How To Make Concrete In Minecraft? 3 Quick Methods Builders Must Know!


In a survival game like Minecraft, what do you think is considered to be the most important resource? You must be thinking that it is iron or farmable stuff, but you are wrong. Concrete is one of the most important resources in Minecraft because it is a sturdy building material. Keeping its importance in mind, today, we are here to teach you how to make concrete in Minecraft? 

To say that Minecraft is an open-source game would be an understatement because it is packed with the elements of both an action and a survival game. The entertainment game was developed by Swedish game house Mojang Studios under the supervision of gaming programmer Markus Persson, popularly known as Markus Notch Persson. Now, a decade later, Minecraft has sold almost 238 million copies and records a whopping number of 140 million active users every month. 

Surviving in an open world like Minecraft’s is tough, but not when you have resources like concrete handy to help you quickly build a safe house. Not only it is an efficient building material, but it is also non-combustible (does not catch fire easily), can be crafted in different colors, and is also vibrant like wool. However, if you think that, like other materials, concrete will be readily available for use, then get ready to be disappointed. Unlike other materials, you are required to craft concrete and concrete powder in Minecraft to make use of it. 

Now, let’s get to the learning part, where I will be explaining to you the dos and don’ts of crafting concrete in Minecraft. 

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft? Survive The Game Using 3 Effortless Ways!

Different materials like sand, gravel, and dye are required to create the resource in Minecraft. So, before you proceed, make sure that you have assembled all of the necessary materials required. Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is the color of the concrete powder. Whether you want black or red or yellow powder, it is in your hands, so decide it beforehand. You can obtain multiple dye shades as per your requirement by following the crafting, trading, or smelting process. 

#1 How To Make Concrete Powder In Minecraft? 

Once you have gathered all the important supplies for the crafting process, get ready to follow the simple steps below to know how you can make concrete powder in Minecraft. 

How To Make Concrete In Minecraft? 3 Quick Methods Builders Must Know!
  • Start the game and launch the crafting menu from the main menu. 
  • Go to the grid menu and then place four gravel blocks, one dye (color of your choice), and four sand blocks into the grid section. 
  • After following the steps above, your concrete powder will be crafted automatically. 
  • Once you have the powder ready in the grid, add it to your inventory to use it any time. 

#2 How To Make Concrete In Minecraft? 

To make concrete in Minecraft, the most important material required is concrete powder. Once you have successfully crafted the powder for this step, take a look at the steps below to learn more about how to make concrete in Minecraft. 

#2 How To Make Concrete In Minecraft? 
  • Once you have the concrete powder, you need a water supply to turn it into concrete. 
  • You can use the flowing water or a source block from the crafting menu for this purpose. 
  • Click on the water bucket and place the concrete powder next to the source or directly into the water. 
  • Once the powder has turned to a solid-state, you can use the pickaxe to mine the contents. 

#3 How To Make Concrete Blocks In Minecraft? 

Once you have the concrete in powder and solid form, you can successfully move forward to the building blocks. Concrete blocks are a very important material used in creating sturdy buildings, so make sure that you craft the material in different colors. 

  • Open the crafting menu in the game and go to the grid section. 
  • Select one poppy from the list and turn it into a red shade using the crafting grid. 
  • Go to the inventory, select the red dye and then come back to the crafting grid. 
  • Take four sand blocks, one red dye, and four gravel blocks and place them on the grid in any random order. 
  • Once the concrete powder is crafted, please take it to the inventory and place it on the ground. 
  • Select the water bucket from the inventory and pour the liquid over the concrete powder to turn it into a block. 

Final Words 

Now that you know all the secrets behind creating a perfect concrete block and other concrete resources in Minecraft use them well so you can survive the dangers and the monsters for a longer time. Remember to play smart and use your resources efficiently so you don’t end up wasting any of them. 

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