Top 4 Ways How To Get Gold Efficiently In World Of Warcraft


The most reliable way to get gold in World of Warcraft is to start with professions, working as an in-game mercenary. Or you can also kill mobs for gold; there is also the option to play around the auction house and buy/sell items.

Gold is essential and time-consuming to earn in World of Warcraft. So while it might be tempting to buy gold, that’s not the only way. The best way to get gold in the game is by using the four main methods! But, of course, if you do not have time to play the game in an old-fashioned way – buy WoW gold.

Read on to find out about the top 4 ways of earning gold in WoW efficiently!

#1 Mob Farming

Top 4 Ways How To Get Gold Efficiently In World Of Warcraft

One of the most traditional grinding methods for any in-game currency is hunting for mobs. Players can do that and grind on low-level ones for some coins or roam to designated locations and search for rare mobs.

The efficiency of this method is based on what you prefer to be doing. For example, if you choose to hunt down. 

Then you will have an easy time finding them but a hard time collecting the amount of gold you need. It is simply like that because the amount of time you have to insert into this activity will be unimaginable.

On the other hand, you get the rare mobs that are more often curable in World of Warcraft. You can find them in specific locations ( there are maps online), and you can seek them. Usually, after killing such rare monsters, you will get items and better – far better rewards than the traditional mobs. The things you gain from them can be later used in the auction house to fetch you a bag or two of gold coins.

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#2 Selling Items In The Auction House

Top 4 Ways How To Get Gold Efficiently In World Of Warcraft

The second most popular and one of the best ways of getting gold in the game is by using the auction house mechanics. There are a few ways in which you can do it but the two most commonly used are:

  • Selling off items you get from dungeons.
  • Buying and reselling auctioned items.

Which are the best options to make money there? You can choose one based on your activities. For example, if you often raid dungeons with friends and have tons of useless gear, you can easily list it in the auction house and wait for someone to get it. As you know, what may be useless to you can be a treasure for someone else!

The second option is more like tweaking the auction house system. You see the prices of an item group – for example, the kind of potions or materials. Target group with low supply and high price and then buy the cheapest ones and resell them for a slightly higher price – enough to be on plus.

When it comes to playing the house, you can buy off the whole stock supply for certain items in demand and then slowly release them on the market at an increased price. This way, you can earn gold quickly and in good quantity.

Note: Either way you choose, you have to observe the prices of the items and know for how long it will be best to sell them!

#3 Use Your Profession

Top 4 Ways How To Get Gold Efficiently In World Of Warcraft

Professions are something that every WoW player must take on. Having one or two will be great – especially if you choose to craft ones! Like in many other games, in Azeroth, players always seek ways of getting stronger. Getting your items enchanter, better crafter gear (legendary), or simply getting enough potions and the right jewelry may be the key to winning, making you stronger!

In World of Warcraft, there are numerous crafting skills you can use both to get better in the game and earn tons of gold coins! Such examples are:

  • Blacksmithing – craft that legendary gear to be proud of!
  • Alchemy – become the alchemist that supplies the market and brew tons of useful potions!
  • Choose enchanting – it is always in demand!
  • Jewelcrafting is also a thing – especially if you want to improve your items.

As you can see, there are many professions you can pick from. And that is not even all of them! In WoW, you can explore various professional paths and choose the one you enjoy, then pick up a backup one and use them to get stronger while grinding on your gold reserves. By selling whatever you have in excess to the market.

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#4 Side Hustle As WoW Mercenary

Top 4 Ways How To Get Gold Efficiently In World Of Warcraft

Mercenary, ahh, the life of the hired sword is a hard one even in the games. Being a mercenary can be both a fun and rewarding experience but is also dangerous when it comes to time ( it can eat it real fast!).

The mercenary way is only for those who enjoy fighting, participating in raids, or want to get hired to help with quests or other activities that may or may not include fighting. In most cases, you will have to utilize tons of skills and game knowledge which can be tiring. But there is a positive to that – you will get paid in gold for your services.

Most commonly sought are mercenaries to help in raid battles, usually for a role in which the hiring guild lacks a workforce. For example, a good tank or a fast-clicking healer can save the whole team. That is why taking on this path is not for everyone but is one of the most fun and rewarding ones!

Tip: Make sure you enjoy team plays and doing raids if you decide to try to earn gold as a mercenary; otherwise, it is not recommendable.

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Final Words

Assume you have read everything. You already know the best four ways of earning gold in World of Warcraft. Suppose you are interested in making gold fast, enjoyably, and efficiently. Then we recommend you attempt any of the ways shown above!

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