was created and some other activities of that account. 

But you need to keep in mind that this feature is only available for Instagram app users, if you are using the Instagram web, it’s unlikely to see this feature. 

#4 Cross-Check Social Media Platforms 

How To Find Out Who Runs An Instagram Account? Unveil The True Identity!

Another way to check the profile is to search for the same profile on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Doing so can help you to know more about that person like occupation, country, email, and many more. 

But you may also fail to get information because many people prefer using different names on different social media platforms. So, better to look at whether other details are matching or not. 

#5 Check Followers And Followings 

Checking followers and followings is a smart way to know about the owner of the account. Also, you can make some rough guesses and conclude whether the profile is fake or not. In addition, remember that a fake account always has fake accounts as its followers. 

#6 Try Google Reverse Image Search 

If you find the above methods quite tricky, the simple way is to use Google Reverse Image Search. Thankfully, it’s available for free, so you can use it without worrying about your pocket!

To check how real the account is, just upload the profile picture of the suspected account on Google’s Reverse Search Image. After this, press the hit button and you’ll come to know if the same picture has been used anywhere else or not. This way you also get to learn about how to see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts. 

#7 Check Comments And Mentions

Having a look at comments and mentions can also guide you to leap to a conclusion. For this, you just need to go to the account and click on the comment section to see all comments and mentions.

As a result, you may find some personal information about the owner with the help of some recent comments. 

Final Words 

If there’s still any doubt or query on how to find out who runs an Instagram account, feel free to drop it in the comment section. And you can share the article with your friends and family members if they are also looking for a solution to this. 

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Yes, you can have multiple accounts with the same email address. For this, you need to go to the profile section and then on the gear icon to add another account. Now, enter the email address and password for another account.

Can You Use The Same Phone Number For Two Instagram Accounts?

Just like email, you can use the same phone number on Instagram for multiple accounts.

What Is Priv On Instagram?

Priv on Instagram means a private account. And it’s a way through which you can communicate with a person privately.

How To Find Out Who’s Behind The Fake Account?

In order to find this, you should track the IP address of that account and check whether the person belongs to your country or not.

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